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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pictures Of My Rash

    Please check into your personal care products! My daughter has this rash and after going crazy for a year we had extensive allergy testing done and it was found she was allergic to hydrolyzed wheat protein. After going through all shampoos etc. The main hair product she used daily- a "shine" product contained this. She stopped it immediately and and was given a foam steroid to use and her rash finally cleared up. It's amazing to see the difference. Her doctor told her to watch her diet to see if it would flare up and she was cautious but it has no reaction . Last week she tried a new product for shine and within 2 days the rash reappeared. So again shes using the foam and i found the product contained the wheat but isn't listed on product. She had been very careful to only use items without it, but wanted to try a different brand. No one else and many doctors, had never heard of this or thought of it as a possability. Our doctor said if she wasn't allergic to gluten as a child this had to be topical. Turns out to be right it seems . Many natural products such as aveda are loaded with it and all the " frizz ease" products for shine etc. are also. I hope this gives you some relief. I noticed you weren't doing anything other than diet and not getting relief. This is exactly how my daughters skin looks and several doctors thought it was scabies too. But it didnt go away. She had steroid shot that releived it for a short time but that was all. Her rash looks just like this and in the elbows and back of knees and back the worst-and is extremely itchy. You feel so desperate watching her. But the turnaround just from changing hair products was unbeleivable. I found this site looking for help in identifying products. So I wanted to share our story.