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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    Hi GG, I've also heard of the GAPS diet, but never had a need to try it because the SCD diet works fine for me. Also, I'm not sure people who experience relief on the SCD diet can go back to their former "Americanized" diet and not have the same issues they had previous to going onto the SCD diet. Everyone I know (including me) who tried it got a false sense of security and over did it. After a short period of going back to the illegal foods a major flare up would force them back to the SCD diet. And sometimes the road back to the SCD diet can be harder the second (or third) time. It's just prudent to go slow once you are symptom-free if you want to reintroduce certain foods back into your diet. -Tim
  2. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    I agree that "cured" is a short cited view of the outcome that can be associated with the SCD diet. That's why I say " symptom-free". I've been symptom-free for about 4 years now on the SCD diet. There were a couple flare-ups along the way - which was my fault for getting off the diet when I thought I was "cured". The biggest problem with this diet that I can see is that people get over confident and start to revert back to the diet that got them sick in the first place. However I have found that having illegal foods once in a while while following the SCD diet most of the time has led to a long symptom-free period and a diet that I have got used to.
  3. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    Hi Gluten Girl, Yes, the diet works. I've been on it (on and off) for about 4 years, and am totally medicine free and symptom free. As being diagnosed with Colitis, I had awful flare ups and was on about 30 pills a day and nothing seemed to work. After about 4 years, the disease progressed to the point where it was hard to go to work. I was bleeding every time I had a bowel movement, and was weak and depressed. I always thought diet had an impact - I mean why wouldn't it? I asked my Gastroenterologist if diet had any affect and he said "absolutely not". I believed him for many years until it got to the point I was desperate for help. I mean it was so bad I was contemplating having my colon removed. How bad could life be without a colon? It had to be better than what I was going through. I made an appointment with my doctor to make arrangements for the surgery and was told the next appointment was a month from then. In total frustration with the inability of the medicine to control the symptoms and feeling hopeless that even the doctor couldn't help me anymore, I decided to Google "diet" and "colitis" and SCD was the first thing I found. So I tried it. Within a week, I felt better. Within a month I knew it was helping. Within 2 months my gut was feeling much better and I was on my way to recovery. Within 6 months I was medicine free, and within a year I was symptom free. Of course, I canceled the appointment to have my colon removed and now after so many years, I am trying to help other people avoid having the surgery if they can avoid it. I just discovered this forum, and that's why I'm putting my story here. Hopefully you will try the diet and find relief like I have. By the way, this works for people on Celiac's, with Colitis, or other IBDs. The SCD diet is a little more strict than just Gluten-Free. I would recommend reading the book "breaking the vicious cycle" as a good start. You can always ask me for help along the way if you get stuck. I'm glad to help. Take care and let me know how you are doing. -Tim