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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am desperate for any suggestions. I have been DQ2 +, Celiac Dx positive for 18 months. I have been gluten-free intentionally since then. I was exposed to Gluten 3 weeks ago and have been suffering terribly with what I believe to be severe DH? I feel a sort of numbess on one side of my face- but its more like a sensitivity- when touched my hair, head is tender to touch- (I know this sounds really nuts) The clear fluid filled blisters cluster on my lips and sometimes my eyebrows/hairline... The derm. says it cannot be DH because it is not symmetrical (on both sides). These same symptoms happened on/off for years prior to the DX of Celiac.... what prompted the testing for Celiac was iron def anemia for 9 plus years. My Hemoglbn, Ferritin, Iron studies have greatly improved over the last 18 months! I am DQ2 positive. These blisters hurt terribly and are lingering....do I go see a diff. dermatologist? Any help? I am incredibly frustrated - Thank you for any help--- (I also work for a gastro doctor )
  2. Dh Frustration

    Dx + Celiac 10/2011. gluten-free since then. Have apparently been exposed to some Gluten while traveling the past few months with evidence of DH breakouts on face. Have had breakouts of significance for the past 4 years- just didn't know the cause. I am 40 years old and used to have a beautiful complexion. I am beside myself. What can I get (besides strict strict gluten-free diet) to calm my face down?
  3. Celiac Diet W/ Bloating

    not yet...would that be until I pass the 6 month mark?
  4. I tested + for Celiac, blood work and + biopsy from ENDO, 4 months ago. I am new to this forum I am overwhelmed and not sure the best way to proceed with my 2 children: ages 13 and 10. I was diagnosed after 6 years of Iron Deficiency Anemia: and severe bloating. I cannot grasp enough information from my kids on their GI symptoms either way... Should I start with drawing Celiac Panels on them? I REALLY don't want to go gluten-free on them unless there is a need obviously...
  5. I was dx with Celiac Oct 7. I 've been gluten free since w/ the exception of 2 now known exposures...Now approaching 4 months, my Hemoglobin is rising from 9.7 to 11.2 and I know this is all good. However... It seems lately EVERYTIME I eat, I bloat like a 6 month pregnant lady. I know this sounds silly- but it is depressing. I am trying to stay positive, any words of wisdom? I had been doing so well maintaining my weight with diet and exercise for the past 4 years...I feel like since I was Dx I have lost a grip on it all. I have gained 8 pounds in this 4 months, which is so discouraging. Any advice would be appreciated