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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celexa

    Hi, I take the Celexa nongeneric 20 mg. in pill form and it is gluten-free, do not know about the other strenghts. I always call the mfg. companies even if the medicattion is listed on the gluten-free druglist and even though is not a generic, just to be safe, since I am highly sensitive. Hope this help!
  2. Yes, guess I am lucky in that sense, I can not take any narcotics. I also have a very high tolerance for pain, as long as the medications takes some of the edge off, I have learned relaxation/meditation techniques that help me manage the rest. It took a long time to learn how to truly relax, but so far so good. I have Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, FM and a lot of other issues, it all started about 7 years ago, at the same time that my body rejected "the evil Wheat", I always had some symptoms of Celiac, but never to the degree that it presented itself then.......Perimenoupase, and Celiac came at the same time Have you ever tried relaxation/meditation?
  3. 2000mg wow.....that's quite a bit, I get relief from Flexeril, I am thinking of sticking with it.
  4. Thanks for the update Kuhar, I am still waiting for a response from Activis. If it is gluten-free and it works, I'll post about it.
  5. Thanks Mushroom, I will send them an email, I have their phone number also but I was hoping of being able to take one tonight. No choice but to wait until tomorrow, It's unfortunate that we have to go through all this hassle over medications. Miriam
  6. This is the generic for Neurontin, and I have just been prescribed it for FM. Wondering if it is gluten-free, on the Alpha Drug List it is listed, but it does not reference this manufacturer. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks Miriam
  7. I can not have lactose, soy or corn and of course the obviously evil gluten...... I snack on GO RAW Banana Bread Flax Bar, and their Pumpink Super Chips, they are yummy.....
  8. I use Cecilia's as a first point of reference, I still read the ingredients of the foods they reference however, and I at times also call the companies if I still have some doubt. I have not had any problems with their lists. Personally, I have to be also careful of CC since I am very sensitive. Welcome to the world of gluten-free!!!!
  9. I do not trust any of the Traded Joe's products that say gluten-free, every time I tried them, end up getting sick. I too only stick to Certified gluten-free,some people can tolerate CC, I am one of the "lucky ones" that can not. One thing I learned since being diagnosed, plan ahead, and yes I make everything from scratch; over all it is a lot healthier, not just gluten-free, but free of other processing chemicals and things that they add to processed foods. The reward has been strong nails, beautiful skin, and an overall feeling of wellness. It is a big adjustment, but worth it!!!
  10. Hi, I use their Shampoos, and Tea Tree Oil Dental Floss, and lotions no problems. -Miriam
  11. Hi, When I had questions about dental products, my Dentist gave me a copy of all the products she uses, and the ingredients in it. Maybe you can ask them to give you something like it. I had dental work recently, and they did a mold for a crown, I did not get any reactions, but you should always make sure, get the name of the product they are using for the mold, and as advised in a previous reply, call the company if the Ortho. is unable to do it. -Miriam
  12. Hi :-) It can be overwhelming at first, but you will get the hang of it, it has been 5 years for me and I am still learning. Personally, since I am very sensitive, I only use products that are certified gluten-free on my skin, hair, cleaning and laundry supplies etc. etc. I just do not want to stuff near me. Recently I tried using Suave shampoo, and I got a reaction to it really bad, itchy scalp, burning eyes, and a migrain, I know other people in this forum use it with no problems, it did not work for m There is a book you can buy called "Cecelia's Marketplace gluten-free Grocery Shoping Guide",they have a whole section on personal products, I still double check with the manufacturer just to be safe. -Miriam
  13. Prescriptions

    I agree with you it should be the Pharmacy's responsability, but I do feel safer when I call the mfg. myself. Sometimes they can give me the number, sometimes is only a name, and I have to do the research myself In the past 8 months I have had to do it like 3 times, since my Pharmacy keeps changing Manufacturers on one of my meds. At times I've had to call 5 or 6 places to get an actual person to get me the answers I am looking for, a royal pain in the you know what!!!!! -Miriam
  14. Thank you so much, I have been looking for a good D vitamin, my latest bone density test shows that it has decreased, and the Doc. suggested taking D and Calcium. I am also staying away from Corn. -Miriam
  15. Is Kroger Ralphs here in California??