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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Guys I just want to go to class.

  2. I've been struggling with Celiac for about two years now but I'm really wanting to change everything. I currently need a job because where I work isn't Celiac-safe. Does anyone else think that working at Chipotle is safe for a Celiac? Thank you for any advice. I'm ready to change everything for the better!
  3. I know your pain exactly. I'm 18 and I find it hard to imagine a girl who will actually support my disease and deal with all of my set-backs. I get very depressed when I think about traveling, because a dream of mine is to travel to Japan and I don't know how much I'll enjoy it thanks to Celiac. We just have to hang in there man and be grateful that we don't have even worse things happening to us. I've felt very lonely ever since I've been taking my disease very seriously, and it's hard to be completely happy, but I honestly do think things will get better as time goes on and there will always be someone that has a comparable situation. Keep going.
  4. I made a big plate of whole grain pasta elbows (rice, obviously) with SIX cheese Ragu sauce, along with some mixed steamed veggies and potatoes. Good stuff, keep under cooking the pasta though, it takes so long.
  5. gluten-free After This Friday

    I used to be that way with Chinese food, and sort of the whole idea of going to Japan or somewhere (I like Japanese girls, to say the least). You will come to the realization that even if your substitute foods aren't the same, you'll come to enjoy them and get used to it. The only gluten-free bread I use is Udi's whole grain with flax seed and omega-3's and it's more delicious than any other bagged sandwich bread I've tasted in my gluten filled days. You will accept it eventually. Stay strong!
  6. Honest Confusion

    Funny thing is, I actually work at Panera, close to a management position too. Unless you're a baker at night, you will never be handling flour at all, maybe a SLIGHT possibility of rice flour. I don't really want to quit working there since I really like it and it pays very well, but I will if it is the best idea for my health.
  7. Honest Confusion

    I don't share any items really with the rest of my family, but maybe I'm eating out too much at so called safe places (Chipotle, Panera). I just honestly..don't know what to eat.. I'm only 18 and I don't really know much about cooking but I'm pretty industrious so I'm ready to figure it all out. I just eat a lot of sandwiches with Udi's and baked chicken, rice, potatoes. Fruits, Veggies, etc.. I'm trying to go lactose-free which is even more limiting, but, so it goes!
  8. Honest Confusion

    I live with two people that have no understanding of the disease at all, so I'm going to say that it's a good possibility but I'm pretty cautious when cooking, and I stick to mostly simple things.
  9. Honest Confusion

    I've been going through quite the conundrum recently. I was Dx'd quite a while back, I'd say roughly 6 years ago, but at that time I was only 12 or 13 (I'm almost 19 currently) so I had no understanding of the disease at all. I was going through very traumatic events during my Dx time period so my mother wasn't too informed on the disease either. My symptoms were not too extreme so I just continued eating normally until I decided that I obviously am not suppose to feel those symptoms by nature, and I went gluten free for about 1 month (around February 2012). I felt incredible that 1 month, it was the best I've ever felt in my entire life by far. I guess my will was weak so I went back to normally eating and now I'm gluten free again (probably 2 weeks in). My problem is this time, I honestly don't feel too much better. I still get bloated almost always but my bowels are a little more regular. I'm just honestly confused because I don't know what I'm doing incorrectly.. I'd like to this I have a decent understanding of this disease, I know exactly what to eat and what I can't, and I cautiously read every label before I eat anything. My hair has fallen out A LOT starting about 6 months ago, and keeps getting worse, although it was slightly better during my first gluten-free run. I'm not sure what to do about this..I don't want to use Rogaine if it contains wheat germ like it does. I use a gluten-free shampoo and DHT blockers but they aren't doing shi*. I know I'm just going to have to wait it out because it takes time from what I've researched, but after just 1 month of my original gluten-free trial I felt better probably the first few days. What to do..?
  10. Don't forget about peanut butter.
  11. Hey everyone, I am a new celiac and I'm trying to change my diet as an 18 year old male. It's pretty difficult but I am coping. I was wondering if anyone could skim over these ingredients, I work at Panera Bread and I am trying to see what I can and can't have besides the listed gluten free items on the website. I was hoping I could just get all the meat and certain sauces and bring my own Rudi's bread to replace the typical bread. I don't need to worry about CC because I am the one making my food and I know how everything is prepared and it's all very safe. I am fairly certain nothing in here contains gluten, but I am new to all this. Thanks.