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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am a year and a half post diagnosis and am training for a 10k. I used to race a lot before my diagnosis but that all went out the window when I could barely go 1/2 a mile without almost fainting. I've notice that it takes me much longer to digest food and not feel full while running since my diagnosis. I need to wait at least two hours after eating before I can comfortably run a longer distance. Does anyone have suggestions for what to eat pre-race? I thought about a smoothie but am mildly dairy sensitive and am not sure this is the best idea.
  2. Getting The Hubby On Board

    Thanks everyone! I guess the biggest take away is that it is a learning process. I am still learning and have to remember he is too. Also that the learning curve is not as steep for him. I'm sure we'll get there!
  3. I was finally diagnosed with Celiac's three weeks ago, after years of misdiagnosis. It's been both good and bad, as I am sure you all know, good to know what's causing all my pain and discomfort, not so easy adjusting and learning how to cope. My husband has been extremely suppportive, but sometimes I fear he doesn't take the diagnosis seriously enough. He was convinced we didn't need to buy a new toaster and tonight I had to remind him not to double dip his knife in the butter or use the same spatula when cooking his grilled cheese then touching the food I would be eating. I try to be open and share with him the things I have learned while I am learning them. I have encouraged him to read books and articles that I have read, which he says he will do, but I have not seen yet. Does anyone have any tips to get him on board a little more?
  4. Jenny I completely agree. And yes I realize it could be worse. I read in a book that someone with cancer would gladly trade places with me. ok well they probably would but what is wrong with saying "hey you know what that sucks?" I don't think I have had one person say that to me, I get the same responses you do. I guess I just try to educate people about what is really going on. The newest way I have thought of to explain to people what is it like is to say it's like going to the pool with all your friends, but being told you have to stay in the kiddie pool while everyone else swims in the regular pool.