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  1. A few years back I tried a gluten free diet maybe for about a month or so before getting tested for gluten and having a colonoscopy. My doc said everything was fine. I was experiencing sudden scalp problems, pus filled bumps and alopecia areata and severe anxiety. My scalp would break out in these blisters...my derm told me it was seborric derm. and follicultis. I only had one type of gluten test and Im not sure what it was. Anyways I went back to my regular diet---which primarily contist of bread and pasta. Anyways my problems came back. I've been seing a dermatologist and my scalp issues are driving me mad. I've tried all kind of shampoos, ointments and I still have huge bald patches popping up and blisters everywhere. So for the past month I've tried going gluten-free again and my scalp is about 95% clear of the bumps. I am so certain that gluten is the culprit or something in my diet. Could I have celiac and still have a clear colonoscopy test? Should I try to get tested again. This is driving me nuts...I went from having beautiful waist length hair to having hair that can barely grow.