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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. so I know I have DQ1 subset 5,6. but is this only one gene or is it double DQ1? The reason I am asking is because i've seen some on this site list it as double DQ1., but then others have DQ1 5,5 for example and list that as double DQ1. So I am a little confused. Ok, if DQ1 5,6 is double dq1, then does that mean I got one gene from each parent and both of my kids will have one of the genes?? hope i didn't confuse anyone!!
  2. in case someone has the same..I called the lab that did the test and was told that it is DQ1 subset 5,6
  3. would like some help understanding the rest. DQ2 is negative, no other info given. DQ8 negative then with DQ8 it lists DQA1*01 DB:01 and DQB1*05 AEMX:06 Does this mean DQ1 and DQ5? Thanks for any help deciphering!
  4. Hello everyone! Fell off the wagon and have been eating gluten for months now. I've decided to have a biopsy when I have my endoscopy(for barret's esophagus) so I know i need to keep eating gluten anyway, my dh bought me the 23 and me dna kit and I got the results back. I am negative for HLA DQA1 however, I am heterozygous for DQ 2.5. Would that be DQB2? is this a gene with a high chance for celiac? I also have the CTLA4 gene which says it's Hashimoto's(which I Have) but it says it's also linked with Celiac. Does having both of these genes significantly increase my chances? I am wondering because my iron level has dropped from 70 to 26 in just 6 months. Thank you for any help.
  5. Allergic To Pumpkin Oil?

    Hi StephanieL, it's been a long time since I"ve had pumpkin seeds or pumpkin baked goods. I think I am going to buy the seeds(if I can find them!) and try them and see what happens. I do remember that I liked them so it's not like I'd buy them for nothing! Honestly, I don't think it's eczema, it just doesn't look like any of the pictures I"ve been looking at, plus the rash doesn't itch, at all! Of course, I could be wrong. I do have a doc appt. Friday to go over some lab work and I will definitely show my doc and see what she says! Anyway, if the seeds don't make the rash worse then like you said, it has to be something else. Just trying to figure out the cause and the oil is the only thing I"ve been consistent with! Thanks for replying! if me or my doc figure it out, I'll try to remember to post back here!
  6. Allergic To Pumpkin Oil?

    ok, thanks! but is the rash an allergic reaction or intolerance?
  7. I just started taking pumpkin oil again to help with my bladder. I took the oil (from capsules) a few months ago and didn't have a problem. I now have a rash on my forearms(the underside) same area on both arms . It looked like red lines all in a row on my arms. It didn't itch, but just stung a little. My arms didn't come into contact with anything and I don't recall how long it was after I consumed the oil that the rash developed. The rash is still there but doesn't look as bad as it did the first day. I"m just wondering if this could be a reaction to the oil? I tried looking online, but only find info for allergy to pumpkin seeds. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  8. rash isn't as itchy today. Hopefully, this means it will be going away!
  9. I wasn't completely gluten free when my iron levels started dropping so I wanted to test for celiac again because of my iron issues.The lab would only test TtG IgG and DGP I gG and those were negative. I"m still eating gluten because i want to see what my iron levels will be at my appt. next month, and if my doc feels I need a biopsy, I won't have to wait. sorry it took so long to get these pics up. Even if it isn't dh, then I hope someone has had this type of rash before or has seen it and knows what it is! Here's the link, http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/starbuxgal/library/?sort=3&page=1
  10. Thanks! I"ll check out those pics. I posted in this forum because the dh forum doesn't seem to be very active.
  11. I don't know if it's DH or not, I can post pics later. It's all over the front of my thighs and some on the back of my thighs. There's a little bit on my forearms, palmside. I don't think it's folliculitis, I read this only appears in areas where there's hair, and there's no hair on that area of my forearms. The rash looks like little bumps/pimples and it's very itchy. Can't figure out what it is, there's been no new skincare products/perfumes/body sprays/ no new meds or foods except I've had 2 hamburger buns that had wheat and rye in it. I'm not completely gluten-free but have never had a reaction like this when eating gluten. My dh thinks it can be a chlorine rash but i read that this particular rash looks like chicken pox, and mine doesn't look like that, and I"ve been out of the pool for 5 days and this rash isn't going away. Does it sound like it could be DH?
  12. IrishHeart, I'm just confused that my iron level is within range but the panel(transferrin, TIBC and %saturation indicate iron deficiency. cyclinglady, I only have milk in my coffee...1-2 cups a day. Otherwise I drink almond milk and don't eat a lot of products that have milk. I do understand how milk can affect absorption. My oldest ds was a huge milk drinker and ended up with iron deficiency. I do exercise but not intensly and don't run. hate it! Also, I don't take the iron supplement with vit. c because it has heme and nonheme iron. jThe heme based iron enhances iron absorption and it states on the bottle no vit. c needed for absorption. Should I still take it anway? Thank you both for taking the time to respond to my question.
  13. so I had my iron level tested again. iron 79 ((59-158) ferritin 13 (13-400) transferrin and TIBC are high and %saturation are low. Hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal but hematocrit is at the very low end of the range. so the iron panel shows that I still have iron deficiency dispite taking an iron supplement everydayMy iron level has dropped since feb. 2013 back then iron was 88 and ferritin wasn't tested.. I was tested for celiac again and so far only have 2 results back(I *think* the lab didn't know how do it all?? it just says results pending on my paper) soooooooTtg AB IgG is negative and DGP IgG is also negative still waiting for results on AGA IgG and Ema IgG. I requested IgG because from prior testing I know I have low total serum IgA. Anyway, do the 2 negatives mean no celiac? If this isn't celiac then can NCGS cause iron deficiency that does not respond to iron supplents? I have had a colonoscopy to rule out bleeding, and I don't have Chron's or IBS. MMA is low(this is supposed to be normal but can be high. if high shows a vitamin B12 deficiency)**looking back through past labs MMA was normal in 2011** Vitamin D is 36 (30-80)
  14. usually this can be either normal or high. if it's high, it indicates a B12 deficiency. But my MMA is low(below the end of the range) does anyone know anything about this? is it possible for celiac to cause this? I can't find anything about a low MMA, can only find stuff about it being high.
  15. hm, well labs do show iron deficiency anemia(had the full iron panel done) but per my last blood test there are things that make me go hmmmmm....such as RDW being normal when in IDA it's usually high. Iwill talk to my doc about this at my next appt. thanks!!