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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/why-the-democrats-will-do-and-say-anything-to-stop-donald-trump/

  2. Also, I bought a multivitamin that has iron in it. It's only 100% of daily recommendation. Whereas iron pills are about 300% which is why when I took iron I only took it about once a week, but I was told that I was borderline anemic. I also have been trying to eat red meat once a month or more since I was diagnosed with anemia. With the gluten free thing, burgers are out so I'm just eating steak every other week. It's nice to have an excuse to NEED to eat steak. :-)
  3. Thanks, guys, I went to the Katz website and ran my zip code through. They have it in 2 of the 3 kosher grocery stores that are 2 to 3 miles from me. Of course, I usually shop in the other one, hahah! I even found a gluten free store in Brooklyn. I used to make my own challah but it's a whole day affair and dough takes up so much of my freezer which is stuffed right now. I'm glad to know I can get it in the store. Though, it's not real bread-Jewishly so that's something for me to keep in mind.
  4. Yeah, I also just found it. I think I'm going to try adding ground nuts to my salad dressing that I make. My non-dairy ranch: mayo lemon juice filtered water some spices from the cupboard (salt, pepper, chives, italian seasoning, I need to add dried dill to my collection) mustard and or ketchup if I have any... just a little. blend in food processor (don't have a blender) I actually got this looking at the ingredient list on a bottle of non-dairy ranch.
  5. try fruit salads (nuts on the fruit salad :-)), mixed veggies... Here are some recipes quick and easy for veggies with kick: --------------- Green beans, can of chopped tomatos and spices (salt/pepper but maybe garlic pepper or salt, I just see what's in the cupboard and sprinkle different stuff on everytime). put it all in a saucepan and cook it. --------------- green beans, crushed nuts (put them through the food processor) and some oil and or butter, stick it in the oven for like 20 minutes to 45 minutes. --------------- cabbage and carrots Boil them together with salt for an hour or even bring it to boil, run errands for 2 or 3 hours and come back it's done. Goes good with chicken and probably ham, but I keep kosher now so no ham for me. -------------- sweet and sour celery (tastes like candy) chop up celery, boil it, drain it, add sugar and lemon and or lime juice and stick in the oven for a little bit. Tastes good cold, too. -------------- Alfredo sauce which is a pain to make but maybe make for two meals. You can put this over peas, chicken or gluten-free pasta. I put it over pasta and peas maybe other veggies. cream cheese melt it then add milk and or heavy cream garlic pepper or garlic salt, parm cheese stir it until it's smooth and then pour over the peas or pasta. -------------- Not a veggie: "nut chicken" my very own recipe put some nuts through the processor and then put them on the chicken as you would bread crumbs and bake (like 400 for an hour or 385 for an hour and 30) maybe put some water in the bottom.
  6. I'm an undiagnosed/self-diagnosed person. However, the way I discovered this was because my diet tends to be low in grains anyway. The last three times I had a sandwich I had aweful constipation/diarhea/bloating/cramps/flatulence that only relieve the stomach for a second and then it built up again and I felt like S***, again. I knew of people who couldn't eat grains because I've met some at Shabbos meals and Passover they would be somewhere with their own matzah. So, I did some googling to see that I had a lot of the same symptoms: leg cramps and more. I think I've had this for a long time and I think my mother had it. She used to get really bad charlie horses in her legs and died of diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke issues. I eliminated grains about a month ago, but ate a Turkey TV dinner without thinking and then realizing I was eating stuffing. Sure enough, I got the runs 20 minutes later. Anyway, just eat meat and veggies. Going to a pizza place with be a problem but if your friends pick one out, maybe the menu will have fish and veggies. I'm not lactose intolerant. I eat yogurt when I'm trying to boost my calcium and I never have a problem, but a lot of people are lactose intolerant, too.
  7. Stomach Fat

    When I've actually lost weight in the past and I'm losing now but not as fast as I have before, this is how I try to eat. I believe that things like "diet" soda have "hidden" calories. Think about it, we were made to survive on little because we had to get our food. What we eat should be burnt by what it would take to acquire and prepare that food. With that in mind, the more close to it's natural source a food is, the less calories it SHOULD be. Calories are innaccurate. Sugar is low calorie but it turns into fat as soon as it hits our body.
  8. Yes, new to it. I should have known that <palm forehead>. I have a kosher kitchen and I should know that anything that would make something not kosher would make gluten-free not gluten-free. I will change the tin foil in the morning before I make waffles tomorrow. They were really yummy and smelled awesome while toasting, btw.
  9. I bought some Gluten free waffles and now I'm gassy like I used to be. They have buckwheat flour in them. Does anyone know if that's a close cousin of offenders? It seems like it would be a cousin but distant or close... THAT is the question..
  10. First off, I want to get gluten free challah, does anyone know if there is such a thing out there? I don't really want to be stuck making my own. Also, I'm new to this whole gluten free thing but how do pick out bread and pasta? Does anyone know what tastes most like the real thing? I was in the store and I'm like how am I supposed to decide between rice and quinoa and corn and so on? I bought some waffles that I'm going to have in a minute. I've been dealing with this by just NOT eating grains which isn't so bad but after a month of it, I want to add in some substitute products. Also, is there a kosher frozen pizza gluten free?