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  1. Ann- Your symptoms sound alot like mine... it usually starts at the mouth (burning) and spreads throughout my face (butterfly rash). I definitely feel your pain, doctors are so frustrating! I would leave their offices crying MANY times. They tested me for lupus and multiple other horrible auto-immune diseases, but everything came back ok. Do you have any joint symptoms? stiffness? I notice that if I eat a little gluten I have stiff joints. It's so frustrating! I haven't had a huge reaction since I've been gluten-free. I don't know anything about "lymphocytic perivasculitis", but I'm going to google it and read about it. Sorry, I don't have any answers for you, but you are the first person I have came across with similar symptoms as me.
  2. I'm new to this site... I used to get lightheadedness alot before I went gluten-free. The past few days I've been feeling dizzy and having joint pain, very puzzling, since I ALWAYS read the labels of everything I put in my mouth....but for some reason I didn't read the label of the bacon my husband purchased (who's usually GREAT at reading every ingred.)....soy sauce in the bacon! I'm learning everyday about what to eat and what not to eat and learning how to read my body... it's as if I can feel the gluten running through my joints! I feel light-headed right now , there are alot of symptoms, mine are pretty atypical (no-gastro prob.), but lightheadedness is definitely one of mine.
  3. Thanks for everyones input! I definitely do not want to miss anymore work and do not want to be sick again! I'm working two jobs and in graduate school...no time to be ill. However, I would like to know if I do have celiac disease because of the genetic component (plan on having kids in the future). Maybe I could just get the genetic test done?? Also, is having celiac disease a more serious condition than gluten sensitivity? I'm still new to all of this and my doctors don't help...my doctors have also freaked me out with other possible autoimmune diag., so this is probably also the root of me wanting to find out a diag. thanks again for everyone's help!!
  4. Thanks for your input. I would like to know if I have celiac disease verses gluten sensitivity- is there REALLY a difference between the two? I'm also wondering if I should see a nutritionist. I feel very fortunate to have found a fairly quick "cure" for my symptoms. I have been reading other's stories and how many years they have been sick (ianm- you are such a strong person to have gone thru sooo many years of illness)... I feel very grateful to feel good again.... It's because of other's telling their stories, that I am well today. I'm also much healthier- no more processed foods! I can't believe how bad I used to eat (although I miss ALOT of "good" food- Pizza!). Also, brain fog- I can relate, I used to mix up words or not be able to access words when talking to others, I thought I was going crazy!
  5. I'm a newbie to this site. I would love anyone's input on my self-diagnosis! In Nov. of 2003 I started getting horrible reactions on my face- swelling and itching (it would start at my mouth and then spread thru-out my face) It was horrible and would last for about a week... I missed sooo much work. This happened 2x a month! Then more symptoms developed- finger tingling, joint aches, finger stiffness and extreme tiredness. All the auto-immune type tests came back ok (a relief), but no diagnosis. Two of my doctors had the nerve to tell me that "I just need to relax"!!! They were useless, after months of tests, alot of frustration, I started a food diary and eliminated wheat......eventually gluten from my diet. After about 4 months (started April 04) on gluten-free diet, I felt great. My symptoms are odd and don't fit the gastro symptoms of celiac disease. Now it's been a year and I feel the need to get a diagnosis. Any input on my next step- since I've been gluten-free for a year? Also, does anyone else get facial swelling (that begins at the mouth 2 days after eating gluten)? Thanks!!