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  1. anyone know more in glasgow the two that they have r not ones i would go to.
  2. thanks im going to phone the docs todays and ask for the test.
  3. i think i might be gluten intolerant but not sure. I have never really been able to eat much bread or plasta it always left me blotted and full, but last year i was taken it to hospital with an infected gall bladder due to tables i was taken for back pain. since then i have been have these problems and think it is gluten intolerance. stomach cramps dizzy spells blotted can go up 1 to 2 dress sizes in a few days tired all the time sore muscles constipation then diarrhea dry itchy skin mood swings at first i thought i might be preg but have got about 10 test over the last 6 months all neg, then my mum said to come off gluten and see if that works and i have felt a lot better. (i eat well but i find it hard some times to find stuff that has no gluten in it e.g had sushi the other day because i thought it would be safe but looked on the packet and it has gluten in it) im not one for going to the doc unless i really need to, feel like wasting their time if i dont have an arm falling off or something like that lol what do u think should i go and get tested thanks michelle