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  1. I tried this recently for the first time as I was having strange belly pains. Seemed to help and I had no adverse reactions.
  2. I have a injection of vitamin B every 4-6 weeks. Helps unbelievably well.
  3. Thanks, i might try your paper bag suggestion. I have heard also that a celery stick in with the bread keeps it fresher, longer.
  4. Has anyone found a way to keep our gluten-free bread fresh? Using Aldi's Wild Grain ATM which is great, but like most gluten-free breads, needs to be toasted after the first day.
  5. Inflammation is now my biggest issue after being gluten-free fir 3 years. Even my messentry was inflamed! When I was put on a course of steroids my life change for the better 100 fold! But ad soon as the course finished after 3 months, it was back to normal. I would love to find a long term solution.
  6. I'm from the Gold Coast. Aldi's gluten-free bread is awesome. (for gluten-free) Woolies at Coomera Springs has a huge range of Macro gluten-free foods. Will add to this list shortly. Jason
  7. Is he truly Celiac?