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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. http://www.livescience.com/38638-gluten-level-limits-fda.html Hello, I am sure many of you have heard that the FDA set a new limit for labeling a product legally gluten free. This law states that a product can be labeled gluten free if it contains less than 20 parts per million gluten. In one way, this is good news. It is good that gluten free foods are regulated through the FDA. But, I am celiac living in Europe and we have the same laws regarding gluten free labeling. This labeling system is not good enough in my opinion. Because of the labeling law, I have to read every label on a product marked gluten-free and check for "purified gluten free" WHEAT strach. Don´t tell me wheat starch is gluten free. Many gluten free products that contain the "safe" level of gluten below 20 ppm make me sick for days. Now, I may be a very sensitive celiac, but I do not agree that below 20 parts per million is a save level of gluten content for celiacs in general. What do you guys think?
  2. I am a Celiac living in Europe where we have the same law regarding gluten free labeling; this law is not strict enough. 20 parts per million gluten may not seem like it could be very harmful, but it is. Many sensitive Celiacs will get sick if they eat a "gluten free" product with 20 ppm gluten, myself included. In Europe, purified wheat starch is legally put into food labeled gluten free. I am saddened by the fact that the FDA mimicked Europe´s incredebly poor gluten free labeling laws.
  3. I just thought I´d thank this wonderful community! During the two years since my celiac disease diagnosis, I´ve used this site as my number one support system along with my family. Even before diagnosis, this site was a HUGE help and lead me to ask my doctor for a blood test. This community is the best, with so many helpful and knowledgeable people! In the last couple of months, my health has improved a lot. I really struggled up until a year, year and a half after going gluten free. Part of this was great damage after going so many years undiagnosed (I´m twenty and have been sick more than half my life) Another thing that probably contributed a great deal to my slow healing, was that I would once in a while eat bread that contained "gluten free" wheat starch!! I live in Norway, and here in scandinavia, wheat starch is found in A LOT of gluten free processed foods and flours. People seem to think "a little bit won´t hurt you", and that wheat starch is perfectly ok to include in a celiac´s diet. CRAZY! I used to think that too, until I researched the topic. I think it´s a complete disaster and a tragedy that the manufacturers in scandinavia are pushing products that are, in my opinion, bad for any celiac! My health has improved greatly since removing "gluten-free" wheat starch, chocolate (I can`t find a single chocolate bar in Norway that I won´t react to, the laws for labeling allergens is rubbish) and any product that might not be safe. Heck, as stated above, I can´t even trust gluten free labeled items to actually be gluten free. I believe that a 20 ppm "safe gluten" limit is way too high and could cause damage. I´m now realizing that I need to stay away from processed foods all together! To end it on the positive note it started, thank you all so much for being here and always being so helpful and kind!
  4. This got me thinking. It sounds really logical! Thank you for your advice
  5. Thank you all very much for your answers. They are very helpful and encouraging. I had my thyroid checked a few months ago, but tomorrow I
  6. Hello everyone, I am really tired of getting colds. In the last two months I have had four colds that have lasted five or more days each. I get influenza like symptoms and my sinuses are causing me a lot of facial pain. I am quite certain that this is not triggered by gluten, but is the result of a super low functioning immune system. I was officially diagnosed with celiacs disease 2 months ago, and have been 100 % gluten free for four months. Before I got the diagnosis I had the same problem with frequent colds. But they are not improving. I went my GP today and I suggested I had a low immune system as a result of celiac. He looked at me funny and said "Oh, does the immune system get affected by celiacs disease?" Safe to say I am feeling very discouraged at the moment. I am taking vitamin B, B12 in addition to multivitamins and probiotics. Any thoughts to as why my immune system is failing me?