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  1. Hello, I found this website while looking around, and I read a few of your comments. I'd like to clear up a few things. First of all, MSG does not affect people who need a gluten-free diet. Second, the adverse affects that are blamed on MSG use have never been proven by the scientific community. The "research" done on MSG that blamed it for reactions such as headaches do not have the required qualities we look for in a proper research. In fact most of these "researches" have been done again and again to see if they had any merit - and the same results have never been obtained. Also, the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome was in fact based on several different kinds of foods, including wine. I'm pretty sure that after having a good amount of wine anyone can feel nauseous or experience headaches. But sadly the only thing that stood out from this research was the fact that MSG was used, and things such as wine were completely ignored. Another thing, hypersensitive reactions to food is very rare. There have been experiments regarding hypersensitive reactions (allergies) to MSG and while some of the people who were a part of the experiment claimed to feel ill after digesting MSG, when they were tested to see if they honestly had an allergic reaction to monosodium glutamate, none of them had any. Last of all, the FDA approves of MSG and classifies it as GRAS because it regularly does test to see if it has any negative effects. So for there have been none, hence they can keep classifying as safe. For those of you who want to quote Olney's experiment on mice and MSG - any animal would show reactions if they were force-fed and injected disturbingly high amounts of any substance. Though, as I said before, these experiments were repeated and Olney's results were never obtained I hope this helps!