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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lotions

    Vanicream works great, they have a Vanicream Light as well. I like the regular one best as it goes on nice and thick and isn't oily, it is what my dermatologist recommended years ago and at that time you needed the pharmacy to order it for you. I find it at Target and CVS. My DH did not fully clear until I also changed out all my body products to gluten free as well as followed a low iodine diet (a very helpful tip I found on this site from another DH sufferer).
  2. Vision problems

    I have something that sounds very similar in description to yours, but mine is followed by a headache and was diagnosed years ago as an Opthamalic Migraine. Mine are not caused by gluten. But since I have had celiac my prescription in my glasses has changed every 4-6 months which is rough since glasses are not covered that often, and it isn't cheap to replace lenses either I'm not sure if that is autoimmune related or what.
  3. Gluten and inability to lose weight?

    I actually gained weight after going gluten free, and I eat little to no processed food. But prior to diagnosis I was underweight because I could not finish a meal, I never cleaned a plate or even consumed many ounces of my meal. Every meal had gluten and most of the time I would get sick a few bits in. Now I can actually eat and finish a meal and am probably consuming more calories than I ever have in my life. Now I wish I could loose some of what I have put on, but I figure this is probably where I should have been all along and I stopped fighting it.
  4. I have not been to Panama City in many years, but we were trying to return recently and I did some research. I do not have personal experience but in my trip planning notes I noted these places based on reviews on trip advisor for gluten free food. Andy's Flour Power Firefly Another Broken Egg Cafe Also First Watch is a place we have locally where I live and there is one in Panama City and they do Gluten free well at my local location. Sorry I can't give personal reviews, we like to travel a lot and I usually do a lot of research on Trip Advisor and then check out the menu for the restaurant and then sometimes I even email them with questions about the specific meal I would eat, I print those responses and take them with me so I can ask for that person, and so far only once have I had a failure. BUT I did not do that for these places yet, and right now this location is on our back burner again
  5. In 2011 I started off with Weekly injections, for one month then every other week for 5 months. Retested my B12 was barely in the normal range. Dr stopped the injections to see if my body could maintain (then I would have started oral) but it didn't. I was taught how to do them monthly at home and have been doing that since. My last test my B12 number was right in the middle of the normal range (which is where my dr wants it to be) BUT I had the blood drawn only a week after my injection and that affects it. I normally like to get my blood drawn right before my injection because I feel that is a more true reading. My Vitamin D had to be prescription to get enough and is 5000 IU a week, but it was twice a week and I am just now in the middle of the normal range.
  6. Neuropathy

    Don't know if you are already doing this, but for me I had to stop wearing certain things to avoid the extensive pain in my legs, arms and even in my hip from neuropathy. I still can't wear some of them without getting a flare. Nothing with elastic in the arms or legs, socks were tough but I just wore the ones that were lower on the foot. This helped a lot! For me seams running up on my hip like in jeans were a huge pain trigger and I had to switch to Columbia hiking pants. Cost me fortune but it was well worth it and after years I can wear jeans again without an issue, although I don't push it and wear them every day. I have been gluten free for 7 years and still have some neuropathy here and there but nothing like before. For me nightshades cause joint issues but not neuropathy. By the way my Vitamin D and B12 are just now in the middle of the normal range where my dr wants them, but I can't stop taking Vitamin D or doing the B12 shots or my numbers slowly drop back down, I don't think I will ever be able to go without.
  7. It has been several years since I was there but I ate successfully at: The Pottery House Café and Grille, I believe I only had a salad here though. The Old Mill Calhouns and the Alamo We cooked in several nights due to a Rod Run being in town and traffic being insane and had one night where I got glutened at Johnny Carino's.
  8. "De-glutening" The House Question

    When I had no gluten free children in the house I used a over the door shoe holder with clear pockets and each pocket had a fruit cup, bag of chips or a fruit cup and cheeze it's or cookies or something in it. The kids just grabbed and put in their lunch, sometimes it had other things like fruit leather or nuts. Worked great and was convenient.
  9. Gluten withdrawal help

    Misschell24 - I have both Hoshi and Celiac. I have not given up soy it was never suggested and I don't seem to have a problem with it. Dairy for me is iffy. I am lactose intolerant, I use lactaid milk and if I do have icecream or something with milk in it I take a Lactaid chewable tablet first, and this seems to solve all my issues. Of course going gluten free usually means a lot more whole foods and fewer processed foods, so maybe by default I am consuming less soy and dairy but I don't go out of my way. Please do whatever makes you feel better, I am just giving you my experience.
  10. Does anyone here have micosopic colitis

    The first time they tested me for Celiac I only came back with Micro Colitis and I was given medicine to take daily. I was actually diagnosed with Celiac through the skin tests for DH at a later time (after more suffering) I ditched the medicine for the colitis and went 100% gluten free. (I was also diagnosed with a couple other auto immune all around the same time) I don't think you could possible see any sort of change in one day. If you would like to try gluten free to help the MC you need to commit 100% and give it time. For me personally the first three weeks where crazy and tons of withdrawl, but then I noticed little things had changed. My face was not as red and had stopped burning, my joints hurt less. Less stomach issues.....and each day gets better and better
  11. Help/info!

    Is the peanut butter from your pre gluten free days and maybe cross contaminated?
  12. A lady I work with just discovered the same thing. She too was gluten free but continued to be sick, then a year or so ago nausea was added to her symptoms and a new doctor ran genetic testing and found the same thing. She is doing very well on her new diet and has added some gluten in but very little because she still feels better without it in her diet.
  13. In case you are ever in the Orlando area the Kona Café in the Polynesian resort has WONDERFUL gluten free waffles. They also have pancakes and French toast as well, I just haven't made it past the waffles. I am sure they are sold on all the Disney properties serving breakfast, but I can go to the Polynesian without entering a park and without staying there so it is the only place I have had them there.
  14. My feet started burning after a few years gluten free. Mainly at night, and I mean on fire! I asked my Endocrinologist about it at my next visit and knowing that I did not have Diabetes, he said it was most likely B12 deficiency. Ran tests and it was, I started injections and 3 years later I am in the normal range I no longer have this issue.
  15. We have purchased an fresh Amish turkey from one of our local meat markets for many years, before I was ever gluten free. They cost probably double the price per pound and the first year my parents thought we were nuts, until they tried it. Then they asked if we could get one for Christmas. They are fresh and raised cage free and the "old fashion way" not force feed to be fat over night and it makes all the difference in the world in the taste. I live it Florida they come from PA so they arrive the Monday before Thanksgiving but I have already placed my order for the sizes I need.