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  1. Thanks Ravenwoodglass and Manasota. Manasota, I hadn't come across Garbriel. Do you know if there's any fragrance to the products? Especially the foundation?
  2. I used clinique for years as it didn't bother my allergies, but it's not listed on any of the gluten free makeup lists. I'm having trouble finding a foundation that works as well, doesn't cause allergies, and that matches my skin tone. Also clinique's under eye cream really works better than anything I've found. I called clinique to ask about gluten in the products I use, and all they'd do is send me ingredients. I'm hoping some of you have the knowledge to tell me if these are gluten free or not. I certainly couldn't tell, and looking up each ingredient would take forever. They also said there could be cross contamination. Normally I wouldn't use this but I haven't been able to use foundation for a very long time now, and I'm feeling desperate, but I don't want to make myself sick with it. Here are the products and their ingredients: Repairwear Laser Focus Smooths, Restores, Corrects: ingredients: water\aqua\eau [] dimethicone [] butylene glycol [] methyl trimethicone [] vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer [] polysorbate 20 [] bis-peg-18 methyl ether dimethyl silane [] glycerin [] silica [] polymethylsilsesquioxane [] lauryl peg-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone [] methyl gluceth-20 [] polysilicone-11 [] sigesbeckia orientalis (st. paul's wort) extract [] salvia sclarea (clary) extract [] acetyl glucosamine [] plankton extract [] whey protein\lactis protein\protéine du petit-lait [] sea whip extract [] arabidopsis thaliana extract [] caffeine [] acetyl hexapeptide-8 [] glycine soja (soybean) protein [] sodium hyaluronate [] micrococcus lysate [] palmitoyl oligopeptide [] ergothioneine [] aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate [] caprylyl glycol [] ethylhexylglycerin [] tocopheryl acetate [] cholesterol [] glyceryl polymethacrylate [] sodium hydroxide [] lecithin [] carbomer [] peg-8 [] xanthan gum [] citric acid [] disodium edta [] phenoxyethanol <iln41180> CONTINUOUS COVERAGE SPF15: active ingredient: titanium dioxide 2.00% ingredients: water\aqua\eau [] polydecene [] talc [] butylene glycol [] isostearic acid [] glyceryl stearate [] peg-100 stearate [] phenyl trimethicone [] magnesium aluminum silicate [] tromethamine [] cholesterol [] algin [] microcrystalline cellulose [] cellulose gum [] disteardimonium hectorite [] sodium hyaluronate [] triethyl citrate [] lecithin [] stearic acid [] aluminum hydroxide [] polyaminopropyl biguanide [] phenoxyethanol [] [+/- mica [] titanium dioxide (ci 77891) [] iron oxides (ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77499) [] bismuth oxychloride (ci 77163)] <iln37318> SOFT PRESSED POWDER BLUSHER: ingredients: talc [] caprylic/capric/myristic/stearic triglyceride [] zinc stearate [] calcium silicate [] dimethicone [] silica [] aluminum myristate [] tetrasodium edta [] chlorphenesin [] potassium sorbate [] [+/- mica [] titanium dioxide (ci 77891) [] bismuth oxychloride (ci 77163) [] iron oxides (ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77499) [] red 7 lake (ci 15850) [] carmine (ci 75470) [] ferric ferrocyanide (ci 77510) [] blue 1 lake (ci 42090) [] red 22 lake (ci 45380) [] red 36 lake (ci 12085) [] manganese violet (ci 77742) [] yellow 5 lake (ci 19140) [] red 30 lake (ci 73360) [] red 33 lake (ci 17200) [] red 28 lake (ci 45410) [] red 34 lake (ci 15880) [] ultramarines (ci 77007) [] yellow 6 lake (ci 15985) [] red 6 (ci 15850)] <iln32130>
  3. PURELL IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. I called the company today to see if Purell was still gluten free. I was informed that it is not gluten free. The only Purell that is gluten free is their alcohol free version Product number 5784-04. I see it online but it's insanely expensive - like $64 for a pack of 4 bottles. For the Soapopular, I haven't found anything online saying whether it's gluten free or not. I've written to the company.
  4. Thanks Pegleg and others. Moose thanks for the info. I'll look into it. One of the reasons I love Disney is they have extensive training for their chefs and protocols in place to handle allergies and gluten issues in most of their restaurants - over 200 of them. I've been going for many years and have never had a problem before. It's been awesome to get to eat in so many types of restaurants. I did try several new places this time, plus that chef that told me I could have the ranch dressing was in the hotel restaurant I'd eaten in hundreds of times. I guess it just takes one person who makes a mistake!
  5. I have gluten intolerance, and was away at Disney World - they're usually amazing with gluten free dining. I've been going for years and have never had a problem. This time I got glutened by a chef who told me that a salad dressing was gluten free, but when I went back a few days later another chef told me it wasn't. The day after eating it, I had stomach problems, but wasn't too bad for a day or two after that. Then I got what I've had in the past with getting glutened - excruciating headaches, neck and facial pain, joint pain, stomach problems including cramps, weakness and I could't focus. I've read that if you catch it right away and do laxatives, it could help, but I didn't catch it for a couple days. I even bought some supplement that can stunt the digestion of gluten containing foods so it supposedly reduces the reaction. But I was too late. This reaction lasted for almost a week, and I'm just starting to feel more normal today. It's been awful. Does anyone else get this intensity and type of reaction? Is there anything I could have done to reduce this reaction once I realized what was going on?
  6. Hi Gottaski - thanks so much for the welcome. You're very right about the nutritional modifications for the cholesterol and triglicerides, and there are some drugs that can help as well. I tried the nutritional approach but it wasn't working. The drugs have side effects that I couldn't afford to have. The liver flush did the trick, so I was lucky.
  7. Ok guys - I was on my ipad so couldn't type much, but I'm back to my PC. Thank you for the info GottaSki. I appreciate your sharing your experience. I'll definitely use the walmart epson salts for bathing, and I'll call walmart to see if it's gluten free for ingesting. Also, notme!, I've got a super sensitive stomach and have never had problems with epsom salts. It's basically magnesium, and meant to be used internally as long as there are no additives like fragrance for the bath. If you look at the package you'll see it's got directions for use with constipation. Now I've only had good experiences posting here in the past, and I've learned so much from this site. I have to say that I'm really surprised and disappointed at the hostility some of you are exibiting. I would think you have all experienced enough criticism in your lives so that you'd want to be sensitive and respectful to others on this forum, even if you disagree. In response to the comments about liver flushing - I have several debilitating chronic illnesses and I've found that some "unproven" alternative treatments have literally kept me alive and functioning. I believe that if I followed all of the mainstream medical recommendations for these problems I might not be here. I also believe if I didn't research and apply some of these unproven practices, I literally might not be here. There are good alternative treatments and bad ones out there, but some tactics with incredible results remain unproven because they're not patentable, so no one will put the massive amounts of money needed to do a study into it. For example, liver flushes - who's going to profit by putting millions into a study? No one, because there's nothing there they can get a patent on. So it's never done. Does that mean it doesn't work? No. Many alternative docs out there are using things like liver flushes with fantastic results. Just like there's risk in taking a pharmeceutical, there are sometimes risks for these alternative treatments. Each person must weigh the risks for themselves, just as with allopathic medicine. I weighed the risks and I'm so glad I did the liver flushes, as well as several other types of alternative treatments. I've had great results, as I mentioned. I know others who would say the same thing. By the way, I don't believe that epsom salts will cause kidney damage, but those with kidney disease may not be able to process the extra magnesium in epsom salts, so should avoid it. Lastly, this board is for those with celiac and gluten intolerance. I find it really surprising and disappointing that I'm being criticized for trying to determine if something I want to ingest is gluten free or not. If you think I'm unneccesarily concerned or going further than I need to with my precautions, feel free to tell me. I'd like to know. But I'd think it could be said with kindness and respect rather than sarcasm and criticism. Regardless, thanks to those who are contributing and trying to help.
  8. I did see a doctor. After doing my first liver flush, my very elevated cholesterol, triglicerides, and ANA all came down into normal the range. The pain I had in my liver/gallbladder area was gone. The severe nausea I had whenever I ate anything with fat in it vanished. So for me it was worthwhile.
  9. cross contamination can occur any time during the production process. Has anyone else out there looked into gluten free epsom salts?
  10. Of course its not only the ingrdients that count as you know. it could be cross contamination that makes something inappropriate. I always try to stick to things that check out with proper processing. As for scientific evidence, all I know is that it radically changed my blood test results for the better, and it cleared up some very serious symptoms.
  11. Hi folks, I'm preparing to do a liver flush, and it requires taking epsom salts orally. I've done several of these and it really made a huge difference to my health, but I'm having trouble finding gluten free epsom salts. Publix supermarket makes one, but we've checked all the stores around me and no one is carrying them. Does anyone know of other brands that are gluten free? And this may be a weird question, but wouldn't we want our epsom salt to be gluten free even if using it in a bath? Thanks!
  12. The medication does get into your bloodstream from that Flector patch, so is that cause for concern?
  13. Thanks everyone - I'll check out those products. With the medication patch - you get the medication in your system, so I just don't know if celiac and gluten intolerance take place throughout your body like an allergy, or if it only takes place in your digestive tract. And if it does go through your skin into your body, does some of it make it's way to your digestive tract through the blood?
  14. Hi folks - I have to be super careful with my diet, but do we have to also be careful about what goes on the skin? Most important on my list - I'm wondering about the Flector patch - it's an anti-inflammatory drug. I'm unable to handle oral anti-inflammatory drugs because of allergy and stomach sensitivity, but I used to use the Flector patches before starting on the gluten free diet. I have a sprained knee and would like to use it again. Do I have to call the company and check for gluten in a patch that's absorbed by the skin? I'm also wondering about my moisturizer. And something less important - lipstick. I have lots of clinique lipsticks but I'm concerned about using them as I'm likely to ingest some. Does anyone know of some fragrance free lipsticks that are gluten free? Thanks!!!!