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  1. Question guys. So I have this rash on my right Achilles heel and right wrist. I noticed their formation around April 2011, a couple of months after my health/digestion problems began. The ankle is by far the worst with the rash coming from the right side of my ankle to the back and onward to the left side. The rash on the right wrist is not that big and only the size of a quarter or so. Back when I went gluten free in late October, it took about 2 weeks of being gluten free to start to see an improvement and after about a month it was significantly better. I'd say it went from 100% bad to about 25% ok. It never got fully better but it quit itching and became bearable and almost forgetable (and when I say this thing itched, it F_ing itched). This brings us to early February. I decided to try gluten free pasta(rice with rice bran) with gluten free organic sauce. I found the stuff to be absolutely delicious and was eating a phat bowl of it daily. I also sprained my jaw which kept me eating soft foods like this pasta. It got to the point where I was craving this pasta everyday after work. This went on for a couple of weeks until I noticed something was amiss. I didn't notice any real digestive issues besides the normal ones I still have (loose stools, gas, bloating and indigestion) but the rash on my foot and hand just absolutely exploded. This is when I knew that I couldn't handle the pasta I had introduced. So now it has been about two and a half weeks since my last bowl of pasta and the rash on my foot and right handle are much better but not gone. The rash on my right wrist isn't even a real rash anymore. The skin is just rough and discolored; probibly because I scratched the hell out of it. My right Achilles heel/ankle area is just red, chewed up flesh from the scratching but it is much better than before. The troubling thing is though now I am starting to see the beginnings of a new rash forming around my stomach area a little lower than my belly buttonn. Its not bad by any means but it is starting out just like the other two did. My question is how can my other rashes be improving rapidly and a new one be springing up? How long do you have to be gluten free for these b%$@#es to go away? 3 months? Let me also say that I went to my naturopathic doctor back in December and got a saliva sample test of a bunch of stuff. My Gliadin Ab, SIgA (saliva) showed up as a 5 Negative while Borderline is 13-15 and Positive is >15. This was a full 1.5 months after going gluten free and I still showed some reaction (a 5) to wheat. Let me describe the rashes too. When they were at their worst, they were just field of tiny bright red bumps that were super close together. It wasn't like rashes or eczema I had seen before where you have a patch of red skin that itches. It was just a bunch of tiny red bumps, clustered together and itching like a b%$@#.
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    Aw you're a a cutie. I'm a macho man. We'll get you well. Can't be sick for the college experience.
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    Hahaha. Sounds like we have the same thing going on. Dark circles are a sign of toxicity or hormonal imbalance. Most likely both. Your body prob sees the gluten as a toxin and you develop these bags under your eyes. In addition to this, this toxicity in your blood also causes hormonal imbalances (in your adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries etc...) for the double whammy effect. Going gluten free will help. Idk if it will get you to 100% but i know it will help. hormonal imbalances also can take years to correct so stick with it. Keep it up. I know how it is. When I got sick with this disease for the first time 1.5 years ago, I was in my last semester of college.
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    One more thing. DO you have dark circles/bags under your eyes? I do and its a sign of overall toxicity.
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    Bingo. You sound just like me. Get tested and whatnot then go gluten free. Whole Foods = Mecca. I guarantee some improvement but I do not guarantee being back to 100%. I'm not even there yet and I've been gluten-free for 4 months.
  6. Dude you sound exactly like me. I've been gluten free for about 4 months (since October 20th 2011) and I have had some improvement but I still don't feel myself. Before going gluten-free, I had moderate to serious adrenal fatigue, undigested foods, eczema, chest pain, gas, crippling anxiety, pathogentic bacterial overgrowth in my gut, yeast infection, swollen lymph nodes, swollen glands (nose, throat, ears). After going gluten-free, test showed my adrenal fatigue had completely healed, paothgenic gut bacteria and yeast were gone, eczema is much better, anxiety is about 50% better, swollen throat and nose glands are gone. The test also showed some hormonal imbalances. The point of this is to give it time. You also need to eliminate that gluten free processed food stuff. That just makes my eczema explode as well as some other symptoms. Skylark is also right in saying to stay away from starchy foods like potatoes and rice. I'll be checking in on this thread.
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    You certainly sound like a typical celiac from the symptoms you described. Be happy your're a typical celiac and not a celiac like I am. I have some digestive problems(gas, poor digestion) but the bulk of my celiac symptoms or neurological and psycological. Crippling Anxiety, and messed up hormones. Blows. The eczema I can relate with. I have eczema on my right achilles heel, right hand, and belt area of my stomach. Its minor when I am gluten free but when I eat something with gluten it literally explodes. Go get a test I suppose but some people can be extremely gluten intolerant and not show up on a Celiac panel. Thats my case. I can't even eat the Gluten Free Food products. Couple of questions You mentioned skin. Do you get dandruff? I had terrible dandruff with my overall dry, cracked skin. Getting better though. DId you have some sort of trauma that caused these symptoms to start back 7 years ago? Physical/Mental Trauma/Stress can cause gluten intolerance to appear. Did for me. Main Advice: Go gluten free. Fruits, Veggies, and meat only. Its not that Bad. You get used to it. Also remember to stay with it and don't get discouraged and cheat. It could take months or even years for your body to repair itself. Its been 4 months gluten-free for me and I am alot better but not everything is back to normal. Stay the course kiddo.
  8. Update: About 2 weeks off the gluten free pasta and my eczema is clearing up (about 40% better). Still having some stomach problems and anxiety but I feel that these are just more withdrawal symptoms. I'm now eliminating eggs from my breakfast and shifting my lunchtime Spinach, Straberry, and Banana smoothie to breakfast. Now for lunch I am eating kidney beans.
  9. For my whole life, I have been in pretty decent shape and overall healthy. I'm a male and overall have been in pretty good shape. Worked out a few days a week. Ran once a week. Ate ok. The only thing is that I have always had a bigger a$$ than most do as well as some pudge around the stomach that never went away. Back a little over two years ago, I had a very traumatic experience with some over the counter medicine (Prilosec) where my body couldn't process it and it built up in my system until I nearly overdosed. Once the doctors at the hospital fixed me up, I began having all of these strange symptoms (anxiety, acid reflux, heart palps, dandruff etc). I go gluten free in Octoboer and many of the symptoms resolve themselves (some haven't still). Went to my natural/holistic doctor last November after being gluten free for 1.5 months and get a stool Celiac test. On the scale of 0-15, I was a 5 so after being gluten free for 1.5 months, I guess that shows some GI. Well its been like 4 month now and I have lost a ton of weight since going gluten-free (170 to 150) and the first areas of my body to see improvement were my a$$ and stomach. I now look normal in those areas with some definition. I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like this? Anybody else become gluten intolerant after years of eating normal or having a traumatic experience?
  10. I seem to have some symptoms of poor circulation and I was wondering if that is a possible symptom of my overall gluten problem. Sometimes when I get up I get light headed like I am about to black out but then I feel the blood come back into my head. I also seem a lot veinier in my hands an feet. Yes, I have lost 20 pounds I never thought I could lose since going gluten free back in october but just seems excessive. ALso, when I lean down to pet my dog or to grab something for an extended amount of time, my veins really seeam to protrude. Just really seems like bad circulation. Anybody?
  11. The exact pasta brand is Amy's Pasta Sauce - http://www.vitacost.com/Amys-Premium-Organic-Family-Marinara-Pasta-Sauce I scowled the label before I bought it and I was pretty sure it didn't have any gluten or sugar in it but who knows I guess. All I know is that things are getting better after quitting the pasta. Let me clear something up that I made a little confusing. I had the blood celiac tests in late October after about 3 days after starting my gluten-free diet. Before that I was a gluten monster and ate all sorts of terrible foods. The tests by the naturopath was in December. WHat do you guys think about the tests? It says no Celiac but colonic/small intestine inflammation?
  12. Hey everybody, Test Results It's been a while since I posted and things have been ok. Started the gluten-free diet on October 20, 2011 and a lot of things got better. My eczema cleared up significantly (but didn't go away), my anxiety eased, my post nasal drip and shotty digestion cleared up, my BP and heart rate normalized and some other things I can't quite remember got better. I did have some withdrawal symtpoms but nothing too bad. Overall I went from about 40% health to about 85% health. In early December (about 1.5 months off gluten), I went to both my Naturopath and my allopathic doctors and got a whole bunch of tests done. At the allopathic doctor, I got blood drawn for both an 85 panel allergy test and a whole host of Celiac test. The only allergy that came back positive was some sort of strange mold and the Celiac test came back Negative. At the Naturopath, I collected and sent off stool and saliva to a company called Diagnos-Tech and had a whole bunch of test run to see how my body was doing off gluten. Here are the results: GOOD RESULTS - Cortisol Load = 25, 23-42= Normal, In normal ranges throughout the day My original test back in May '11, I had a pretty serious case of adrenaline. 1.5 months off gluten and it had completely corrected itself. - DHEA = 10 Normal, Adults (M/F): 3-10 - Reference Zone - "Individuals with values in this zone usually display balance in the average values of cortisol to DHEA for the day" Another Adrenal test that I failed miserably back in May and passed now. - P17-OH 17-OH Progesterone = 42, Adults (M/F): Optimal - Gliadin Ab, SIga (Saliva) 5 Negative, Borderline: 13-15 Positive: >15 This is the Celiac test. Negative - Androstenedione = 235 Normal: 151-350 - Stool Culture, Fungi = No yeast isolated - Dihydrotestosterone = 119, No Reference Range Established for Males Younger than 30, Next Age Bracket: 30-39 = 22-72 - Chymotrypsin (Chymotrypsin is a marker enzyme for pancreatic exocrine output) = 12, Normal= >9 - Occult Blood (Stool) = Negative - Fecal pH = 7.0, Normal = 5-8.5 - Follicle Stimulating Hormone - 109 Normal, Normal All Ages: <125 - Ova and Parasites (Stool) - No Ova or Parasites Seen - Bacterial Stool Culture - Normal Stomach Flora, No Pathogenic Bacteria Detected The May '11 test showed a whole host of crazy pathogenic bacteria. - Total Intestinal SIgA(This is the bacteria count in your stomach) - 428, Normal = 400-880 The previous tests showed this number pre-gluten-free to be 25. Yes, 25. - Free Testosterone = 83, Normal = 60-110 - Alpha Anti-Chymotrypsin (Applicable with elevated lysozyme, small intestine irritation with normal lysozyme) - <13, Normal = <60 BAD RESULTS Intestinal Lysozyme (Elevated lysozyme indicates an ongoing colonic inflammation) - 11, Normal = <6, Borderline Elevated = 6-8, Elevated = > 8 Luteinizing Hormone - 37 Elevated, Normal All Ages = 10-25. So the good things to come out of this report was that my adrenal fatigue cleared up remarkabley fast (naturopath said it was the fastest AF recovery he had ever seen), my whole gut flora balance realigned itself, and most of my hormone levels came back normal. The bad things in this report show that my luteinizing hormone is very high and I have colonic inflammation. My doctor says that my luteinizing hormone being elevated shows that my testes aren't working hard enough to make testosterone so my pituitary gland is working overtime to compensate. Not sure why this is happening. So what do you think about these test results? I mean the numerous blood tests and saliva test say no but I honestly think that I do have a serious form of gluten intolerance and the test just aren't showing it. I think what really gives that away is the inflammation of the small intestine and colon, as well as the eczema/anxiety that just explodes all over me after a few gluten-full meals. Please Lemme Know What You Think PART TWO - REACTION TO GLUTEN FREE PASTA? WITHDRAWAL? Ok so starting in late January I started to venture off the safe path and began to dabble in gluten-free products. I began by going to Whole Foods and picking up some Organic Gluten Free Pasta made out of rice and some organic/sugar free/gluten free pasta sauc. Went home and made a huge bowl of it and it was just indescribably good and filling. I mean damn it was good. I got to the point where I was having a giant bowl of rice pasta every day after work for about 3 weeks. During these three weeks, I didn't feel too awful bad but the eczema on my foot and hand exploded all over my hand and foot. Super itchy and bumpy and was growing rapidly. I decided to go off the pasta about a week ago and realized that I had become addicted to this pasta. I mean I craved it badly. After a few days of no gluten I began to get crazy withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include: - Anxiety - Chest/Back Pain - Gray Stool (just once but it was flat out gray) - Slow Healing (Sprained my jaw during those 3 weeks and it took FOREVER to get better) - Bloating - Cramping - SOme other weird things I can't quite remember The good news is that the eczema is clearing up nicely and my jaw is finally starting to heal. Anybody else experience anything like this? Anybody else have gluten like reactions to gluten-free foods? Anybody else have these withdrawal symptoms?
  13. Dude you need to get off the cipro RIGHT NOW. And I mean right now. That stuff is straight up dangerous man. I took it and had a horrible reaction. Luckily I was one of the lucky few to get only temporary symptoms. This antibiotic can literally cripple you. Google askapatient an cipro together to get the real life testimonials to this poison. http://www.the-spearhead.com/2010/06/21/fluoroquinolone-antibiotics-such-as-cipro-and-levaquin-ruin-lives http://www.askapatient.com/mobile/viewrating.asp?drug=19537 I just hope I got to you in time...
  14. Hey everybody, My name is Taylor and I am a 24 year old male. A brief history of my problems start back in August of 2010. I tried Prilosec OTC for 5 days due to some NSAID burn and I had a terrible reaction. Turns out my liver did not have the correct enzymes in order to eliminate the Prilosec and I literally had no acid in my stomach for over a month. I have been sick ever since but it has recently been getting steadily worse. Symptoms include: Adrenal Fatigue, eye floaters, gluten intolerance, pounding heart (from adrenal fatigue), intolerance to heat/humidity (the shower), lethargy, brain fog, eczema, poor digestion, intolerance to exercise, esophagitis, post nasal drip and some other I can't remember right now. I thought it was just gluten intolerance and have been gluten free for a month now. Little improvement but not enough to write home about. Just got some test results back from my holistic doctor and I have adrenal fatigue, overgrowth of bad bacteria, and a serious Candida infection (stool test). This nasty little buggar burrows into your small intestines with things called rhizoids and can cause leaky gut syndrome, which I think I have. In turn, this can create Celiac type symptoms. I got this news about a week ago and have been on a strict diet with some supplements since then. I am on a meat and veggies only diet and am taking, garlic supplements, colloidal silver, probiotic (20 bill), and 2000mg of vitamin C daily. I honestly don't feel that much better. I have seen alot of "treatments" for candida but ThreeLac has a ton of postive reviews of speedy and extensive results. I have also seen a decent amount of bad reviews that say the the entro.fae. bacteria can be dangerous. Does anybody have any advice or experience with this?
  15. Day 49 I have FINALLY figured out what my overall problem is. Got some more tests back from my naturopath and I have a systemic candida infection. My hypothesis is that when I was on a near lethal dose of Prilosec for over a month, the low stomach acid lead to my normal yeast to overgrow into a candida infection. With the help of my very poor diet for months on in, the candida got worse and now it is all over me. These Candida cells stick out legs in your intestines called rhizoids and burrow into you intestinal lining. This causes leaky guy syndrome which in turn can cause gluten intolerance. I have been fighting it for these past week with garlic supplements, colloidal silver (30ppm), Vitamin C (2000mg per day), and Goldenseal. I am also on a super strict diet (cut out fruits so now it is just lean meats and steamed veggies). Not much progress but I guess there is some progress. I was thinking about trying that ThreeLac stuff. I have seen a ton of really good reviews but I have also seen some very scary ones so I am not really sure which way to go. I do not want to make my situation any worse. I also plan on setting up a few appointments for a colonic. I've read that helps as well. Any advice on ThreeLac?