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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Careful Do I Need To Be?

    Haha, no, but I am a WOW widow! Thanks for all the advice, going to have a good sort out of the kitchen now. One of the reasons for being tested in the first place was in the hope of calming my psoriasis down, but hasn't had much effect yet, but that could be because I haven't been careful to avoid CC up til now. I guess this is quite a learning curve. First appointment with consultant tomorrow so hoping for a bit more info, and glad to report that my daughters blood tests have all come back normal .
  2. How Careful Do I Need To Be?

    yeah, thats what i thought, unfortunately a lot of my friends are used to his "leisurely" approach and think i'm the one being over-cautious..
  3. Hello, I have recently had diagnosis of coeliac confirmed by blood test and endoscopy/biopsy but have yet to see a consultant or dietician or have anything explained to me properly. I saw my GP but she just said to look online for help. This forum is great but I'm still pretty confused. I only got tested as I was looking for something that might help with my psoriasis and did not have many GI symptoms, so I am struggling to know how careful I need to be. I have obviously cut out all gluten, am reading labels etc, but is it ok to eat something that "may contain traces"? And do I need to use separate pans, spreads etc than the rest of my family? Ive read lots of posts but everyone else seems to get sick from CC whereas I'm not sure if I would notice? But it could still be doing damage. I appreciate how lucky I am not to have been as ill as some of you and to not get gut symptoms from CC, but I am aware that I could be doing hidden damage. Any advice would be much appreciated. I only know one other coeliac and his philosophy seems to be eat gluten free most of the time and have the occasional binge on pizza and beer. doesnt seem like a good plan to me, but has meant that all our mutual friends think I'm making too big a deal over my diagnosis and being strict about the diet and I should just be like him! Had my daughter tested this week, awaiting results... Thanks for reading. x
  4. thanks for the replies! I've got a week and a half before my gastroscopy so will go back on gluten until then. I dont know which blood test I had, all I know is the dermatologist ordered a test and I got a letter back saying the test showed I was allergic to gluten and to go see my GP for a referral to gastro. I was told it would be a long wait for a biopsy but seems they want to do it asap, which is great. I am also vegan so being able to see a dietician sooner rather than later would be good. Lots to learn though, didn't even think of gluten in toiletries!
  5. Hi everyone, Just over a month ago I had a blood test for gluten allergy. I asked my dermatologist for this as I have severe psoriasis and had heard that diet can play a part, especially wheat. I was surprised that the blood test came back strongly positive for gluten allergy. My GP seems to think it's very unlikely that the endoscopy results will be negative as my blood test was such a strong positive. I have had no gastric symptoms however. I have been gluten free for the last month and not really noticed much difference apart from what I assume was a withdrawal reaction where after a few days I became very tearful, angry and forgetful, but this passed after a few days. My skin is as bad as ever My GP said it would be at least 6 months before my endoscopy and biopsy but the hospital have phoned and asked me to come in next week. So my question is really should I go back to eating gluten for the next week before the test? Or is a month gluten free not going to have made much difference? I dont really want to go back now I know I am allergic, but I will do if it will mean not getting false negative endoscopy results. Thanks for reading, this forum has been great in these weird few weeks after blood test results. Cavetroll xxx