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  1. Hey everyone, I think I might have Celiac (obviously!) Here are my symptoms: - Very painful, chronic C and occasionally D - Pain after eating - Muscle weakness and coordination problems - Very sore lower back/hips/clavicle and shoulders, sometimes to the point it's difficult to walk - Weight loss of about 90 pounds in two years (Used to be pretty fat to say the least, am now a normal weight) - Low iron and protein levels - Pallor/dark circles/brittle hair and nails - ADHD/depression/insomnia - Medication never helped and if anything made it worse, I'm off it now and with therapy and good friends around, the depression's gone with the exception of a few crappy days here and there. - And to save the grossest for last, I had unexplained blood in my urine. TMI, I'm sorry! Basically, in the last few months, I've decided to get checked out because I've had some of the worst stomach pain I've ever had. I've been tested for ulcers, cysts, and have had x-rays of my stomach and GI which were all negative. I did an ELISA test which showed that my only food issues were almonds (which I barely eat anyway) and wheat which led to a Celiac blood test, but this turned out negative as well ... I don't know whether or not to keep pursuing it, gluten and dairy definitely cause much more pain than any other food, especially gluten, and I felt a little better after I'd been off gluten for a week or so. I have friends with celiac disease that seem to think this is it too, but I'm embarrassed to push it on my doctor! I've just had so many things turn out negative that I don't want to seem like a faker. I just don't think it's a coincidence that gluten hurts so much. So, here you go. Does it sound like Celiac to you guys, and if not, what else could it be? What steps should I take next? Has anyone been identified as sensitive to gluten and wheat on an allergy test but had negative bloodwork for Celiac? I'm just confused and frustrated at this point, and any and all advice would be appreciated.