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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. after all the reading i've done i probably would of done a total IGA. Problem is i went to an allergist because my nose is always stuffed. did the skin tests and they were negative. even before the i went down to do the lab work the doc told me to go totally gluten and dairy free. i wasn't even sure what he was testing me for when i went down for labs. i thought it was a vitamin D deficiency. If i lived in a bigger city with more than 1 allergist i'd be asking for a 2nd opinion. still might once everything is said and done. Its been 4 full days now of gluten and dairy free and my nose is still congested and i've been sneezing more than i used to. not sure if my body is adjusting or what but i'm still having a hard time sleeping because of my nose. hopefully the CT scan i had friday will show something and i can get off this diet.
  2. The only other tests they ran was a vitamin D (VIT D 25 OH) which came back at 50.4 and a Total-Male Testosterone. which came back low at 261.8. normal range for my age is 270-1000
  3. The doc didn't say that he was refering me. he said that he might later. My lab results. Gliadin IGA Deamidated 4 Gliadin IGG Deamidated H 29 (Think the H is high) Tissue Transglutaminase AB IgA(then it cuts off) 4 tissue transglutaminase AB IgO(cuts off again) 5 Any thoughts on my results???
  4. Anyone From Wisconsin?

    Hey all. just found this site. from good ole' sheboygan
  5. How about this one. Since i have been on this gluten free/dairy free diet my stomach feels different after eating. my stomach feels heavy and thick. almost like i can feel my food sitting in my belly. I've never felt this before. could this be my stomach reacting to being gluten free?
  6. no i just talked to the doc on the phone. i'll make sure to get a copy of my labs when i go in tomorrow for the CT of my sinuses
  7. I'm a fairly healthy 28 year old male. i have had allergies for a long time. Lately it has been getting bad so i went to see an allergist. He did a skin test and it came up as i'm only allergic to a few things. all of which are not strong right now. He said my sinus's are very swollen and inflammed. He had me tested for a vitamin D defency and ciliac's. The vit D came back fine but the ciliac's he said came back confusing. he put me on a gluten and milk free diet. I have done some reading on the symptoms of this but i'm not sure if i really have any. I am about 2-3 inches shorter than every other male in my family. i have regular bm's, no indigestion, no heart burn. i do get very strong gas pains but that is only about once a month. i carry around a fair amount of extra weight and it is all around my mid-section. i know what fat feels like and this isn't fat. its fairly solid almost like muscle. The doc wants to refer me to a gastroenterologist to confirm the celiac. The gluten/dairy free thing is hurting me. seems like everything i've ever liked to eat has wheat flour. Has anyone else experienced symptoms similar to mine?