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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This is my first post. I've called around to a few doctors offices and they don't seem to have an answer to my question. Here it goes: Short history: Back in February 2011 my son was diagnosed with an IgE allergic reaction to wheat and gluten. I took him to an alternative medicine doctor for this testing because all of his other pediatricians where sloughing us off despite the vomiting for 24-48 hours a week. BUT he didn't have diarrhea, "it couldn't be celiac". Anyway we immediately took him off of many food, mainly gluten and diary. He gets too sick to put him back on the food for celiac testing. At that alternitve medicine appointment the doctor looked at my and said "you are sensitive to gluten also - I can tell my your flaming red face, red ears and hands". I went gluten free too. Fast forward: Since February 2011 I have cheated and had gluten 3x (First time a beer in Disney, Second time I ate wheat for 4 days only because I had a celiac panel done - which came back negative - and 3rd time was a mistake of soy sauce). Each time I've had gluten I get a horrible blistery rash that cracks and bleeds on my right index and middle finger. I used to have this chronic rash that went diagnosed as dermatitis by a dermatologist. Dr didn't do a biopsy or anything, just a casual look-see. Here is the question: Should I schedule a dermatologist appointment and eat wheat about a week before so the rash is in the worst stage? Or should I skip the dermo and go straight to a GI even though I have no GI symptoms and my panel came back negative?