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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac a year and a half ago...She is 6. Lately she has been having tummy aches again, but I know she's not sick....It is just like it was when we first found out, but not as bad....Anyhow, I racked my brain thinking about what she could have possibly been consuming that has gluten in it, but can not come up with anything.....But she does eat a lot of dairy. She has never had problems with dairy before, even right after her endoscopy. Is there a way she can be tested for lactose intolerance, and is that common with Celiacs? -Katie
  2. It is just a stew spice pack, but I read somewhere that the McKormick stew pack that says hydrolyzed wheat protein in it is so processed that it is safe for celiacs...This is not that brand but was just curious...I made her something else for dinner anyway but is there any stew spice packs out there that are safe???
  3. I am making stew and my spice packet says it has wheat protein in it....Is it processed out and safe for celiacs or should I keep my daughter away???
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone with Celiac has had no problems with McDonalds fries. My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago, and we just got her labs re-checked and her "celiac level" Or whatever which was over 150 is now down to 32, so I was wondering if she maybe has a milder case, maybe we could try the fries, just occasionally; You all probably know it is tough not letting your kid eat at McDonalds when others are constantly....She was invited to a b-day party there in a few weeks and I know the potatoes are gluten-free, it's just the oil it is cooked in could have cross-contamination?? How much though? Any thoughts??
  5. Thanks everyone...It is getting easier day by day, she was accidently glutened on Christmas night, and also the other day with some gold coin candy, but all in all she is doing great; Never complains. I guess it upsets me more then it does her! I am still very anxious to get her 6 month results back to see if her numbers have gone down but so far it's been almost 3 months so 3 more to go....I have slowly turned my kitchen to almost completely gluten free...we do keep some regular bread in our cupboard for my 3 year old because she still asks for it and the gluten free bread is so expensive I don't want the whole family on it but as far as baking, flours, cereals, bread crumbs, snacks and treats we are all gluten free. Am getting use to it too, but while my daughter is at school me and my youngest are eating Papa Murphys! haha
  6. Hi I am a mom of 2 and my oldest was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. She is 5 and has never had an issue with food or stomach pain or constipation before July of this year. That is when we took her to a gastroenterologist who ran the test which came back very high (I am not sure what it was called, but they said normal # was 1-19 and hers was over 150) So 2 weeks later we did the biopsy and it was confirmed. I was tested and my other daughter who is 3 was tested and both our #'s came back normal/negative. My husband won't get tested, he just decieded to go gluten-free all the time where as me and my other daughter have not completely made the switch. I am pregnant with our third, so I just can't do it right now but we still base our meals all gluten-free, and of course I have quit buying all the cookies/crackers/doughnuts/junk that we use to enjoy But it is still hard. She is doing well with it, surprisingly but it is hard around the holidays. My extended family doesn't really get it/support it and I know it is hard for them and I don't expect them to make every single thanksgiving and christmas dinner entirely gluten free, it is just frustrating at times. She only had mild symptoms, and I haven't seen a big change in her yet. We are suppose to get her levels re-checked in 6 months, it just seems so far away. I guess I am just venting, and telling my story to someone feels nice; I have been coming on here alot looking up foods that are o.k. or not o.k. Gluten free foods are so expensive! Another thing to be stressed about. I can't stop worrying about like sleepovers when she gets older; I mean what am I suppose to do, pack 3 meals for her everytime? I am going to be like one of THOSE moms. I just don't want her to be viewed as "different" The girl who can't have pizza at the pizza party, or even cake for that matter!!! It is just going to be such a struggle for us;...Am I alone feeling like this?? No one else in our family has Celiac or gluten-intolerance. I need some support!!!! Does it get easier??