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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Imitation Crab In Sushi

    Sorry for reviving a dead thread but i just wanted to say i got the sushi restraunt to bring forward the ingredient list from the imitation crab they buy and it did not have any gluten or starch or may contain gluten or anything so im not sure if they just dont list it or maybe imitation crab nowadays is gluten-free? I also live in canada if that changes anything
  2. iv been gluten free for about 8 years and i found my appetite to increase significantly when i went gluten-free, weird
  3. 49 Yo Bodybuilder Needing Advice.

    Rice, corn pastas, gluten-free bread, some fruits
  4. I would still be weary that gluten could be slipping in your diet. Canker sores may seem random, but they are an immune system fail just like celiac disease is, so there is usually something that triggers them.
  5. Despite what people say, you have a good attitude towards celiac and life in general. There are many things worse than ceilac, the fact that we can make ourselves healthy with only a diet change is a luxury most diseases dont have. Some people will always find a way to make excuses.
  6. College Dating

    wow thats abit harsh. Have you looked around on the menu for anything that seems safe?
  7. College Dating

    Just eat a steak! theres usually always a way around gluten at an actual restaurant, just make sure she knows that if she eats gluten shes not getting any lovin until those teeth are brushed
  8. Pre Work Out Protein.

    I have been using generic Power Whey for about a year and haven't had any issues. I have never seen a protein that is a 100% guarantee gluten-free. like iv actually seen a tub that said "gluten free!" right on it, but when i read the ingredients it actually said that it may contain gluten aka made in a facility that processes gluten too. As for a pre work out, i wouldnt recommend anyone take one daily no matter if they are celiac or not.
  9. i sure hope you are right on the whole heart racing thing, it happens to me and it scared the crap out of me. i thought i had some sort of heart problem
  10. your reactions sound like they are kinda on the severe side, i guess you're a bit unlucky in that sense. I can usually handle a reaction pretty well, but that didnt stop me from using it as an excuse to miss school.
  11. Suggestions For Speeding Recovery

    water ofc and for me glutamine(a digestive supplement) was a huge help with repairing my intestines
  12. Does Wine Make You Sick?

    it seems that most celiacs seem to have a problem with alcohol, maybe im just young and dumb but i have no problem drinking what ever as long as its gluten-free and im not struggling atm with a gluten reaction.
  13. Does Wine Make You Sick?

    I can drink just fine but if your in a social setting contamination is brutal, I cant play beer pong anymore
  14. nice result!, iv been hitting the gym for about a year and half now made alot of progress but it seems to be . can I ask your height and weight from that meal plan? also what was your workout schedual?
  15. Broke Hungry College Kid

    I pretty much get by on sandwhiches and corn tortillas wraps.