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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Allergy

    Ok thank you! and Im positive I have wheat allergy but it feeeeels like I have celiacs if that makes sense? Like I dont get hives or rashes or anything really externally or any troubles breathing. Its mainly all going on in my diegestive track. I think thats why I'm so confused! But thank you, I have a long ways to go and alot to learn!
  2. Gluten Allergy

    It just seems like I would already be feeling well?
  3. Missing School

    At my high school, I was on the 504 plan. It basically was for students who got sick alot and it just means that no matter how many days I missed, I never lost credit. Maybe talk to a counselor about it? Most of my teachers were really cool about it and let me take home tests (which was part of the 504 plan) Good luck!
  4. Gluten Allergy

    Here are some of my symptoms: -nausea and vomiting -exhausted constantly but have a hard time sleeping -stomach pains in my upper stomach (inflamation) -stomach pains all over -bloated -poops (not so much since I have been gluten free) -terrible menstrual cycles(lots of pain and light headed) -throat feeling tight/swollen all the time -heartburn and idigestion Basically when i was in 8th grade (5 years ago)I got strep throat and after a month of being on anti biotics i never got better so I had my tonsils removed. I never felt better after surgery and was constantly sick.I was younger and my sypmtoms werent really that bad to begin with. Nobody could figure out what was wrong though and they told me it was all in my head. .I knew they were wrong so I started taking lots of vitamins and eating better and I felt pretty good for most of my sophmore year in highschool. At the beginning of my jr year i got on a birth conrtol shot and I was immediatly super sick again. Got all the same testing done and got off birth control and i was still super sick. I basically have been sick on and off since then. Around graduation this last May, my symptoms really came clear and I was the worst I had ever felt. So i looked into getting checked for celiacs and whatnot, turns out I have a highh allergy to wheat. I have been gluten free and wheat free for 3 months now and just not really feeling that much better. maybe slight improvement I thinking about getting my thyroid re checked but I'm just wondering if it can really take that long to heal from a wheat allergy. and what is leaky gut and is it real? Should I keep eating gluten free? Thanks for listening!
  5. Gluten Allergy

    I think I only have an allergy to wheat, my whole digestive track seems to be messed up =/ I found out through a blood test And I have seen regluar doctors and they just say that my wheat allergy shouldn't even be affecting me anymore and they just wanna go back and check my gall bladder and all the testing I have had done a 1000 times so I'm not sure? Seeing regluar doctors just kinda leave me more discouraged on getting well =/ thank you for your response!
  6. Gluten Allergy

    My wheat allergy is affecting my digestive track =/ I dont think i am getting anaphylactic responses? Im just super nauseous all the time and really exhausted! I have been wheat free and gluten free for 3 months now and my stomach still gets upset every time i eat =/ I found out about my wheat allergy through some blood work and I'm really not sure what testing for celiacs I got done =/ I know they came back negative and nobody in my family that i know of has it. My natualpathic doctor doesnt think i have celiac so she doesnt think i need to get the biopsy done. I have been gluten free and everything for 3 months so I just thought if it were an allergy i would already be feeling better? Is it possible to have a wheat allergy and celiacs? and the testing is called (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) they have a website and seem pretty legit but I heard if i still have leaky gut then getting checked for food intolerances would be pointless Thank you for your response!
  7. Gluten Allergy

    Sorry I am just now replying! haha I didnt know that my post actually worked! I know I have a high allergy to wheat, they just did a blood test for it and they checked for alot of other foods too. Wheat was the only thing it said I was allergic to. My celiac blood test came back negative but I think I have celiacs because I have been gluten free for 3 months and still feeling really nauseous and exhausted =/ Is it possible to be allergic to wheat and also have Celiac? thanks for the resposes!!
  8. Wheat Allergy

    Yes I had a lot of bloodwork for allergies done and the only allergy I had was a high one for wheat. I dont think i have been checked for any conditions? Not for a few years anyways. My naturalpathic doctor wants me to get done some testing for food intolerances but its superrr expensive so I'm not sure if I'm going to get it done or not.
  9. Wheat Allergy

    ok thank you! I have some of the symptoms mainly just really tired though. I think im going to get it checked again next week. I had it checked alot when I was younger but not recently.Can somthing like that change over time? I dont know how much longer I should give this gluten free diet either =/ it just seems like I should be seeing more improvement by now. Thank you!
  10. Wheat Allergy

    Can it take the same amount of time to feel better from a wheat allergy as it does from Celiac? and is it possible to have a wheat allergy and celiacs?
  11. Wheat Allergy

    Thats awesome you felt better in about a week!! I wonder whats taking me so long I feel like its affecting me long term and maybe I dont get sick as soon as I eat it? It just sucks because i have been gluten free for about 3 months now and even gluten free food upsets my tummy still and I have alot of inflamation =/ And no I do not have an epi pen =/ I know I cried at the doctors when she told me I had a wheat allergy!! haha I was sooo relieved to finally know whats wrong and that I can finally be in control... But its been months and I feel pretty much the same =/ What are the symptoms that your husband had if you dont mind me asking (:
  12. Wheat Allergy

    I know I have had some accidents but I feel like I have cut it out completely =/ Could my deodorant and makeup that I was wearing for so long still be effecting me? Do you know how long it takes to heal from a wheat allergy? Should I get my small intestines checked to see if I really do have celiacs? And I have been hearing alott about the thyroid so I'm thinking I need to get that checked! Do you know if any of this relates to terrible menstrual cramps? Thanks everyone for replying! I feel so loved haha (:
  13. Wheat Allergy

    Ahh I wish I knew more about it! As far as I know I'm not getting any gluten or wheat whatsoever! I have already checked all shampoos and make up etc.. And the only testing I really got done was the blood test for celiac (which came back negative) and I got a blood test for a panel of allergies and wheat was the only allergy I had! My natualpathic doctor says it is high and she really doesnt think I have Celiac. Some of my symptoms have improved slightlyyyy but I feel like I'm just stuck in this rut. I'm just nauseus and tired all the time so I dont even really go out anymore
  14. Hello I'm new on here and dont really know my way around yet so I'm hoping I get a reply! (: I just found out 3 months ago that I have a high allergy to wheat. I know Celiac Disease and wheat allergies are different but does anybody know how long it takes to feel better from a wheat allergy?? I have been gluten free/wheat free for about 3 months with barely any improvement =/ feelin a little discouraged so replies would be awesome! Thanks for listening and I hope this works!