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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was taking the B-complex.... I didn't notice a difference between these and ones that were about half the cost.
  2. Dairy Queen

    I have a strong reaction to Dairy Queen... and I just get plain ice cream. I really don't know if it is lactose, or what. But what is stranger, I have no issue whatsoever with Culver's custard.
  3. I am so glad that I am not the only one! I guess I will just have to stay away from gluten-free substitute food. And when it makes me as sick to my stomach as I was the last two time I tried it, I don't think it will be that hard. Thank you!
  4. It definitely could be cross contamination, because I am having issues keeping my kitchen area gluten free. I have two teenage boys that cook for themselves, and they aren't always the cleanest... Thanks for the info!
  5. Since going gluten-free, I feel SO much better. But I have had two terrible heartburn experiences. I mean this was not mild heartburn, this was chest on fire MAKE IT GO AWAY hearburn! Both times were after I ate food labeled as "gluten free". The first time was after trying a gluten-free pizza on special gluten-free crust. This last time was after having a handful of gluten-free pretzels by Glutino. They were really good too.... but but worth the after burn. What could be causing this? Any thoughts?
  6. That's why I get my wine in a box! LOL
  7. Gained Weight Before Diagnosis

    Yep... I gained weight too. Almost 50 lbs... I am only 5'2" and my highest weight was 170. I had gall bladder issues last year and started to go gluten free and I lost about 15 lbs... but then over the holidays I let gluten creep back into my life. I gained some of the weight back, and I felt SO miserable. It was to the point my doctor tested me for lupus (negative), celiac (negative, but it was not a complete panel) and finally said she thought I had fibromyalgia, and sent me to a different doctor. In the meantime, I went completely gluten free, because it made me feel better before. When I met with my new doctor some my symptoms were already clearing up, she told me that I should NEVER have gluten again. She was finally someone who understood and didn't think I was crazy. She also said that I was not tested properly, but did not see the need to retest because I was already feeling better with no gluten. Anyways... that was a little over a month ago. I am now down to 150... I am not constantly feeling like I need to eat. Before I would feel sick to my stomach, but felt that bread or crackers would make me feel better. I was constantly eating. I even knew I wasn't hungry, but I felt that if I ate I might feel better. Wierd. I no longer feel that way.... I actually am surprised by how little I actually eat now. I am hoping I will continue to lose some weight... but I am just happy that I don't feel like total crap all the time.
  8. Aren't they considered "malt beverages"? I thought all malt beverages were NOT gluten free.... even the light ones....
  9. Anyone In Mid-Michigan?

    I am in Traverse City. Not quite mid-Michigan... but I am happy to commiserate. I have been "officially" gluten free for a little over a month...
  10. ME TOO! And my allergies were progressively worse year after year. To the point I was going to have to get shots.
  11. It was suggested by my primary doctor, because she just didn't know what else to call my wide array of issues. Originally she thought lupus, but I was ANA negative. I went gluten free about two weeks prior to going to a different doctor. Once she had my history, symptoms, and I told her the relief I was starting to have she immediately told me to NEVER HAVE GLUTEN AGAIN. That was two weeks ago. My constant, chronic pain is gone. My energy level is up. My brain fog is pretty much gone. My balance is better. And my hand tremors are almost completely gone. Gluten is evil because it can cause so much havoc in the body!
  12. I had my gall bladder out last September after months of feeling terrible. Extreme pain in my right side, like someone was stabbing me. My gall bladder ultra sound showed polyps, but the doctor didn't think that would cause the paid. I had a HIDA scan, which was fine. I had an endoscopy which showed a few questionable areas, but the doctor said the biopsy's were fine. So he recommended to take the gall bladder out and see if that made me feel better. So that's what happened. The extreme pain was gone after, but I still had terrible stomach issues. I tried gluten free after that, and I felt 100% better. But because I wasn't "diagnosed" I went back to to gluten. After less than three months of being back to a normal diet, although I stopped drinking beer because one beer would make me feel sick for two days, I was incredibly sick again. Worse than before. But this time I had neurological symptoms. My primary doc did a celiac test and it came back negative. I went back to gluten free, and my symptoms are almost gone. I went to a different doctor about two weeks ago, and she said to NEVER eat gluten again. It was too late to go through more testing because I was back to gluten-free, but she said from all symptoms she felt that I probably had Celiac, or at least NCGS. I have been gluten-free for about a month now, and I feel better. I just wish someone would have suggested this BEFORE I had my gall bladder out.
  13. I went from almost no allergies as a kid to having to consider allergy shots because I was miserable all the time almost all year round. Constant sinus pain and pressure. Eyes always watering or feeling like I had sand thrown in them. It was awful. I am going on a month of being gluten free now, and I have already noticed a significant difference. I still get a little sinus-y but that is only when the wind is whipping, and lots of stuff is getting blown around. I would love to be rid of my allergies for good!
  14. Does anyone know off hand? Looking at the ingredients, I think it is. And it says "contains milk and eggs" on the label. But there is nothing about it on their website, nor any contact info to find clarification.
  15. Thank you! Yes, I had told her of a few day episode that I had where I kept tripping over my own feet. I have very little strength in my hands and loss of find motor skills. So we will go in for the test at least. My doc does think it is all gluten related, but wants to be sure. I guess I will go with the MRI. Thanks!