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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My 1 year old (just turned 2) had diarrhea for 31 days straight (severe too). He was admitted to the hospital in Pensacola right after July 4th. They ran tests on him but released him with no diagnosis. Fast forward 3 weeks, I had to fight for his test results. The doctor finally retrieved them and wanted my son in IMMEDIATELY. He told me that his celiac test results were extremely high and to start him on a gluten free diet immediately. A referral was put in for a pediatric gastroenterologist for an offical diagnosis. Well he saw the doctor 2 wks ago and he said to put my son on a regular diet for 4 weeks and they'll do a biopsy, then do the gluten free for 4 wks and another biopsy afterward. I disagreed, so I'm taking my son to another doctor in Mobile Alabama. I got his test results for myself last week after finding out that the specialist said everything looked okay...okay??? He didn't see the results. I need to know if this result alone could diagnose my son with celiac disease, as ANY gluten in his diet causes painful gas and diarrhea (explosive foul smelling) for days. Test results from hospital... Test Name: Enda Test Result: Tissue Transglutaminase tTG Ab Iga 181 Endomysial Antibody IgA Titer 1:80 <P> Normal Range: Tissue tTg Ab IgA 0 to 19 Endomysial IgA Titer <1:10 <P> It also says this below the test, not sure if it means anything. Tissue Transglutamin IGA: H168 Reference range: 0 to 19 Can anyone please tell me if I'm right about this level being excessively high and is it enough to diagnose celiac like my sons pediatrician said it would. (He said that when it's that high, a biopsy isn't really necessary). Thanks