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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yay! Its so true-- seemingly unrelated issues seem to improve! I had a flat butt and pot belly and now i have a curvy butt and a flat belly! My weight has stayed the same, just more proportionate. My jeans all fit better, its amazing. Also...my nails used to be so brittle and thin and break constantly--- now they are strong and longer than ever! It so exciting!!
  2. Before an official diagnosis, i diagnosed myself, cut out gluten and felt much better. I told myself, "i've never been tested for cat allergies, but i know when i'm around cats i become incredibly sick and when i am not around cats, i am not sick. No one around me ever questioned this, so why would they question gluten intolerance" However, when i began telling people that i had a "gluten intolerance" (didn't say celiac at that time because it wasn't "official"), no one took me seriously. My italian family was seriously in denial that "a nice dish of macaroni" could ever make anyone feel sick..it must be salt, sugar, sugar substitute, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep..." it was nuts. When out with coworkers/friends, I was told that if i just put on some weight, then my body wouldn't react so negatively when i eat "bad" food on the weekends. I am fairly thin, and people have assumed in the past that i have an eating disorder. it was hard enough defending myself in that argument in the past when i WASN'T analyzing food labels and making special requests at restaurants (and ultimately avoiding all of the fried "bad" items when out to eat). in my situation, i didn't get the tests done for me, i got them done for everyone else. it is still a challenge in most of these situations, but knowing/sharing that i have an actual diagnosis has helped so much. Celiac is a mystery to many people in this country... until more people are aware of what it is and what it does, an official diagnosis is almost neccesary unless you want to constantly defend yourself and your actions. Its sad, but unfortunately true.
  3. This is an interesting topic--- i've only been diagnosed a few months. i've never been noticably ill from a crouton or a crumb... in fact, it was usually large helpings of pasta or bread that would trigger a reaction. Will this change now that i'm gluten free? Will I become overly sensitive? The GI effects were never my main concern; does anyone think it could develop into that over time? What has happened to other people? Is there anyone out there whose sensitivity has stayed the same over the years? Or does it always get worse? just curious how its affected others over time? (mostly curious if there are people who have NOT become more sensitive over time?)
  4. Why Are People So Insensitive?

    Aww thank you so much to everyone who responded. Just knowing that there are other people out there who have felt the same way definitely makes me feel a little bit better about everything.
  5. Why Are People So Insensitive?

    Thank you so much for your reply ..... i have been a huge fan of raw cashews, almonds, dried cranberries etc.... i'll have to look for the nutterbutter packets and coconut bars.
  6. So i found out i had celiac back in august and have been gluten free since then. For the most part, i haven't had trouble finding gluten free food, nor do i miss/feel envious of those around me eating pizza/bread/pasta. It feels so great to not be in pain, that i don't mind doing the extra research to find food that i can eat. this past week, I had my first emotional breakdown. i was at a large work conference with all buffet-style meals. I felt like a high-maintenance brat asking the chefs about the food, but they were pretty accomodating. Everytime I asked though, 6 people around me wanted to hear all about celiac and how i found out. It was getting exhausting... the kicker though, was dinner the last night. There was NOTHING available for me to eat. The waitress said she could bring me a side garden salad (the buffet for everyone else included baked chicken, this awesome looking penne, bread with dipping oils, potatoes, vegetables, orzo salad, decadent desserts). I started to get a little jealous.... "why do i have to worry about this when i should be networking and having fun? This isn't fair. i'm hungry and i want more than a side salad" ..... When the waitress brought my lovely garden salad, at least 4 people came up to me (who had already known about my celiac, but clearly forgot)... pouting "HOW DID YOU GET THAT SALAD!? I requested that and they said they couldn't do it. Not fair! Can i have some?!" as they walked around with their plates filled with great glutteny food. I seriously went into the bathroom and cried like a little baby. I hate feeling sorry for myself, but i did. .....Someone who has had this for a while, please tell me this goes away. I do feel like i'm learning with every tough experience though (ie they brought the salad on an obnoxiously larger plate than the buffet plates, so it drew attention to me. I will forever transfer special food onto the regular plates that everyone else is eating off.... i never would have thought about this before). Anyway, this was the saddest i've felt about this and i guess i just wanted to vent. If anyone has suggestions for these types of situations (beyond stalking the chef and being high-maintenance which i will continue to do and despise doing), please let me know. Its also tough to bring my own gluten-free snacks in these professional situations... only a few things are portable and it just sucks watching everyone eat all this great food while i get to eat an apple bar.... it also draws more attention to me which i don't want. This just wasn't fun. Thanks for listening.
  7. Bloated Stomach - Will It Go Away?

    Are you an "apple shape" (if you gained weight it would be stomach/chest... possibly shoulders) or are you "pear shape" (if you gained weight it would be in thighs, hips, legs etc). I was always a pear shape when i was younger. i lost a lot of weight a few years ago (little did i know then it was probably the celiac). i was incredibly skinny but my stomach would bloat out so much at certain times that my pants might zip one day and not the next. the rest of me was thin.... legs included... for a pear shape, that is odd. since going gluten free my stomach is flat again. ive actually put on a couple pounds, but its in my legs which is great because my clothes actually fit the way they are supposed to!
  8. Purposely Glutened

    I've been gluten free for about 6 weeks... prior to this, I would get a starbucks java chip light frap about 5 times a week. It was my one guilty pleasure. i travel for work (no office, so i would go to starbucks to get my work done and didn't mind working extra hours because i could have my treat). i have driven 45 minutes out of my way on more than one occasion to get it. i've had 2 in one day before. they never made me sick. i've never been a smoker, but i think my addiction to them/pleasure they provided! has to be similar to omeone addicted to cigarettes. i haven't had any since i was diagnosed and today i really, really, really wanted one. i'm afraid if i have one and don't get sick, i'll start to make exceptions (knowing that internal damage is occuring, but not feeling any symptoms). why can't starbucks make this drink gluten free? it can't be that hard
  9. This Thanksgiving will be my first gluten-free thanksgiving (and of i'll be spending it at my boyfriend's parents house!). They are well aware of my dietary-need and want to be accomodating. i know how my family cooks thanksgiving (we don't actually stuff the turkey, we make the stuffing on the side, we make homemade mashed potatoes so there is no need to be concerned with gluten being added etc). But i'm not sure what other people do so i don't even know what to tell them to be aware of. i'm planning on contributing some of my own dishes. And I'll make mention of chicken broths, bouillions, cross contamination etc. Any other thanksgiving tips that anyone can share? (either things to be aware of or yummy substitutions or naturally gluten free thanksgiving items). Thanks!
  10. I'm not really too bothered by this. Unfortunately, I think there are people who do believe that misconception. I'd rather spend my time writing letters to food manufacturers or restaraunts to create awareness and more gluten free options, then write letters to cbs to complain about a show that probably won't last another season anyway. Its amazing what we are capable of if we just channel our energy in a positive direction.
  11. Does anyone seem to have worse reactions to gluten in certain foods vs others? I seem to react a lot worse to pasta, soy sauce, savory or fried foods than i do to cake or cookies. Is this possible or could it be my imagination? My symptoms with cookies and cake seem to be nearly nonexistant, while my reactions to the others leave me incredibly bloated, exhausted, body aches etc. I thought maybe its from the oil, but i can have oil without gluten (cooking foods in oil or as salad dressing) and be perfectly fine. Does this happen to anybody else?
  12. Pre-diagnosis, I only consumed large amounts of gluten when i was outside of my normal routine (the weekend, vacations, holidays, out to eat for special occasions). During the week, i ate "healthy" which really only included gluten from my cereal or hidden forms (never had pasta, sandwiches, cake etc). after years of feeling horrible after going out or traveling or being at my parents for holidays, i started avoiding social situations all together. or planning them way in advance and in isolated times (ie "i'm going on a date on saturday, so i can't go out to eat or do anything else involving being outside my healthy food routine on friday or at all the week before). i thought it was salt or just that it was normal for my body to not tolerate "unhealthy" food. it was depressing not participating in social events and always having to come up with excuses of why i couldn't do things (knowing that "i'll be bloated, not fit in my clothes, exhausted and have severe body aches after" is not the excuse people like to hear when they invite you out...since i didn't know for sure what it was, i assumed the symptoms were my imagination). its so nice knowing that the symptoms were not in my imagination and that i don't have to avoid social situations anymore, i just have to avoid gluten! (and although i know salt is not good for you, i'm ecstatic that i can actually have salty foods or put salt on foods sometimes now. i avoided it for 10 years!)
  13. Hi-- i was just diagnosed with celiac about a month ago. I've been gluten-free the whole time, with the exception of a couple accidental incidents. I've heard about DPP-4 and the use of other enzymes to deal with an accidental glutening. It seems that most people using them have strong gi-effects when they have gluten. I never really experienced terrible gi symptoms with gluten (usually occured, but never debilitating). The worst symptoms were the body aches, bloating, swelling and extreme exhuastion. Do the enzymes work for those kinds of symptoms too? Can they be taken hours after or the next day after or will they not be effective then? Any info or other suggestions would be great- thanks!