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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can This Happen?

    Thanks for the replies. Went to the dr twice, still no answer. Not kidney or gallbladder related, he was thinking appendix or gastro. In any event, the pain and nausea were gone when I woke up this morning. I'm stumped. Maybe a 4 day bug? Guess I'll never know. Thanks again for replying, it was only after reading your theories that I made the doctor look into kidneys, gallbladder etc. I really hate paying $70 to be told "just leave it a few more days and see how you are then". I'm far too inpatient and hate being sick!
  2. Hi all Something strange has happened this week and I'm wondering whether it could be related to coeliac disease. I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago (after biopsy). My only symptom prior to being diagnosed was low iron. I've never experienced any GI symptoms or anything like that. Have been gluten free since diagnosis. For 3 days now I have had the worst pain in my upper abdomen, that goes through to my back. I can't bend over or lift my legs, it hurts too much. I also feel constantly nauseous and have to force myself to eat at mealtimes (I've never had this, I'm a big eater). I went to a dr who said it could be a mild case of gastro. But I'm not vomiting and don't have diarrhea. Could it be that by eliminating gluten I've now become super sensitive to it? Could this be how my body is going to react now to being glutened? I can't remember eating anything dodgy but I guess I could have. Just hoping to find an explanation for this awful pain. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!
  3. The only symptom I had was iron deficiency anaemia. I've never had any GI troubles, skin issues, nothing. I was diagnosed following a biopsy about 2 weeks ago. Since going gluten free, I feel much worse. Im more tired than I was before (which I never thought possible), I'm cranky, irritable and just generally feel unwell. I have trouble getting going of a morning, whereas before I went gluten free I was up at 3:45am everyday to run/gym. I'm lucky if I exercise 4 times a week now. Things better improve. This is going to be very hard to stick to if I dont start feeling better, given I had no symptoms before. Sorry for the whinge. Just having a particularly bad day with this today.
  4. Scared To Eat Out

    Thanks for the replies. Thats really good advice, both of you. I guess the problem is, I dont get any symptoms, so have no way of knowing if I've been glutened. The only reason I was tested for coeliac disease was because I've been anaemic for a decade and the doctors could never figure out why. I'll have a chat to the coeliac society in my state and see if they have any recommendations. Thanks again.
  5. I've read so much about the dangers of cross-contamination, and how important it is to use separate cutting boards, preparation surfaces in kitchens, utensils, etc. How do you all eat anywhere other than at home? If I go out for dinner, there's no way I can know whether the chef used a separate cutting board/toaster/etc for my meal or not. And what about eating at friends' houses? They wont know to (and I would never expect them to) prepare my food completely separate to everyone elses. Surely I dont have to eat every meal at home for the rest of my life...?
  6. Thats awesome, thank you so much for sharing! I love Body Shop products. I assume the ones we have here in Australia would be the same...? I cant see why not.
  7. Weak And Fatigued

    Hi Gladiator, Here's an average day: Breakfast - gluten-free muesli with soy milk OR 2 pieces gluten-free toast with peanut butter and honey Lunch - Quinoa salad with chickpeas Dinner - Chicken and veggies/salad (or sometimes fish - I dont eat red meat, just chicken and fish). Snacks are fruit generally. I have seen a lot of gluten-free snacks, like chip-type things, etc. But have been told to keep it pretty simple to start (diagnosed less than a week ago). I also dont eat nuts, so I'm limited in what I can snack on. Am I eating enough protein? I dont really know alot about that sort of thing..
  8. Weak And Fatigued

    Thanks for the reply. I've only been gluten free for 4 days (today is my 5th). I guess I wasnt expecting to get withdrawal symptoms, as I didnt think I ate much gluten beforehand. Maybe there's alot in 6 pieces of bread. I guess I ate little bits in other stuff as well. I must have. I'll try to be patient..!
  9. Hi all, Prior to my coeliac diagnosis I ran (usually 10km, up to 25km on weekends) or worked out at the gym almost everyday. Since going gluten free my diet hasn't changed all that much. The biggest change has been bread - I used to eat 6 pieces a day, now I eat 2 pieces of gluten-free bread every second day. Since that minor change to my diet, I've struggled through my workouts. I feel so weak and fatigued after 15 minutes or so. It's very frustrating, as I used to run for up to 2.5hrs at a time. Is it possible that eliminating gluten (even though I never ate a lot of it - mostly just the bread) could cause this?
  10. Horror Stories

    Hi all, So I've read a few topics on here now about other people not taking coeliac disease seriously. In the past week, I've had so many people comment on how lucky I am that it's not something more serious. I've also had people tell me I'm going a bit "crazy" and "obsessive" by buying a new toaster, etc. Apparently, the CC thing isn't widely understood. Nor are the possible consequences of continuing to eat gluten post-diagnosis. So what I'm after are a few horror stories to scare the pants off my friends and family and have them take me seriously. I read in another thread something about MS and a couple of other really terrible things that have happened as a result of continuing to eat gluten. Does anyone have any others? Basically I need to make the point that YES, even a TINY bit of gluten is harmful, even though they may not see the effects of it externally (I dont get rashes or anything like that).
  11. Thank you so much for the replies. The links were great. Its starting to seem a bit easier now I have found lots of recipes! Grocery shopping took AGES. Reading labels is not easy! It was made easier by the iPhone app I downloaded though, its got a list of every ingredient and additive we can and cant have. So that helped. Im now into my 3rd day of gluten-free eating. I cant believe how many gluten-free products there are in the supermarkets. I will take your advice though and stick to natural stuff for now, fruits, veggies, etc. Thanks again
  12. Hi all, What an informative bunch you are! This site is proving to be a wealth of information. Unfortunately to the point where I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease yesterday and I'm a bit unsure what to do now. I thought I just had to avoid breads, cereals and pastas but it seems there are a thousand other nasties I need to steer clear of. Foods and additives I've never even heard of, but have probably been eating. What does a typical day's eating look like for you? I will copy what I can until I start to get my head around this... Thanks everyone
  13. Thanks so much for the replies. I just got back from the Dr. Results are in... I've got celiac disease. Its very daunting to think there are things I'm never going to eat again, for the rest of my life. That's a long time! But you're both right, it will be worth it. Over I hop to the "post diagnosis" forum for some more advice and words of wisdom
  14. Hi all, I think my life is about to change dramatically in the next few days. A couple of weeks ago I had a blood test to exclude coeliac disease, and the results came back overwhelmingly positive. I had my endoscopy yesterday, and the report says "probable coeliac disease". I am awaiting the results of the biopsy which should be back in a few days. Seems there's a good chance I have this. The only symptom I had that led me to get tested is anaemia. But after reading a bit about "brain fog", I realised I have been suffering from this too. I just thought I was losing the plot. I'm only 26, so that's a scary thought. On the one hand I'm hoping its not celiac disease, just because the change is so dramatic and lifelong. But on the other hand, it would explain (and hopefully fix) alot. It all feels a bit surreal right now. Is living gluten free really as difficult as it sounds?