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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well we made spaghetti tonight with Hunts Manwich sauce because it had less ingredients than all of the spaghetti sauces out there and i just assumed it was gluten free from the ingredients on the label. I didn't see anything to be concerned about. But I decided to research it just before I ate and found this conversation about it. Well i ate it anyway. So far so good. I usually have a reaction in about 30 minutes or so. I usually get very nervous and anxious and then it feels like my brain starts to swell and then my ears get plugged up and everything sounds like my head is in a glass jar. Then I get a tight pinch or cramp in the back of my neck just below my head and Also I get a scratchy throat and a little mucous and i have trouble clearing my throat. Then next the headache and then I get really sleepy because it sends my sugar level sky high and then I come crashing down. then the next three days are not fun for me or anyone else in our house because I usually get depressed and very negative and aggravated with everything and everyone and the slightest things upset me. This is the part I hate the most because I am usually a very loving, caring, giving and understanding person and my family don't understand this negative reaction that comes out in me, I don't either. I try very hard to avoid gluten every day. And thought I was getting better at reading labels but then this conversation made me second guess things. But i am happy to say that it is an hour or so later now and no reactions. So I'm sticking with Hunt's Manwich sauce for my family. Hope this real time test helps someone else out there. Billie LoUiSiAna Gluten Free since June 2010 Misdiagnosed for 20+ years or more.