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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Chronic Anal Leakage

    Hi there, no there is no color. My experience with the fistula was that I had been having anal leakage and hemorroids. So the Dr removed it -- but to be honest, since that surgery I have had the same issues since. Nothing really started to change until I changed my diet. I have since started to think that it is actually my diet that has caused the leakage. It seems that its dairy and food with gluten in it. Have you been to the Dr? I know it's terribly embarrassing and shameful -- but they have seen it all. It sounds like you have something serious going on and should have it checked out. Good luck!
  2. Chronic Anal Leakage

    Oh thank you for sharing that with me. I appreciate it.
  3. Chronic Anal Leakage

    When you say "much worse" would you mind expanding? Does your bladder leak as well? I have a Dr's appt on Tuesday. I am not hopeful. But will definitely ask about Celiac.
  4. I was treated a few months ago for a fistula in my anus and had leakage leading up to it. My colorectal Dr thought originally that is why the leakage was happening. She also said it could be my diet and that I may have leaky gut. It has been 2 months since and the leakage started up again. I have also noticed while I am sleeping that my bladder leaks as well. Nothing major, but enough to notice in the am. (I am 39, good health and never had children). I saw my Dr. today and she said this is a "head scratcher" and is unclear what/why/how the leakage is happening. She said I may want to look into my psych meds -- Prozac and Busiprone. There is no info anywhere on the web indicating this is a known side affect. And I have been taking meds for 17 years. Has anyone dealt with these sorts of things from gluten allergies, or other sensitivities? I am at my wits end. I have started to cut out chocolate, caffeine, spicy food, citrus, dairy, tomatoes and all gluten products. I'll admit that I have cheated as I feel like I have nothing to eat at all anymore. I will say that I feel the difference from going gluten free -- not exhausted all day everyday! So that's a plus! I also get incredible itchiness done there. Which was initially diagnosed as pruritus ani, then the fistula was diagnosed. I am feeling so defeated. Especially with having to cut so much out of my diet. ANY FEEDBACK at all would be helpful and comforting. I am in so much shame and defeat. Thank you!