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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vinegar?

    Thanks. I figured I wasn't going to get a response.
  2. Alcohol

    Ouch! Yeah I have no problem with not drinking. I'm not a fan of alcohol in the first place but I'm just concerned it is the symptom of something else or the sign of something greater( at least for me). It might be that alcohol is not for those who need to be gluten free :-(. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know I'm not alone
  3. Vinegar?

    Interesting! if you don't mind me asking how did you find out you had an issue with yeast?
  4. Hello! My 21st birthday was the last time I was able to drink alcohol. I must admit I drank too much but it was the last time I was able to drink alcohol with out get instantly drunk. After that birthday a lot of my symptoms began. My symptoms were mainly due to a b-12 deficiency and resolved with supplementation but returned and gradually turned into digestive issues. Most of my digestive issues have cleared up since going gluten free October '11 but I still can not drink alcohol. The first time I relized I couldn't drink alcohol I took 3 sips of beer( before going gluten free) and I could barely walk straight. I felt hot and kind of sweaty. My stomach was in such pain. My stomach felt like it was in knots and I was so nausea. After that I didn't try alcohol until after I went gluten free and had been feeling pretty good. The second time which was a few months ago I made sure I had eaten something and after a few sips( 2-3) I felt the alcohol. I guess it was the equivalent of a buzz but it wasn't pleasant feeling. My heart felt like it was beat fast. I felt kind of warm and slightly impaired. It took about an hour for it to go away. After it went a away I felt a little hung over but the next day I felt ok(not great but ok). Every doctor I have told this too pretty much brushes it off but I'm concerned it is the symptom of a bigger issue. But I'm concerned for several reasons. In the past I was able to drink alcohol. I was still a light weight and lots of factors would influence how drunk I got. I never had a big tolerance but I could at least have one drink in a social situation. Now I don't want to go near the stuff. So I think there is a health connection. Maybe some pancreas, liver or maybe even kidney disfunction. Maybe a deficiency in digestive enzymes? I do not have celiac disease ( non celiac gluten intolerance) and I was told I have a leaky gut ( but no kind of testing was done). I also have other symptoms that suggest that it would be worth considering if this is an issue related to the pancreas as I have been experiencing hypoglycemic symptoms. Anyway I was wondering has anyone else experience difficulties digesting alcohol? Are there any solutions to make consuming alcohol easier? Any advice, suggestion or anything would be GREATLY appreciated.
  5. Hello! I wanted to talk about Leaky Gut Syndrome. I have been told that I have Leaky Gut Syndrome and I have been doing my research and I'm working on healing my gut. Its been a struggle as I am realizing how important it is to do your research! There are lots of different plans/methods to healing a leaky gut. My doctor hasn't given me much guidance. Most of my digestion symptoms are gone and I can only hope that they get better as I heal my gut. I wanted to know has anyone tried the Gut Flush PLan by Ann Louise Gittleman? Have you tried a different dietary/natural plan to heal leaky gut?
  6. Hello! I found this topic very interesting as I am considering that there might be something going on with my gall bladder and or pancreas. Similarly to you, since going gluten free a lot of my symptoms have gone away since going gluten free. Like you I'm still fatigue , get hypoglycemic symptoms(I have always gotten them growing up but in the last few months they have been pretty bad) [*]can not tolerate alcohol at all ( maybe its leaky gut) Anyway I don't want to leave any stone unturned and my doctor doesn't seem to be well versed in Celiac and or Leaky Gut syndrome. So I feel the need to keep researching and making suggestions. So I just wanted to say that I'm glad you shared this! Thanks! I wish you the best.
  7. I know this response is pretty late. But I wanted to let you know that I think you were/are right. As of right now they think I have a non-celiac gluten intolerance that may have started from taking too many NSAID pain relievers( for migraines) which can cause leaky gut and leaky gut can cause food sensitivities and new allergies. This was new info that not even my doc gave me. I found that out through research. They just said we think you might have leaky gut. They don't understand why I'm gluten intolerant since I tested very negative for celiac two times both the genetic testing and the other common blood test. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for that answer. I have been eating a lot of corn. I have been doing corn tortilla chips, corn tortillas, canned corn and i have had corn at least more than once this week. I'll try cutting down the corn or completely out if I can.
  9. This past week I haven't been feeling my best. One day was worst than others and I took a brand x tylenol that I wasn't sure if it was gluten free but it cured my headache and felt ok. Then again on Friday I wasn't feeling so hot so I took one before going out to eat from my birthday at PF Chang's. My waitress had celiac so she completely understood the deal she was able to tell me what I could and could not have. Also I have eaten food from there plenty times before and been fine. Half way through I felt hot, my stomach hurt, naseau, slight dizziness, stomach cramps. So we left and after while I got better. I tried to eat some soup that I know is gluten free and the stomach cramps returned. All weekend everything I eat makes me feel icky and I haven't introduced anything new or questionable. Also its not what I normally feel when I eat gluten usually its more painful, more fogginess, and more fatigue. So I wonder if it is something else. I can start out the day ok by half way through the day or my second meal I will start to feel ill. I have a food journal and the only connections i can make with the food I have eaten is starch and possible caseins(or caseinates). I realized caseins bother me because I can't do milk or non-dairy creamers because they have caseins. I was wondering do people tend to get more sensitive? Do they get new food allergies? Maybe this is a sign that its not a gluten intolerance but an ulcer. Does any other food allergy tend to go hand in hand with celiac or gluten intolerance? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Interesting...at first when I went gluten free it was very sudden and I didn't use gluten free substitutes. Now I'm all about Udi's bread( I love it). But you brought to light something I didn't think about. I just thought that this might be a sign that gluten isn't necessarily the enemy but something else. Is this something that I should mention to my doctor? The fact that my eczema flared up after I went gluten free? Thanks for sharing this is really something new to me. I'm going to try to do some more research on this. I appreciate the feed back.
  11. Thanks! You"re right and you make a good point that it is important to rule out other possible conditions.
  12. Self Diagnosis

    Eating gluten free cuts out wheat which if its a wheat allergy then of course one is going to feel better gluten free. In my case I'm still considering that it could be a specific allergy to wheat. I guess for myself personally I'm finding that maybe its safer to rule out everything else it could be like Chron's or IBS before settling on a Gluten intolerance (that just started out of the blue). Thanks for your response gave me something to think about.
  13. It came back negative but within that time I went gluten free and felt a lot better. Now I'm seeing a GI because I'm convinced that I have a digestive issue of some sort if not a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. Is there a difference between intolerance and sensitivity? The genetic testing my GI did also came back negative so I'm thinking possibly gluten sensitivity. The weirdest thing happened, ever since I went gluten free my eczema which had been active for years came back out of no where and in new places. I thought going gluten free would make it go away...hhmm maybe theres an allergy I'm over looking. Anyway thanks again for your original response it helped!
  14. Like many of the post/people on this forum I'm in a pre diagnosis phase where I'm trying to make sense of symptoms that makes little sense. Anyway I finally saw a GI and through genetic testing I found it was negative for Celiac or how I would like to think of it as very unlikely that I have celiac. No one else in my family has it so I have started to consider that my digestive issues could be an ulcer caused by too much asprin(I was taking it for my migraines) but I feel a lot better eating gluten free and I haven't found that certain foods like spicy foods disagree with me. However on two occasions coffee did not agree with me and it was from home. Also I can't tolerate alcohol. I have always had some difficulty with alcohol but last year I had three sips of a beer and immediately felt super drunk and sick. Couldn't walk straight, felt really hot, nausated and just plain awful. Thats when I realized I might have a digestive issue and thats what eventually lead me to celiac. But this could also happen if I had an ulcer. So I'm going back and forth between possible ulcer( or ulcers) and gluten sensitivity. Regardless of the outcome I've decided that eating gluten free is probably going to be something I do for the rest of my life. I was wondering for those who are self diagnosed how did you decide that you didn't need a medical diagnosis? Did you ever wonder that it could be something else?
  15. Is It Celiac Or Allergy

    May I suggest that you go to GI ( if your insurance allows you to go without referral). If you need a referral your doctor shouldn't really be opposed to it. I think GI have a better understanding of this. If that GI isn't familar with gluten and celiac he/she might know a specialist who would. It sounds like the doctor you are going to doesn't have the same level of concern that you have and I don't think that means you should leave him but just be more proactive about your health and research. It took me a while to realize that my issue was digestive related and I needed to see a GI because both of my internist couldn't figure it out. One internist was pretty sure it wasn't celiac and I felt like I couldn't talk to her about my concerns without feeling silly. So going to a GI is the best thing I could have done. Even my GI has determined so far it doesn't look like celiac but maybe a gluten sensitivity. Shes understands why I would suspect celiac and is concerned that maybe these symptoms are the result of something else. She is determine to figure it out and appreciate that because it could be something else thats more serious. Its nice to have a doctor who shares your concern. If you don't want to go to a GI even going to see an Allergist would probably be more helpful. If you think that its more of allergy related issue than a digestive thing an allergist would be help to help you determine that. For example you could have a wheat allergy. For example My boyfriend is allergic to soy and didn't realize until he had some soy milk and felt his throat tighten. Once we eliminated all the hidden soy his daily sneezing, stuffyiness went away. So food allergies can present themselves in many different ways. Sorry for writing so much but I also wanted to touch on your point about your b12. I have also had some issues with my b12. It was low and then I got it back up and it seemed to sustain itself for a while and then it got really low again. Having a low b12 sucks because of the neurological symptoms that accompany it so make sure you get a b12shot when needed and get the b12 sublinguals from whole foods (Jarrow brand is gluten free). My vitamin D is low so I'm on a supplement for that too. So I know how it can be baffling and annoying trying to make sense of all of your symptoms in addition to having a doctor that seems to not be too concerned. Hang in there you will figure it out.