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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is This Even Possible?

    I think a lot of pizza places flour the bottom of the dough. Maybe that's what's getting you? That part would be pretty raw and airborne. Maybe there's another pizza place that wouldn't be as bad? Could you suggest some meal other than pizza?
  2. Are there any medical conditions that aren't on that list? Whoa...
  3. I think I'm at the very beginning of this process, so I'm kind of trying to get a feel for where everyone else started out. I've felt subpar for quite awhile, but I don't know that I'd go all the way to calling most of the little annoyances "symptoms". I'm sitting on a bunch of "mild" diagnoses (narcolepsy without cataplexy, vertigo/Meniere's, IBS) and I'm wondering if I should really be so bold as to hope this could fix them all. From what I understand, it's usually something like digestive problems (loose stools, bloating, stomach pains, reflux) that convinces a doctor to check for celiac/gluten intolerance (not sure I know the difference yet), but once someone stops eating gluten, a whole bunch of other things get better as well. What other ways has your health improved that have surprised you or that you weren't expecting when you first eliminated gluten?
  4. Where Do You Get Your Headaches?

    Okay, that's weird. I just stopped eating gluten a couple of days ago as the beginning of an elimination diet and had NASTY tension headaches at the very base of my skull on the right side. I thought I just hadn't slept well the last couple of nights (whole host of reasons that could be true).
  5. I think that's the stage I'm in. I want to know whether it's going to be worth the considerable time, effort, and money to transition to a gluten-free house before I invest it, so I want to know if I can reasonably expect to notice some difference just by removing obvious gluten, or if there's really no way to know other than to buy new small appliances, cookware, flatware, etc. (obviously the ones I've been using before have been used extensively around gluten) from the outset. I don't think I have a lot of symptoms in the first place, and I don't notice what symptoms I do have getting any better or worse in response to specific foods, but largely because so many people report it to have cured so many things, it seems like a lot of doctors (including mine) are saying lately, "I dunno. Try cutting out gluten. See if that fixes it," as a panacea so I am, but I'm just trying to figure out how strictly I have to do that to see if it helps. For those of you who self-"diagnosed" via elimination diet, how strict were you from the beginning and how long did it take you to feel noticeably better? Honestly, I don't care much whether I ever have a doctor's diagnosis. I just want to be able to tell if something actually helps me feel better.
  6. I very much wish I were in a financial position to pay for the testing, but I'm not, and I won't be any time in the remotely near future, so I figure I won't even bother if I don't notice some improvement by eliminating it from my diet. Maybe I just need to be pointed to an article or something that explains the science of all this, because on the surface, it sounds borderline ridiculous that things like separate sponges to clean non-stick pans (that mustn't be scratched!) can possibly make that much of a difference--and to hear the way people are talking about it here, it sounds like eliminating gluten is the world's great cure-all, fixing everything from athlete's foot to schizophrenia to near-sightedness. I'm no doctor, but the claims sound paranoid and hyperreactive. I'm not saying they are, but I am saying on the surface it's awfully hard to believe. Everything I've read from places like the Mayo Clinic makes it seem like paranoia about gluten is at least as dangerous as the gluten itself! Are there peer-reviewed medical studies that support this level of intensity about gluten avoidance, or is it all experiential and individualized? My inner skeptic suspects there might be a significant placebo effect. (Please be patient with me...I may just be in denial that I may have to pay so much attention to what I eat. I certainly don't want to be gluten intolerant!)
  7. Hey everyone, I'm brand new here and am probably a long way from a diagnosis. My dad, one of my two cousins, and both her kids have varying degrees of sensitivity to gluten and I've been having trouble digesting things for awhile (especially anything with a skin, like tomatoes, peppers, corn, etc.), so my doctor recommended I try cutting out gluten and see if it gets better. Perusing this board, it seems like there are a lot of people who have really intense gluten-avoidance techniques, like not letting any into their home at all or having different sponges and soap for washing their dishes than everyone else's. Does an elimination diet have to be that extreme to give me an answer? Or can I just eliminate directly eating anything with wheat/modified food starch/etc. and have some indication? Is it the sort of thing where even the slightest hint of gluten is going to destroy the whole test, or might I be able to tell it's helping even without being really careful about cross-contamination? I'm pretty OCD to start out with, so I have to be careful with going to extremes if it's not absolutely necessary. I don't imagine my roommate would be real happy if I told her she had to store her bread outside for a month! Thanks!
  8. Can't... Stop... Sleeping...

    I can't stand it when doctors give a "diagnosis" like that. "Idiopathic" MEANS "with a cause we can't figure out" and "hypersomnia" MEANS "sleeping a lot". So basically you went to a doctor saying, "Hey, doc, I've been sleeping a lot and I don't know why," then paid the doctor quite a bit of money and went through a few tests to leave with a diagnosis that, in medicalese, very literally means "patient has been sleeping a lot and we don't know why either". They told you absolutely nothing new! This is why it takes so much to convince me to go see a doctor. Several thousands of dollars of tests later and I leave with exactly the same information I had when I walked in.