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  1. I'm from Canada too, and they suggested the biopsy, but given the high numbers on the blood test they said it really wasn't necessary (also I have DH but that was never 'formally diagnosed' either, but it was seen and noted) The Dr. said the biopsy is the de facto test to confirm Celiac. So, I didn't have the biopsy. Question for you all..... Did your Dr.s suggest a yearly scope? Mine did and I suggested that I had one and sure as heck didn't think I needed another one, much less one a year!
  2. My daughter has not been officially diagnosed Celiac, but she will be, it is just a time thing. (I am and I know she is!) She also has come up with a severe systemic reaction to Sunflower anything... and there is sunflower oil/lecithin etc. in a lot of foods. Even in 'Vegetable oil' there is allowed to be (I think) 14% before they have label it as containing. Could you not do a food log? Try to isolate a common denominator. As I say for my daughter it was sunflower, very quickly after ingestion she is in the bathroom in tremendous pain...
  3. I bought some of the ones labeled Gluten Free and have had NO problems at all. I only have a few left and since I have not found them in Canada I figure I will save these ones for treats! I have Celiac and am very sensitive. Hope this helps you.
  4. Has anyone else had a bad reaction with Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Oats? I had only tried a little of the oats at Christmas time and thought I was okay with them. So the other day I was craving cookies. I made awesome cookies using these oats, and then of course since I craved them so badly I ate four of them! So then I had a terrible night with DH type rash, mouth sores and generally feeling kinda lousy.... Finally took an antihistamine and drank a lot of water which helped greatly and the next day was better. Today I am okay but curious, was it an isolated thing? OR did I just think I was okay with gluten-free Oats, but in reality I am not. Sheesh, I am so disappointed, I really wanted those darn cookies!
  5. So, was it a generic then? I just recently found out that most generic medications have a wheat based binder in them. The article I read specified Generics.
  6. Vegetarian for about 25 years, give or take. I do eat eggs and dairy and honey, so it's a lot easier for me than going Vegan. I support local family farms for my eggs and dairy, so it's at least cruelty free. I had it much easier before I became Celiac (probably happened 10 years ago, but only diagnosed about 3 or 4 years ago) The mainstream vegetarian substitutes for meat seemed to all contain gluten until a year ago... Not sure if that is actually a true statement elsewhere, but the small town I live in was that way. Anyway it's always nice to hear other people's histories a little.
  7. There are some very good naturpathic doctors, and some not so good ones. Have you done some elimination diet work? Just thinking sometimes taking away too much all at once is awfully hard on the body. Sorry I don't have any good advice for you, I hope you feel better soon!
  8. Well Tash... I think we are all a bit different in our reactions.. I bloat up like a blinking balloon, so bad that my skin feels like it's going to tear apart ( I look nine months pregnant)... and my ankles and wrists/hands hurt so terribly! I have a headache and just hurt and feel so lousy. I don't get 'glutened' too often, only twice in the past several years. There is nausea, which may or may not end up to be actual vomiting. The bloating thing brings with it gas and either D or the other end of the spectrum.... It isn't always the same. I am 54 years old now, and was diagnosed 7 years ago, after being really sick and skeletal for 7 years.
  9. Thanks Lisa, and yes I do eat tomatoes, peppers and potatoes with no issues. It is definitely almonds and now cashews too... I am giving up all tree nuts for awhile and will see if the pain abates. You are right as a vegetarian I do not like losing these proteins either, but it seems necessary. I tried nuts that were from 3 different sources, supposedly gluten free, so I think it is really the nuts themselves at fault. I will post again after being tree nut free for a month or two and let you know how it is.
  10. At first it was almonds that affected my joints... now it appears that cashews are also doing it I am so sore right now! So, I think I will just quit all tree nuts, this is tricky because as well as being Celiac I am a vegetarian, not vegan thank goodness, because I am already restricted enough!
  11. Have just decided that almonds are the culprit with my joint pain that has resurfaced after several months of nearly pain free joints. Rheumatologist told me that the 'celiac joint pain' could actually take years to abate. So, when it was mostly gone I was feeling pretty good, then yesterday and today major pain in hands and wrists and also ankles and feet. As a vegetarian nuts are important in my diet, but I am tossing the almonds for sure!
  12. Thank you Auzzi! I hadn't even thought of making the 'failed cake' into truffles.....YUM! That will happen for sure!! And your Christmas Cake recipe looks awesome, thankyou so much!
  13. Hope you let us know how you made out with the kids....?
  14. My understanding is that the meat itself is not toxic, but it is the additives in the feeds etc. that are causing problems.... if you get grass fed beef, it is considered to be a safe meat by most naturopathic people that I have spoken to. I would imagine that the same holds for other meats.... I have been told that wild game is very healthy and not toxic to the body. There are interesting points of view out there, but like most people I personally think that in moderation most things (okay... not gluten!!) are okay. I should add, I suppose that my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and eats a high animal protein diet, and my husband hunted for years... I myself am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and have been for the past 25 years. I cook for the family (meat included) and also make sure there are enough foods in the meal that aren't gluten or meat containing for me! But also I know of lots of kids who 'go vegetarian' and it lasts a month or maybe several months, very few of the ones that I know of personally stuck with it for any extended periods. Just my thoughts on it! (and I'll confess that I never even heard of 'forks over knives')
  15. I am O - and a' very senstive DH Celiac'. I like the idea that it's the oldest blood type and would therefore have likely been that of the hunter gatherers.... I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and have been for about the last 25 years.