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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello friends-- Recently, I came into contact with gluten through CC after having been doing quite well. This was a week ago. The past five days have been progressively worse in terms of feeling so nauseated and bloated that I cannot seem to catch my breath or breathe properly, as well as severe pressure in my head, extreme fatigue, aching back and general weakness. When I don't eat, things get better. However, after a normal, gluten-free and Dairy-free meal, the same symptoms start up again. I'm afraid that my Celiac issues are triggering or branching out into other intolerances? How is the best way to figure this out? I'm so tired of feeling like I'm swimming around inside my own head because of pressure inside it, not being able to breathe, and the gassy, bloated feeling which comes with every meal so far. I would try a tea and broth diet, but am afraid of possibly making things worse instead of better? Not to mention, providing adequate nutrition while working at a job where I'm on my feet constantly?
  2. Hello friends, I was diagnosed with Celiac two years ago, and since then have had a very rocky road to realizing what it was to live gluten-free, as I was going about it mostly without advice or support. Slowly discovered what it was to avoid CC, how gluten is hidden in things, etc. However, I was diagnosed on accident, because where I had a lot of symptoms, such as brain fog (don't remember very much of my childhood), insomnia, chronic moodiness/crankiness, chronic forgetfulness, and constant nausea/D, I thought this was normal, and that it was somehow just me. The problem is, while a lot of the symptoms have lifted in the time I've been gluten-free, especially the brain fog and moodiness, I still have near-constant nausea/upset stomach/D, prompting me to wonder if I'm intolerant to other foods as well. I have no idea how to go about discovering what foods that might be (I'm about 99% certain it isn't hidden gluten/CC, as I'm very vigilant now). If you have any suggestions on how to conduct an elimination diet, or even what foods/substances are particularly suspect, that would be so much of a help. I've considered going Vegan or raw, just because I'm getting tired of these GI symptoms which don't seem to disappear the way my neuro ones did. Thoughts?