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  1. Ciao, have you read my message?

  2. Oh yes, I have heard of Des Si et Des Mets. I will visit it for sure! And thank you very much for the Health store recommendation. I will visit that place too! Someone has handed me some directions in Italy so I guess I have less problems than before... But still, may I ask for more restaurant adresses?
  3. Oh, yes, I know about Des si et des Mets! And I will definitely visit the store on Mouffetard, too! Do you happen to know of any other places in Paris in which I could eat without much problems?
  4. OH, I forgot to mention, I'm asking for restaurant adresses because the trip won't be very long, but we'll still have a tight agenda/travel plan. I don't think we'll have time to do much shopping, let alone a place to cook. We will mostly move on hotels. On Spain we won't have much problems because we will stay on an apart-hotel, but elsewhere I'm in trouble - it doesn't help that I can't speak italian or french...
  5. Hello, how are you? I will be travelling to Europe in about two weeks, and I'm having some problems finding places where to eat. I will visit Spain, France and Italy. I don't have the travel plan with me but we'll visit Paris, Mont de Saint Michel, Mestre, Aosta, Lucca, Venice and Rome, amongst others. Any help with finding locations and translations of common celiac phrases such as "I can't eat gluten" or "please check that this doesn't have flour on it" or the likes would be very helpful, too. I don't have much time so I would GREATLY appreciate any quick responses... Thanks in advance!