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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Maltose?

    Same as me: I just bought a chinese medecine that has maltose in it, just found out about it...thanks to this post, I can relate my skin itchiness to that table spoon I had 20 minutes ago. Yep, the rest goes in the trash...
  2. Well, I am at the opposite of you guys I think. I am right now depressed and some kind anxious because I am on a GI diet. I am usually highly energetic, self-motivated. Right now, I am so discouraged because after each meal I must take a 2 hours sleep...I have no energy anymore. It seems like my battery is so low. I got my blood test done, waiting for results in a day or two. I cooked for myself gluten free, soya and corn free too. But at this stage, it seems like my internal organs are so inflammated that nothing goes smooth. Any tips to recover from that stage? I am sick of eating rice and quinoa...please...
  3. Hello, I am new in this group. My spouse and I had to make our trip to Vietnam shorter than expected. We spent 24 hours there, rather than 6 days. I was too sick to go anywhere else than our hotel room. I had brought my own food to make sure but I cheated and had some rice in a restaurant, gave the cef a notice written in vietnamese about my food restriction...but I think the oil he used, soybean or vegetal, got me. I did not know it could be so worst. I wonder now if I should pay attention to traces of soy too... Anyway, just want to say I feel compassion for you Love2travel. I keep telling myself this is temporary. I will soon find all I can eat...and how to travel (this is a big question mark at the moment). Any tips are welcome!
  4. I know charcoal is cleaning but I can't find any in China yet. When I feel a reaction is coming, I get these signs: skin reaction, energy break down, belly aches. Then I lay down for as long as I need, drink warm water and eat nothing up until I feel I can swallow something. It is hard because I must reduce a lot my activities at the moment because I have recently find out about these problems. Before, I was just taking pills against rash, I was beating up myself to work no matter circomstances and feelings and I wash drinking lots of Perrier, thinking it was helpful for digestive problems. I am right now giving a try with some chinese medecine although I know a balanced diet is the real key to problem. But then what happens with family's and friend's dinners? That thing is too new for me to know what ingredients are 'testing' negative ad positive in my body. It seems like I have identified a whole list in the last 2 months, but not all. So yes, I hope I can find some charcoal to prevent any reaction to happen again.
  5. HeyTeacher, I am a bit in the same situation than you and I wonder if there is anyone here who could share about how supportive their husband/wife are? I am questionning myself right now on what I should expect from my spouse, like what would be a'normal' level of attention from him regarding this matter? Any concrete examples of support? Personnally, I would need some help with the cooking. I feel right now it is overwhelming to cook new recipies all the time and look for gluten free ingredients at the store, or supply with alternative ingredients. I am reallly doing my best to making it a project, but sometimes lack motivation. I would like him to take over sometimes and of course to feel like I am not inventing all of this to grab attention. Any role model here to share?
  6. Depressed And Hungry....

    Dear Jennbunny87, I feel a lot of compassion for you because I just realized that I also have coeliac. I made all the tests and food restriction since 3 months after being soooo sic (have always had coeliac symptoms but had no clue it was related to that desease). These days, when I tried to reincorporate wheat, or soy, or corn to my diet, I got sick, and still I am (have a constant cramp in my tummy, diarrhea, bloating, rashes and nausea). Therefore, I am depressed and hungry. Sometimes, I rather skip a meal than being sick again. I was so depressed through the week end and up until today, I tell you, there was no sign of hope I thought. Then, I posted on FB that I am making my 'coming out' by saying to everyone 'I am gluten intolerant' than I got some support from my friends. I mean, I leave in China and my friends are in Canada...Have some here of course, but it's is not the same you know. Anyway! Then hope came from a lady who told me she healed herself from irritable bowel with medecine plants. I know this is not coeliac, but I thought, why not me too? Perhaps some chinese medecine can work? As a matter of fact, this summer while I was so sick and did not know what was going wrong, I went to see a chinese doctor who told me, just by looking at my tongue, eyes and taking my pulse that my digestive system was higlhy damaged. She gave me some medecine and recommanded that I would stop eating chinese food. She was almost right. In fact, now I know soy and wheat (no more dumplings and chinese soups:( ) are the main irritants for my system... Well, tonight I gave myself a kick in the but and I went to the supermarket and bought all I could find that is gluten-soy-corn-sugar free (quite a challenge in a country where it is hard to find a bag of Frito-Lay chips). When I came back home, I cooked myself a soup, a steak with some brocoli and for desert, tapioca with coconut milk *(that type of milk I am not sure yet if it is okay for me...another test to run). Now it feels much better (beside the cramps that are still there), because I am not hungry anymore and I am a bit less sad too. The hardest part for me these last days was: how will I find the time to take care of that disease--alas take care of me! Since I leave in China, I got so leasy on cooking because it is hard to find ingredients that I use to cook with, also because my oven works on propane that heats on and off...and street food is everywhere, so convenient! It seems like these days are gone...for now. I think it is okay. What my body tries to tell me is that it is enough of OGM in my system and enough of wheat anyway in everything. I'm not yet at that point where I feel comfortable saying to people: I have coeliac disease. First because my diagnose has been done by my own deductions and by talking to other people who have that disease (plus a friend that is nutritionnist who helps me tracking those intolerances); looking back at all the symptoms I have had since I am a kid that are described into all coeliac websites and wikipedia makes me say this is what I have. Second, because I don't know yet how to deal with it. So I don't wanna have to face that 'OMG, what will you do then if you can't eat this and that?'. Well, I am challenging myself even then. This week end I have a dragon boat race, need to be gone 3 days. I told our team captain that I would have to bring my own food --so skip team meals at the restaurant-- and cook for myself because of some gluten intolerance. This is a start. I don't know if this post is useful for you. I am kindly trying to tell you that you can make your way out of resistance...I think it will come one step at a time. Keep in touch and courage. ;-)
  7. My Coming Out

    Thanks you ravenwoodgrass and eatmeat4good. It feels comforting to read your answer. I am determined to find a new balance with my diet, altough these days I cry often because I feel overwhelmed with this. Also, I am sick at the moment, my tummy can't stop hurting from some soy product I have had on Monday (I did not now) plus I have nausea and head ache. What a waste of time! To ravenwoodgrass, I was impressed by your bio copied at the bottom of your message. How can it be that you test negative while you are positive? I have heard you can go through a blood test and after a biopsy. I kind of feel uncomfortable to tell people I am coeliac, because I did not have a diagnostic. Should I rather say I am gluten free? Then people assume I can have soy and corn. But according to my personnal tests I can't. It's hard for me to accept the disease as you can tell... And, is it true that you can get rid of that disease eventually and go back to a 'normal' diet? A friend of mine has irritable bowel. She says she has healed herself with some nutritherapy and she can now eat back again some of everything. Have you guys ever heard of that?
  8. Chain Reaction

    Join the Club! I am in the same boat all the way. Any suggestions are very welcome.
  9. My Coming Out

    Hello all, I hope I will make some friends here because I feel so lonely...Lucky enough I have found this forum. I have ALL the symptoms of coeliac (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coeliac_disease) since ever. Only I have always blame other cirmonstances for what was, now I know at 99%, coeliac. Last summer I was under a great stress and I got so sick. All my symptoms where boosted from at least 50% so it became unbearable: dizziness, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, feeling of being hung over, stomach aches, belly cramps, bloatness, burps...and lots of skin rashes and other type of unidentified skin erruptions, weird tongue texture... I know since about 5 years that I am dairy intolerant, but here, I could not explain what was going so wrong because I was avoiding any type of dairy since then. So one of my friend who's nutritionnis told me about coeliac disease, saying ' you know maybe you are coeliac'? What's that thing and I thougt: 'yeah yeah, not for me'. Then one week later, another friend who is doctor and who has recently discovered the source of her many years of sickness--coeliac-- told me : 'it seems like you are gluten intolerant, have you ever checked that'? Of course no, I did not even know this was existing a week ago! Then, this was back in July, I have started to avoid ANY source of wheat. But it seemed like it was not enough. So I also added to avoided soy and corn, under the recommendation of my friends. Since them, I feel like I must hold myself very tight through that diet: no more restaurants, no dinner at friend's (of course I cheat and pay the price for it). I have discovered that as soon as I 'cheat' a little bit, I get diarrhea, skin erruptions, fatigue (that hung over feeling I hate it) and dizziness. It is horrible. I am sorry, this is my coming out, did I say it? I must vent about this somewhere because somehow, I feel when I talk about it to people that I am judged for making things up...I don't want to make myself interesting with any type of disease?? In fact, I hate that I have to deal with this now. I saw my doctor a month ago. He told me we could go for a biopsy but really, do I want to do this? Is it true that you have to charge your body with wheat for 3 months prior to a biopsy? 'Cause just like most of people, I have no time to be sick!! What should I do? I feel lost and overwhelmed by all these recipies I know must cook for myself and oh guess what? I live in China so it is really tricky to find gluten free products here, and forget about reading the labels (any online shop I can order from?). In fact, to be honnest, I am desesperate. I said I want to make some friends here because I trust I can find some compassion, advices and tips to climb back up the hill and reach a level of acceptance. I hope it won't take too long. How long did it take for you guys to be in the acceptance zone? Thanks in advance to whomever read and reply this post. Cheers!