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  1. I have tried all my life to avoid drugs, yet look at my pic. I look like I just smoked a joint!!!! I am not kidding! I had a Celiac blood test and just to make sure that it would be positive I had a few (3) beef jerky sticks...all had wheat in them! I waited until I felt high until I went in and had the test. Don't know what you guys think of that practice, I just know that I am celiac and am sick of having drs say the test was normal your not (well I was 1 degree below not normal...problem?...that was a thyroid test, Later I learned that the thyroid gland shifts levels on a regular basis)... So, in addition to having most of the symptoms, getting high most of my life off of milk and wheat. I also have epilepsy and am obese. Oh well, at least this high can't send me to jail!!! hahaha I'll get off gluten after my biopsy and sleep better and not get high (as often? anybody get high on wheat/casin for the fun of it like marijuana?? can feel real good! but maybe I am crazy)
  2. This I can not only imagine I grew up doing it! I would come home from school, have a snack, a nap, watch tv eat supper and then go to bed at 8:00 or 9:00pm.
  3. Yes, she is trying to rule out cancer, I had a celiac blood test today and I am sure that will come back positive.
  4. I was off gluten for 6 days and have an appointment for a colonoscopy Nov 3rd and plan to take the Blood test on Nov 1 (can take it anytime before Jan 4, but why wait?) so I have two weeks that I have to go back on wheat products (and feel crappy, and sleepy and horrible!!!)before the tests. I do however, plan to go off wheat enjoying some of my favorites. I finished my ovaltine this AM and had Lasagna for Lunch!!! very sleepy, foggy headded and paying for it otherwise though!...Oh well tasted great!!! I am a bit worried about going gluten free, only because I really don't like cooking very much and to cook EVERY meal instead of just going to 7-11 or some other place...I have to come up with some sort of plan.
  5. Yes Mushroom, actually she said the celiac blood tests were "Routine". I don't know what they plan to do with the EGD I had one earlier this summer (for barrets syndrome ...2 relatives died of esophageal cancer) and they didn't get the right bioposy so they wanted to do that one again, also a colonoscopy. However, once she sees the celiac blood tests results, she will probably want to add the celiac biopsy to the tests to the ones I am already having. (hopefully!)
  6. I had an upper EGD last July due to an inherited possiblity of esophageal cancer after I had symptoms of GERD and the pictures showed gastritis as well as possible barrets syndrome. Well, the gastritis seemed to go away, but the diahrea NEVER went away! I have been suffering with diarrhea ever since! So when I had my follow up appointment I mentioned the above points, and the doc got very concerned. I now have an appointment for "routine" blood tests as well as a colonoscopy and since they didnt' get the necessary biopsy I also get another upper EGD as well! UGH... I Never thought about the possiblity of Celiac disease until I started researching the symptoms and remembering my history (I had horrible stomach problems as a child). I now have epilepsy which I understand there is a connection. She asked about fat in my stool and other things which of course on the spot I couldn't think about, but now I know for sure I have! I also stopped eating gluten for about 6 days and I felt so much better, I have to start again to get ready for the tests on Nov 1 and 3...but after that....NEVER again...I don't care what the results are!!!!