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  1. Olive Garden

    Hey All! I just wanted to pop in and give a good review of my local Olive Garden. My MIL is a pretty picky eater, so for her visit we were really limited in our dining options. I didn't want to add my gluten-free diet to the list of limitations! So I checked OG's online website and to my surprise they do offer a selection of gluten-free options, including gluten-free pasta. So, OG is where we headed, armed with the knowledge that I'd be able to eat in peace. When we ordered, our server seemed surprised that I was ordering gluten-free, but offered to bring out the gluten-free menu just to "double check" that they do offer what I'd ordered. We looked at the menu and confirmed that there was the gluten-free meal I wanted, and that was that. The sweet server brought out the salad completely deconstructed, sans dressing and croutons. Awesome! Thirty minutes later, though, and still no meals. Our frazzled waitress came over to apologize that it appeared the cooks were "out of gluten-free pasta" and had neglected to inform her, so my husband's and MIL's meals had been left to get cold and mine was, obviously, not happening. I'm pretty used to shoddy experiences eating out, and c'mon! it's a PASTA place for crying out loud. I was unfazed and told the server it was quite alright, I'd had plenty of salad to fill me up. She was ADAMANT that it was not acceptable to be out of gluten-free options and she promised to get the manager involved. A few minutes later, my MIL and husband were served fresh, piping hot meals and the manager came over to personally apologize. He comped everyone's meal, plus three desserts and drinks, and on top of that, gave us a $30 gift card for the trouble. I'm truly grateful that slowly but surely, the importance of offering gluten-free, dairy free, vegetarian options is dawning on some people.