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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Right now Im eating gluten
  2. Iv been losing lost of weight for the past 8 months from 145 to 125 and I finally stopped at 125 but the past week I started losing even more again. Im down to 120 and I haven't changed the way I eat. Im always eating and I eat lots at every meal. I do eat healthy with very little processed type foods but I shouldn't have to eat unhealthy to keep a steady weight. Im getting the celiac panel done in a few weeks to see if I may have that. What can I eat thats healthy to help me gain some weight? Btw I messed up the title, it should be cant*
  3. My grandma actually does have Rheumatoid arthritis but thats the only family member I think that has an autoimmune disease that I know of. Im going to get the full celiac panel as well as a bunch of of autoimmune tests in about 2 weeks when I go see a rheumatologist. Would it be a bad idea to go ahead and start trying the gluten free diet or should I wait? I know it could effect the tests but is 2 weeks long enough to make a difference in the test results?
  4. Yes I agree, They do know about my possible Celiac and I have talked to them about it. They took me to get tested and they might be able to take me this week to get the rest of the panel done.
  5. Well thats good, I'v just read a lot of things about how a gluten free diet is a lot more expensive and stuff. Im probably going to see if I can get the full celiac panel done sometime soon but if not then I'm going to go ahead and try the diet.
  6. I don't really care for an official diagnosis cause if it makes me feel better than its worth it and an official diagnosis wouldn't really matter. But since I'm only 16 and I'm not the one who buys the food, I'm not sure if my parents would start spending all the money to buy a bunch of gluten free food for me to eat to replace our heavy gluten diet, if I don't have an actual diagnosis saying thats my problem and thats whats wrong with me. If I do test the diet to see if it helps, How long would I have to be on it too know weather it helps or not?
  7. Do you think I should go back to the doctor and get the full celiac panel done or just try a gluten free diet?
  8. One more thing I forgot to add is that I have been losing weight too, Though I haven't ever been able to gain weight no matter what I ate. Then only thing I can gain is muscle but I had to stop working out because of joints. I was at 145 8 months ago and now I am 125. I know I lost most of my muscle but it just seems like Im really losing a lot of weight with out even trying. I eat a lot too. But I guess it could just be from not working out. Idk just thought I'd add this
  9. Thats ok, and i didn't mean to post my reply to you answer twice, i just joined and wasn't sure if i posted the reply right I got tested for celiac and a bunch of other things including some other autoimmune diseases. My symptoms i was having have been iv been having a lot of joint problems for about 8 months. Iv always been hypermobile but never had pain until about 8 months ago and its been getting worse since then. I also get little stomach aches daily, normally not real bad. Also I'm normally constipated unless I eat tons of fruit during the day. I get pain, kinda like a burning feeling in my lower right side of my abdomen as well. Then Iv always had like daily headaches since I was like 6. There not like real bad migraines but just like normal headaches. Im 16 now. I can also never seem to get enough sleep to now feel tired and fatigued. No matter how long I sleep I still have huge bags under my eyes and feel really tired. I don't have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep but I never feel like I got a good sleep.
  10. Ok i understand now, thanks for explaining If i go back and get those tests done and it comes back negative, does that mean i can rule out being celiac. Or can it all be false negative?
  11. I was tested for IgA though wasn't I? and I wasn't deficient right?
  12. ? But i did get the IgA didn't I? And i wasn't deficient right?
  13. I had a blood test for celiac and my results were gliadin ab, deamidated IgG: 2.3 < 20 gliadin ab deamidated IgA: 6.5 ,20 My blood tests are negative but i have read on here people saying to make sure to get the full celiac panel, which i didn't do. So is this still an accurate test without the rest of the panel?