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  1. Hello everyone, my first day on this site! woohoo!. I have a quick question, is Seborrheic dermatitis somehow caused by celiacs? Im not sure if I have celiac, the price for the test to me is unreasonable. However I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis from my doctor, it started around the hairline and has now spread to my mouth/nose area. What a damn nuisance =(. Whenever I eat or even sometimes touch wheat/yeast my face breaks on into a itchy inferno, so I've been avoiding these foods. Any info on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Also any remedies you got would also be cool. I'm currently using nizoral 2%. I just ordered some braggs apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil shampoo, and honey. I heard those all work so why not give it a go. Thanks every1.