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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I really need a good pie crust recipe! One that holds together, and I could use for fried pies
  2. Question: Whats your favorite gluten free bread mix? I have been using Bob's Red mill Wonderful Bread but, honestly I am not a fan of the taste so I add basil, garlic, cheese to disguise the bean flavor I taste. I turns out well with those additions, but I was just curious what else was out there. Thanks
  3. White Poo

    Just an update.....I had an appointment to take her to our doc, and she went to the bathroom, it was normal again. After 3days of white poo, it was brown again! The doc said they didn't need to see her but to bring her in if it happened again.
  4. White Poo

    But what causes a lack of bile salts? Is that a celiac thing?
  5. Hi I have a question for you all regarding my daughters stool. This past week we left my kids at their grandmothers house for a few days, where I am pretty confident they got glutened. My daughter who is suspected celiac but not confirmed, has had belly aches since she got home on Wednesday. She is now pooing this lovely stool that resembles white playdoh. I have never seen anything like this before! It sinks, doesn't float, and I don't see any oil droplets anywhere. When I google white poo, I get all sorts of liver diseases and gallbladder issues. I know pale stool can be a symptom of celiac, could anyone tell me if they have had this experience before, or if I should be concerned about bile duct blockage?? And how white is indicative of celiac?? Thanks, I am trying not to freak out here. Anita
  6. Not Sure What To Do

    Hi, I have been experiencing some symptoms, which I know can be due to so many different things and I was hoping you all could lead me in a direction to persue. 2 1/2 years ago I was led to a celiac diagnosis because my Alopecia Areata was getting stronger and lasting longer. Going gluten free not only stabilized my hairloss, but it also regulated my hormones(I was told a few years earlier- at 33 - that I was perimenopausal). At the time I had my thyroid checked because I do have a family history of thyroid disease - it was negitive. Since being gluten free I have felt like a different person and none of those issues have been the least bit of concern until recently. I had even convinced myself that the perimenopausal diagnosis was wrong and it was all part of the celiac. It seems like overnight everything has changed. I fear what my hair is doing because it feels like it is just falling out all over. I have stiff joints, muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, and last month my period was about 2 1/2 weeks late, which I know are all symptoms of menopause and knowing that the Dr used the perimenopausal word 5 years ago......I am 38. This month I am 3 days late but waiting, which is why I am here for help. Generally my biggest glutening symptom is fatigue and grumpies which ends in a couple weeks. Otherwise I am asymptomatic. I have been under a lot of stress. I am not sure if I should persue thyroid testing, go see my gyno, relax and assume it's stress, or try to figure if I am getting contaminated somehow. I know stress can cause flare ups in a lot of autoimmune diseases, can it cause flare ups in celiac? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Alopecia

    I have alopecia areata and have for the last 11 Years, I have recently discovered a spot on my head right at the top of my crown, that I too am trying to figure out how to handle when it gets bigger. Right now I am thinking pretty scarves and headbands might do the trick, but we will see where the spot grows to. What I would recomend to you is to get an IGG test to see what other foods cause inflamation in your body. For me it was dairy and when I gave it up it made a huge difference. My hair loss never completly stopped, but it did slow down considerably. Lately I have gotten lazy and have been eating cheese, and my hair is falling out as bad as it was before gluten free/ dairy free changes. So as of today, I am starting an elimination diet. If you watch your skin it can also tell you if you are reacting to another food. I always break out when I eat dairy. Also, think about your stress level 6-8 weeks ago. That is how long it takes your body to react to stress and anxiety. 8 weeks ago my brother's(whom I am very close to) house burned down. Remember, it can take up to 2 years for gluten to leave your body, and if you are like me, you goofed a lot initially.
  8. Interesting! Anyone know about sheep cheese? What symptoms does your child have with dairy?
  9. Thank you for all your replies. I just wanted to send an update to my question. It is now 3 1/2 months after my dd 6year molars emerged. When I took her to the dentist in Dec. they sealed the tooth and told me I had no worries. It just looked funny and it would be just as strong as any other tooth. Unfortunately it has been causing her pain and we found out today that, just as I suspected the tooth was chipping off and the inner tooth was exposed and decaying. The dr. seemed very surprised. He filled the tooth and told me,again, not to worry, this tooth should be fine and normal. Honestly, I don't really believe what he said, and I am going to try to supplement her with some things that MAY help strengthen all her teeth.
  10. So today I took her to the dr because I suspected a uti. Well it turns out I was right - but not only did they find that she had a uti, but also an ear infection and pink eye! I just don't understand how this could be since she has just recently been on antibiotics for a double ear infection. She has always been a fairly healthy child. When we got home she informed me that she had bad D. I am trying not to let this upset me but it is freaking me out a bit. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi my daughter is getting her 6 year molars in and I just looked at them and they are coming in soft and a brown grey color. Now when I say soft, I mean if I take a fork and rub it on the tooth seems to disintigrate. Has anyone here seen anything like that? My daugther does not have an official diagnosis of celiac, but I have enough suspicions that she is strickly gluten free and dairy free right now. She has only been Gluten free for the last year though and I know these molars have been in the making for a lot longer than a year. I am taking her to the dentist as soon as I can get in - they are closed today. I am a little freaked out about this knowing these are her first permenant teeth. Is this confirmation of Celiac? and is there anything I need to be doing for her now or is too late for her teeth? FYI - my kids rarely get juice and she always brushes her teeth well ( or I do ). thanks
  12. Alopecia Areata

    I have had aa for the last 10 years. It has gotten increasingly worse over time and through a lot of research I discovered the link to celiac. Dec 30 2010, I went gluten free. I found myself very discouraged as well when my hair continued to fall out and would have given up on the diet if my husband did not hold me to it. He said I was a different person - nicer and not as hormonal. So in may of 2011, I went to a natropathic practitioner. She gave me a stool test as said there was fat malabsorbtion which indicated celiac. She Also tested me for other food sensitivities. When I removed the other foods from my diet, my scalp stopped itching(my - I am about to lose hair sign). It took another 5 months or so to show regrowth. Now I have 70% regrowth! I haven't had a full head of hair for years, and now I'm hopeful I may have one soon! Hang in there. And remember it can take 2 years for gluten to get out of your system.
  13. I have a 5 year old who everytime I ran my fingers through her hair she would lose 2 to 5 hairs. This may not seem like much untill you run your fingers through over and over and it continues to fall out.I have alopecia areata which led me to my celiac dx so I know the hair thing is a sensitive subject for me. I have taken all of my kids off gluten - it just seemed easier. Since then, my five year old doesn't lose her hair and she is staying dry during the day and night and she seems to have less D (I think she has a secondary issue with dairy) my 12 year old has grown 2 inches in 6 months When my kids get contaminated my 9 year old gets the worst gas you have ever smelled, is very emotional, and they will get really dark circles under their eyes. They look so sickly. When given the option, none of my kids will eat pizza or cake at b-day parties because they don't want belly aches. Looking back my 9 year old has been constipated since birth. When she was a newborn, She would only poo once a wee and then it was in such massive amounts that there was no way to contain it. When I asked the DR about it she just said, sometimes babies use up all of mommy's milk and have no extra. Looking back I wish I had pressed the issue a bit.
  14. Last January I gave up gluten to see if it would help my Alopecia Areata. Looking back I had a LOT of Cross contamination during the first 6 months but I still felt so much better. The only digestive issues I have ever had (which I have had my whole life) was constipation. I was basically constipated all the time with the exception of right before I ovulated and right before my period - when I would get so sick I would vomit. When I went gluten free, I became miraculously regular and had no cycle related stomach issues. In July, I went to a naturalistic doctor to see about my Alopecia - I was still losing hair. She ran some tests and said I was likely celiac and needed to go dairy free as well. I have been dairy free ever since. I am still regular but twice a month again I get diareah!! I feel like I drank a glass of magnesium sulfate water for a whole day and then the next day I am all messed up. It seems like the same cycle as before I was gluten free but to the other extreme!! Is there something I am missing here? Maybe a vitamin or mineral?? The last few days I have tested myself with a little dairy and at first I felt a little gassy, but other than that I feel great! And my stool is well formed again! I almost feel like my body needs the dairy to balance something out. Any ideas?? Oh and 60% of my hair has grown back since August. Thanks
  15. Yes I do know that it is directly related to gluten. I have watched his symptoms and what he eats. It's a cycle. he eats something, tummy gets icky, swelling begins, gas begins, when he starts to feel better a week later, he gets grumpy. Then when he starts to feel normal again after 2 weeks he eats something else that messes him up. He has been trying to be good, it just takes more knowledge to be aware of things like spices. He hasn't been to the DR. I think he is nervous about what it could be. I am pushing him to get tested. He says eating gluten to test is not an option and I don't want to waste my money sending him for a bunch of blood work if it is inaccurate. I am debating just doing the Enterolab gene test. Any idea how accurate it is in diagnosing?