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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Everyday Products On Hands?

    Thanks for all your answers... I wanted to keep you posted on great improvment: We have been (me and nursed baby) on gluten-free diet since august. On the 9th of may, I had some B'Day cake, and I had that immediate rxn and my baby flared. We have been on strict gluten-free diet since. Today is the 20th, my finger is much much better... nearly healed, and 99% itch free. My baby is still itching (he needs ~14days - by experience - to clear his system) I'm still studying the great list you gave me, but I guess the only way to go for us is a strict food diet - and I'l keep checking now and then shampoos and likes, but I'm just not up to gluten-hunt ALL my environment - yet... This little event, and your great answers, are also a turning point for me, as I decided that I'm gluten sensitive too, and after weaning my baby, I MUST keep gluten-free dieting for myself - which might mean gluten-free dieting for the whole family as my gluten-free cooking improves. Many many thanks, Sophie and baby Martin.
  2. Everyday Products On Hands?

    thank you so much.... That's the kind of start I needed. Yes, it's a lot of reading, but the work pulled together to produce such a file is and I'd better start there! many thanks, and if you know celiac3270, please transmit my thanks too... Sophie
  3. Everyday Products On Hands?

    Thanks for those kind replies. no we have not been tested. We started an emergency gluten free diet when my son was 6weeks old, and any tiny amount of gluten simply kills us (me -> this rash, him terrible diarrhea). I read and read about testing, and nothing seems apealing to me: either it's not *accurate*, either it requires gluten loaded diet, something I REFUSE to do it on my kid (or the doc would at least pay with his own money for 4weeks of total child care as I cannot stand the screams anymore), and I'm reluctant on myself... Ped and allergist are both OK with breast milk diagnostic: baby reacts to BM, and we can repeat and predict the test and results. So I do not know if we deal with celiac, with gluten intolerence, with DH, .. but we DO know that gluten-free diet solves 95% of our problems. I'm pretty much in control of ingested gluten-free food. But for shampoos and like.. How do you find the info? Do you need to phone everywhere? are they lists anywhere? I found the topic on makeup (not that I wear any, but I'll clean my cabinet anyway), but I dont know for the rest. Should I only avoid gluten? or certain food coloring? certain cleaning products? Does wearing latex gloves solve the dishes problem? or is this something that I should give to hubby? Does it make sense that I react to *water* when the sores are bleeding? (ie the water *burns* just like alcool or vinegar on cuts) thanks again.... (I'll try to read more on this forum, but it takes time....)
  4. Everyday Products On Hands?

    Hello and good morning. I usually stay on POFAK, but as I have my own issue with gluten, I came to ask you this question. We know for sure that my kid reacts to gluten. I started to have terrible itchy excema during my first pregnancy, and since aug 2004 I'm on gluten free diet for the sake of my BF baby. I had a few "slips" in my diet, and in the past months, I have had some killing-me itchy excema on my middle finger. I immediatly changed my rings (platinum) so it could heal, but it just get worse and worse. It started as tiny tiny no-color bumps, it was SO itchy that I was scartching during my sleep, and the burn of scatching would wake me up. As few days later, the skin neatly broke like clean cuts For the past month, it's layers upon layers of thin skin pealing away and bleeding... I dont know what to do anymore. I mjust read that the cortisone cream I use might actually contain gluten and worsen it??? I start to question everything, and I wonder how I can choose what touches the sores... washing the dishes? washing my hair? washing my hands? Please help... I dont even know where to start.... Sophie