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  1. Um...hi. My name is Echen. Im new here. Well basically my story is that ...Ive had a lot of problems for a while but there were so many of them layered over each other that I couldnt make sense of anything at all. anxiety/depression/muscle pain/headaches/backaches/fatigue etc. This all formed into a great big ball of BAD that made so much chaos I couldnt even figure out what was wrong. So I saw a naturopath at the local free herbal clinic . I described to her the pain in my body and I explained how it wasnt just typical muscle aches. It was this horrible intolerable feeling in my muscles...as if they were sponges filled with lactic acid...and i was constantly wringing them out to no avail. For weeks I would try to focus on my instructor in class (im a freshman college student) but I couldnt focus unless I was constantly massaging my hands/arms/shoulders/shoulder blades. This probably made me look neurotic but I couldnt stop because it was the only thing that made the feeling go away. While doing this I could literally feel the lactic acid moving around and this created some strange confusing mixture of great relief and continued pain....though it was really more like extreme discomfort. The wierd thing is that lactic acid is only supposed to get into your muscles if you excercise too much or incorrectly. Im not a "couch potatoe" to use an expression but I dont really excercise/ work out at all either so the excercising too much theory doesnt hold water. ANYWAY the naturopath said: that years ago...she used to have the exact same feeling...exactly. She said that when she stopped eating gluten it went away completely in a couple of weeks and never came back. So I stopped eating gluten completely 18 days ago...over two weeks now. I wouldnt say I feel great but I feel a lot better. The lactic acid feeling comes back a little but its not nearly as chronic. And at one point when I ate fast food after for two weeks without gluten...I noticed that feeling came back immediately and lasted for about 2 hours. So Im really starting to feel like I may be gluten intolerant. Its sort of a relief but its so incredibly difficult to cope with because so few people...so few restaurants even care about this problem. Even my campus which is supposed to be ultra liberal or whatever ...doesnt make much effort to help me with this problem. I go hungry a lot lately. So my question is: Has anyone else experienced this specific type of muscle pain before stopping gluten? ( I dont just mean stiffness or soreness...I mean the type of pain that makes you desperatly want a 5 hour massage immediately no matter what the cost cause you cant take it anymore) Any responses would be greatly appreciated. thanks! PS-- moderators: im really sorry if I may have posted this in the wrong section of the forum. Im new here and im still getting my bearings so I did the best I could.