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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I Think I've Been Glutened By Dog Food

    Sorry your not feeling well, it's all in the washing hands again and again and again and dry with paper towels. I feed the dog, cat, fish tank and pond as well as making DH's sandwich (gluten bread)every morning. Cat treat as well as dog treats everyday 3 x's day. Wash, wash, wash. I must wash my hand 6 times for dh lunch alone. Our home is gluten-free except for dh sandwich thins and cat food, fish food (dog food is gluten-free as well as treats). Your symptoms are probably from pet the food. I also feed feral cats 2 times day at work. Wash, Wash, Wash, sorry to sound so repetitious. It is what it is. Please be careful if that is the only gluten your in contact with. You'll be ok just be careful, oh and no kisses from the dog they contain gluten. Cathey
  2. Beer!

    I have had Redbridge (drink it all the time), Greens (dark, heavy), New Grist (light almost lemony), Bard's (little heavy, bitter), Estrella Damm's Daura (medium light on the tongue taste of honey). You have to make sure it is Daura has 3ppm. Very rarely I find gluten-free beer out and when I do it's Redbridge.
  3. Beer!

    Dh is always looking for options for me and brought home a new cider, "Michelob Ultra Light Cider". Just tried the one and it's a little fruity and very light not too sweet. 12 oz serving 10g carb 6g of that is sugar. Don't know if that would work for you.
  4. Thank You

    Just passed my 6 month anniversary of being Gluten Free (end of October). I realized I never could of made it without the support of my DH and all the great people here. You all have been my go to in so many ways, you have no idea. To all the newbies, don't give up hope. There are so many great people here with experience and advise. Thank You all, you have been my lifeline. Cathey
  5. Kraft is safe they dust the grated cheese with potato flour, some companies do not. Unfortunately we have became a label reading society. So long as I healthy and happy, I keep reading labels.
  6. I have not had Mexican food out, but I have made it many times @ home. I do not use prepackaged seasoning, I use the individual seasonings and make my own, same goes for the sauces and salsas. Watch prepackaged grated cheese, most are dusted with potato flour but you never know unless you read the label. As far as Italian goes, it took me many months to find my favorite dried pasta's. I prefer corn or potato not rice pasta. I have also found a couple of local specialties stores that carry fresh and frozen stuffed shells, different stuffed ravioli and even gnocchi. Guess I'm too lazy to make it fresh. A good container stock for a scampi or picatta is Kitchen Basics it's gluten-free. There is also several companies that sell gluten-free frozen pizza. Reading label is the most important. Cathey
  7. Where ?

    Thank you, I'm sending a pm.
  8. Where ?

    So DH and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer. I was thinking Punta Cana, Aruba or another cruise (been on 9). I know the cruises are very safe food wise, not so sure about the other 2 and an all inclusive. Any suggestions, I have been to neither and this is our first big vacation being gluten-free. Just realized I'm 6 months free next week. Yip, Yip hooray. Appreciate any suggestions, thanks Cathey
  9. Planning A Trip To Italy

    I was going to suggest contacting you as I've saved your post for our trip next year. Love this place.
  10. I have to pot and not use the earth do to Chlordane 50 yrs ago on the property. We've been lucky with the mild winter and the thyme, rosemary and oregano have wintered nicely and I've been using them all winter. Mint is up and growing. So the pots are: Thyme, lemon thyme Basil , Thai basil parsley sage chives rosemary oregano dill mint tomatoes - plum, grape and beef steak (each has its own place on the plate) I have potted zucchini (oooh love those flowers fried), Japanese eggplant, sting beans, red green and frying peppers in the past. If you space is limited pots works nicely. Don't forget the marigolds they keep the bugs away. Happy cooking all.
  11. I never ever make breakfast, maybe a dozen times a year when the boyz are home. This pass Sunday our youngest was home from school, he goes. White Corn tortilla as the base covered w/ 2 sunny side eggs, surrounded the plate with black beans, pico de gallo, sheared lettuce, sliced tomato, fresh avocado, chipole aioli and roasted seasoned red potato. Fresh fruit on the side. Yum, boyz aren't home offend but I try and make it special.
  12. How Do You Afford It?

    Hey Lynxi, Don't fret about the pet food, you have enough to worry about yourself. My 4 legged best friend (dog) is on special food that happens to be gluten free. Not our choice but his stomachs, yes it it expensive but something we have to live with. I still wash my hands extensively after touching dog food, dog cookies, cat food, cat cookies, fish food, pond food. Our home has 1 dog, 1 cat, inside fish tank and outside pond. I also feed 6 feral cats at work and like I said wash hands extensively. Do watch the kisses from the cats just like you would do from a person who eats gluten. I know it sounds dumb but you have to be careful. You sound like your on the right track at home, throw out what you have to and replace a little at a time. I replaced my colander, old non-stick fry pans, cutting board, toaster and wooden spoons. Whole foods are the most important and least expensive compared to processed. If you have the time and you live in a large area, start shopping and comparing prices and you will find alot of gluten free items (crackers, breads, pasta, bread crumbs, cookies) can be .50 to a $1 cheaper per item. Read labels on all items and when in doubt do without. You'll start feeling better soon, it took me a good 3 months, I had my ups and downs and chronic bouts of bathrooms issues. Look into vitamins and maybe a daily round of probiotic. Give them kitty a gluten free kiss and fell good. Cathey
  13. I started using nutraMetrix several months ago (I get it from my GP). I can't compare the mg as my is measured in CFU. I have to tell you it has made a huge difference in my healing and everyday just feeling good. Your on the right track, I also use an Aloe drink each day as it helps with the digestive aspect of all the healing. I take Nexium each day, a reflex medication just like you Prilosec. Keep up the good work your on the right track.
  14. That's ok, Tom it was a small amount left and several months old. I usually use the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta's so I'll just look for that brand of Quinoa which is on the safe list.
  15. Graduation

    Wonderful ideas Takala. You also could wait a week or so and go out when the restaurants are not so busy. With the weather getting warmer you might want to think about a picnic in a park with everyone BYO food. Congratulations and enjoy your celebration what ever you do.