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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it! :-)
  2. She has never had any allergy testing but that is good idea.. I just automatically go to celiac when I think diarrhea just because I was that way.. It is frustrating because the pediatricain didn't seem concerned at all since she is completely healthy just has diarrhea.. She usually will bend over in pain and say my tummy hurts over and over.. Then she runs to the bathroom and afterwards is running around like nothing ever happened.. I thought maybe I was just paranoid but then my mom agreed with me that it wasn't normal and she was concerned too.. It seems like it is up to me to figure it out since the pediatrician doesn't seem to care. I will definitely look into allergy testing and the GI doc I want to figure this out for her while she is little and not when she is an adult..
  3. Yeah I was thinking the same thing it is just a hard call because she is completely healthy looking. she just gets diarrhea.. I guess we will be going to the gi doc and get all of this figured out. Thanks for the advice
  4. My 4 yearold daughter has had problems complaining of stomachs and diarrhea for the last 6 months or so on and off. I tested positive for celiac bloodwork but had a negative biopsy and my cousin is celiac with positive biopsy. Since my cousin had a positive biopsy and my blood work was so positive my GI doc said to go gluten free so I have been for 8 months. Here is the part where I am not sure what to do. Last week I had her tested at the pediatrician and her immunioglobin A came back 60 the range is 66- 440.. Her other tests the ttg and the antiglidan IGG were both normal.. What should I do? Could she still have celiac ? Do i bother taking her to a gi doc or get genetic testing done? I really don't want her to go on having stomach issues because the peditrician shrugged off the low immunoglobin A.. thanks for any advice!
  5. I nursed my daughter until she was 13 months and at the same time was undiagnosed (we think it was triggered by pregnancy). Anyway just make sure you drink tons of water. Water helps you produce milk and you definitely need it I you are also having diarehea. Since you obviously shouldn't lose any more weight you might want to consider drinking a gluten free protein shake I know there are quite a few out there. Or you could try just eating more protein meat, nuts, nut butters, dairy if you not have a problem with it ( some people newly diagnosed do). I was determined to nurse my daughter at least a year and I felt so good I made it but I Also ended up having to give her formula to supplement and there is no shame in that. you have to do whatever is best for your baby and that includes taking care of yourself. Good luck!
  6. Five Guys

    We eat there all the time! I have never had a problem.. I just ask they change gloves an use a new spatula.. Usually I get the cheeseburger and add grilled mushrooms, peppers and onions and fries.. They even put it in a separate bag from my husband's and daughter's since they get buns. You can actually stand there and watch them prepare it if you want if that makes you less nervous.. Enjoy!
  7. Hi, my test results were very similar to your sons. I had very positive blood work and a negative biopsy... What my gi doc said is that he calls it latent celiac disease. I had a family member also diagnosed celiac but with a positive biopsy so the blood work combined with genetics are not a good mix. I have been gluten free for around 6 months and feel 100% better. It can't hurt to try him on the diet even with a negative biopsy. I sure wish my parents had then I wouldn't have been so sick for so long. Oh and my gi doc said that at any point the " latent celiac" could become active and when would I realize it wasn't dormant anymore ? he said I wouldn't be able to feel the damage taking place if I am already having gi issues. So his suggestion go gluten free and don't look back.. Good luck and I hope your son feels better asap! Oh and we are currently waiting for my 4 year old daughters blood results too.
  8. I had this same thing happen.. Actually the first month I went gluten free I lost 13lbs from just not wanting to eat anything.. I figured out that I pretty much craved things that had gluten in them.. I could count on the fact that if I wanted it it probably contained gluten and sure enough I would read the label and yep sure did.. I read a lot about detox from gluten on the Internet and apparently gluten can act like a mood booster ite helps you to produce seratonin.. About a month after I was gluten free I discovered that starbursts and skittles were gluten free and I started eating the because that was all I felt like eating.. I ate candy umm a lot for about the next 6 weeks.. Sugar is also a mood booster and so I replaced one craving for another.. Then I came to my senses and stayed away from the sugar and made myself figure out how to eat a balanced gluten free diet with maybe some candy every now and then.. Now I sometimes forget to eat because I get busy doing something which would have never happened when I was eating gluten.. It is really nice,. It is like a sense of freedom from food that I never had before.. I also noticed that after going gluten free my hunger pangs weren't nearly as painful I used to almost throw up I would get so hungry before.. Good luck and don't worry you will feel like eating again it is just your body adjusting
  9. Just wanted to let you all know that the biopsies came back and were normal.. He just said that because of my family history of celiac disease and my positive bloodwork that I should remain gluten free or I could develop damage later on in life. I have been gluten free almost two weeks and feel so much better already!!! He said if I wanted I could have my rash biopsied to see if it is DH.. but really I feel tired of all this medical stuff and just want to move on and stop going to the doctor so much! Thanks for your advice along the way!
  10. I take between 3000iu and 5000iu depending on how I am feeling.. My doctor also told me to take magnesium with it to help with absorption and to take it at night after dinner because it is better absorbed with fat.. He also said don't take it in the am because I am on thyroid med and he said I shouldn't take them together.. Good luck hope you feel great soon!!!
  11. Thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it!!! I will definitely update when the biopsy results come back... I thought it was funny that he said I didn't have celiacs disease just by looking... Because the are microscopic! I actually asked for more biopsies but he would do it.. I sure wish that they listened more to their patients! Oh well he told me to go gluten free for 3 months and see how I feel... So I have started today
  12. I am really confused because I had my endoscopy this morning and the gi doctor said my small intestines looked normal. He took 4 biopsies but told me He could tell by looking I didn't have celiac disease and the biopsies are not going to be back for up to 10 days.. He basically just said to eat gluten free or it will turn into celiacs disease.. Why is my blood work positive for 2 of the test I I don't have it ? Thanks for any feedback!
  13. I got my celiac panel done after my cousin was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple months ago.. I have had a ton of the symptoms for a long time.. here are my results what does this mean?.. all the GI doctor said is that I need a biopsy so I will be having that in a couple weeks. I got confused since I was positive on 2 and negative on 2.. immunoglobulin A Serum 140 range 70-400 deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgG 36 range is 0-19 negative, 20-30 weak positve, greater than 30 moderate to strong positive deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgG 46 range is 0-19 negative, 20-30 weak positve, greater than 30 moderate to strong positive t-transglutaminace tTG IgA <1 range is 0-3 negative t-transglutaminace tTG IgG 4 range is 0-5 negative, 6-9 weak positive, positive >9 I also had low vitamin D levels and was slightly anemic.. thanks for any feedback!
  14. I found ou this past Thursday I had positive blood test for Celiac antibodies and my internist recommended dr timothy Denton.. Has anyone seen him or recomend a different gi doctor in birmingham Alabama?