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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey guys, I have had a rash near my groin for years now. My doctors have never been able to put a finger on it (some calling it psoriasis, and others calling it eczema). I just recently read up about DH and I am wondering if that is maybe what I have. I am going to look more in depth into this, and post some pictures later (PG rated of course). My question for you guys is, after having this rash for years, do you think it will ever go away fully? Or has the rash scarified by now? Thanks! KM
  2. Emotional Revolutions

    I cant say that I have noticed a HUGE difference, but I have noticed that my emotions are.. "amplified". For instance, I was at a concert last week and a guy went up on stage and proposed to his girlfriend. Normally I would say hey good for you, etc. but I actually found myself tearing up! So crazy. On the negative side of it though, I find if I am angry, I seem to be much more angry, or if I am happy I am much more happy. Additionally, I feel like switching to the gluten-free diet has made me a much stronger and resilient person. I feel like the fact that I have been able to make this major life transition has made me feel more empowered, and for that I am extremely grateful and happy. KM
  3. Hey everybody, I thought I would share this little gem with everybody. It is called Il Fornello in Toronto. It is an italian restaurant that offers gluten-free pasta and pizza options. Some of the locations also allow you to buy pre-made doughs that you can take home to construct your own masterpiece. Give their menus a browse and check out where your closest location is at http://ilfornello.com/ Enjoy guys, and happy eating! KM
  4. Milestones gluten-free Menu

    This post is super helpful! I love milestones, and my parents love it too, and after recently going back to the gluten-free diet, I cant wait to give this a shot. Thanks a million, KM
  5. I see you have received a lot of tips on what to send in the lunches, but as a teenager maybe I can lend some insight into the whole "cool kid" ideology. Sure, maybe the cool kids dont bring their lunches, but why not question that socially constructed idea? ie) You know what is cooler than not bringing a lunch to school? Bringing healthy lunches, and protecting your body from damage is way cooler than eating chicken fingers and poutine from the cafeteria. Moreover, what you may not have realized is that in general, there is a outcry to society to drop your video game controllers, turn off the TV and get active and healthy. What better way to get healthy than follow a strict gluten-free diet which forces you to maintain a healthy standard in your meals? It is COOL to be healthy, and I know a lot of my friends used to rub it in my face that I wasnt as healthy as them. Try and boost her mood by enforcing the idea of healthy living, and make sure she has an edge over those "cool" kids simply because she is going to be feeling better and healthier than them in general. Sorry if that seemed sort of choppy, but hopefully you find it useful. Good luck! KM
  6. Hey there! I am in a very similar boat actually. When I was around 10 years old, I was diagnosed with Celiac, and had ridiculous stomach pain and other symptoms. I never really felt a huge change with the gluten-free diet, and when I asked to be re-tested, I started eating gluten again. I never had symptoms since then, and to this day I dont have them. I also switched back to the diet recently for some random reason (I cant even remember why). I havent seen any change in my health really besides the fact that I dont feel run down as much any more. This result is good enough for me, and I have decided that I am not going to go back to gluten, even if I tested negative for it now. I have found other benefits of the gluten-free diet besides protecting my digestive system, such as the fact that I just eat healthier in general. When I switched back to the diet, I started eating full meals with fish, poultry, and red meats, in addition to salads, and some solid carbs like potatoes (I forgot how much I loved them). I understand that you may feel the need to not abide the diet, but honestly looking at it now, what negative effects has following the diet had for you? Probably none. Hopefully this was helpful for you, and if you have any other questions for me, feel free to PM me. Good luck with everything! KM
  7. I noticed this too actually! Unfortunately I smoked cigarettes which make me less hungry, but when I havent smoked for a few days, I find I am always hungry. I think it may just be a way that your body is telling you that it is happy to finally be getting good food! It would make sense after years of damage to your digestive track, that once it starts getting healthy food, it just wants more. I definitely would not be concerned, and just be happy that are on the right track to recovery! Good luck with everything, and hopefully the hunger pains dont bother you too much!
  8. I agree, the safest thing you can do in this situation is see a doctor. I am not going to lie, but even when the slightest thing is bothering me, I take the time to go and see a doctor. I am not sure if this is more difficult in the US because of the private system, but I think in this situation, money shouldnt be an issue any ways. Not to mention, you could be totally off on your guess about gluten, and it could be any number of different allergens causing you grief. The only way you are going to know for sure is to see a doctor. Good luck!
  9. Doctor Needed In Toronto

    I would love to be able to give you some "solid names" of doctors who are accepting new patients but unfortunately I just seek the advice of my endocrinologist usually. I would think that your best bet is to search for 5 or 10 family health clinics in your area and call them to find out if any of their female doctors are accepting new people. Hopefully this can help a little bit, and good luck! KM
  10. Thanks so much for the replies (again). I am going to go through my stuff and decide what I need to replace and what I can clean. A lot of the stuff you guys mentioned I have already got rid of, but a few of those things are definitely going to have to go. I never even though that gluten could be lurking basically anywhere that I have cooked in the past, but I really appreciate the tips and will definitely give that a shot.
  11. Consumed With Celiac

    I agree with the comments about dealing with it in your own way, but I also agree with the comments that suggest getting out and trying new things. In my own experiences, I have found that the only thing I obsess over is googling whether certain foods are gluten free or not. I guess I find it interesting seeing what I can and cant eat even if I am not interested in eating it at that exact moment. Kind of weird, I know. I am sure you already got the point, but the best thing here that you can take from this is that you are not alone, and I think that is the beauty of this forum. Good luck!!
  12. Hi again everybody, I have some more questions but I figure if I tackle them individually and work on each thing over time. My next question is do I NEED to re-equip my kitchen or is there a simpler way to clean my stuff so that I can continue to use it? On another thread, I was told that white vinegar is good for counters, but would that work for my other stuff? Thanks a lot in advance guys!
  13. Thank you so much everybody! I feel bad just coming here and having my first post be asking for advice I felt bad, but i really appreciate the input. Awesome idea for a forum right here.
  14. Hey guys, I have had celiac for a while now and unfortunately I knew this but never really paid too much attention to it. Recently I randomly decided to pursue the gluten free diet again and so far so good. I feel better but there are many more steps that I want to do to ensure smooth sailing from here on out. I am going to get a new toaster, and clean my counters with anti-bacterial soap etc. One of the things I have been reading a lot about is the issue of lactose for celiacs. I have never had an issue with lactose, and even when I switched back to the gluten free diet, I havent had any issues. Can anybody clarify if I NEED to go lactose free for a while or not? Thanks, KM