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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Voices And Other Noises

    Upon thinking about it some more I also realize that I was putting a lot of butter on those grits. Maybe the casein, or the combination.
  2. Homemade Yogurt

    I think I was having very strong cravings for dairy foods when I wrote that original post. I still am. I'm still not sure whether I need to be lactose free or casein free, but since the autism kids are casein free, maybe casein affects the brain. My biggest problems are in my brain. I have very bad, I mean very, very bad (I've been in mental hospitals a lot of times) bipolar disorder. I think I've decided to be casein free like the autism kids for now. Maybe soy free too. Almond Breeze milk is good. Earth Balance Soy Free is good. Helman's Canola Oil Mayonaise is good. If I can figure out how to make coconut milk yogurt maybe that will be good.
  3. Rice Sensitivity

    Just out of curiosity, what KIND of rice are you people eating that is making you tired? Maybe you should try a different type of rice, maybe. My husband is from the Philippines. He buys 50-pound sacks of milagrosa jasmine rice (I think it comes from Thailand) at the asian store all the time. We cook it in an appliance called a rice cooker. It is far and away much, much, better than american supermarket rice and seems like a very energizing food to me. I eat this plain white rice with a little brown sugar on it for breakfast mostly every day now with a hard boiled egg and an orange and it gives me lots of energy. Well, that's just my 2 cents worth.
  4. I read a book entitled "Zapped, Why your cell phone shouldn't be your alarm clock" and after reading it I quit keeping my cellphone by my bed to recharge at night, it now recharges in the kitchen overnight. I replaced the compact fluorescent bulb in the lamp next to my bed with an incandescent bulb (or you could use an led bulb). I moved the power strip where I was charging all my electronic things overnight away from my bed to the far side of the bedroom. I had my husband replace the old crt tv in our bedroom with a new lcd tv. After doing all these things I have slept much much much better. Oh and I don't keep any computer in my bedroom any more either, it stays in the living room now, mostly, and I mostly use it only on battery power, not plugged in while I'm using it. For me sleep wasn't because of food so much.
  5. Voices And Other Noises

    I suspect corn in the 'hearing voices' thing. I heard some voices when I ate grits for breakfast every day in spite of antipsychotic medication I was taking at the time. It could have been other things, but was a strong coincidence.
  6. I have been working on becoming gluten-free for about 4 weeks now and I seem to be feeling better, but I am wondering if I should make and eat homemade yogurt like I used to. I think I am allergic to yeast. More than 25 years ago I believed I had a problem with wheat and had myself tested for food allergies. (I'm 52). As best as I can remember they told me I was allergic to wheat, yeast, soy, rye, citrus, coffee, chocolate, pork, and tomatoes. I don't remember being told I was allergic to milk but I don't have the paper with the allergies written on it any more. It was a long time ago, though. Before I started reading about celiac disease and gluten intolerance I was making homemade yogurt with yogourmet yogurt starter and fresh 2% milk and powdered milk, those were the only ingredients and I thought it helped my digestion, but I read somewhere that people with yeast allergy should not eat yogurt, so I'm not sure whether I should eat it or not. Any advice?