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  1. I know exactly how you feel, one thanksgiving when I still lived with my dad he took me half way across the country to see his family and promised me he would supervise the cooking and make sure I had a plate of food to eat so I didn't just stand there and watch every one else eat on thanks giving. Low and behold, he hands me a plate of turkey, and I asked him how it was cooked, and he told me it was fine, they cooked it just for me. Later I found out that they stuffed the turkey, and smothered it in regular gravy. My mom gets it, and really has tried to help me through this whole thing, but my dad is impossible, he will make me feel bad if I don't eat something I am allergic to. just because he made it. Everyone shares your pain in that aspect. I have just learned not to care anymore, I don't care if I have to be rude about it, I will not eat something that will make me violently ill for hours on end. I don't care if Channing Tatum made it for me.   
  2. Someone Needs To Make An Effort

    I work over 40 hours a week sometimes and also go to college full time. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with Celiac disease and soy intolerance. Back when none of these big brands cared whether people with celiac disease could eat their food or not. I have to say the market has gotten a little better. But, as I'm sure everyone can relate, walking in a groceries store is more frustrating than anything. In every store the Gluten free section is in a different isle or its all mixed in with everything. And every "gluten free" shopping guide isn't all that helpful. I will never quite adjust to not being able to shop for food like everyone else does. The eating strange food around other people at work and school is surprisingly normal to me. I will pull out some gluten free fried chicken from my lunch box with a Tupper wear of mashed potatoes and some corn, while everyone else is ordering out McDonalds or burger king and shooting me strange looks. My only satisfaction is that I am eating healthier than they are anyway and I will never have the experience of eating a synthetic heart attack with some ketchup on a bun. But nothing will quite ever get me used to groceries shopping for the things I will need for the next week. I need a book that tells me what I will be in the mood for, for the next week, and what I need to go out and buy. None of these fancy cook books with tons of spices, because the reality is, 1. not everyone is a fantastic cook. and 2. Spices are about 4 dollars a bottle. no thanks. I want someone to come out with a book that is called "For the Celiac, college kid who is a workaholic and a terrible cook."
  3. Sick And Tired

    This is my first blog, not really sure how this works, and i know i am terrible at spelling but here it goes. I went into a "gluten free" resturaunt and asked about cross contamination and i was told "if i actually have celiac disease that i shouldnt eat there". Apparently alot of "gluten free" resturaunts today are for people on a gluten free diet trying to loose weight. It is extreamly frustrating when every time all my friends go out to eat i have to sit without food and watch every one else eat. There is one really good actual gluten free resturaunt for celiac's around where i live but it is very expencive and if they mess up, you can always still get sick. there needs to be a solution. A while back i emailed the makers of ramen noodles, who apparently also manufacture cup of noodles, and i suggested that they make a cheap, pre-packaged, gluten and soy free product. I got an email back saying that they were already working on a rice noodle that could be cooked like the wheat noodles do. I hope they make a cheap gluten-free &soy free ramen. it would be a life saver. SOMEONE make a gluten free lunchible PLEASE!!! carrying a bag of chicken in my lunch box to school with some gross crackers is getting to be very old.
  4. i take the gell pills for benidryl. you can always ask the pharmisist or call the manufacturer
  5. i understand every word, i am 18 and have had celiac since i was ten. people give me strange looks all the time when i tell them why i cant go out to eat with them. It sucks alot, and most people with very damaged intestines from all the gluten and develope a lactose intolerance and a soy intolorance. so if your still having troubles i would eliminate soy out of your diet. all things that say "soy lenthin or vegtible oil or soybean oil" it helped for me goodluck, i hope things get better.