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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just downloaded an ap for my iPhone that scans barcodes on items in the grocery store and tells you if it's gluten free (or any allergy that you set up in your profile). If that item isn't in its database yet, it allows you to take a picture of the item and send it in and they'll add it to the database. It also gives you manufacturer's contact information. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/allergy-gluten-free-scanner/id518115987?mt=8
  2. Cures For Constipation?

    Prune juice every morning before a cup of coffee is the only thing that works for me. Still only works about 5 days out of 7. I eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and drink tons of water, but without the prune juice, I don't go at all!
  3. I am completely addicted to Sabras hummus. I use baby carrots instead of crackers or chips...yummmmm!
  4. I have a problem with cysts. I've had them in my face, breasts, and even had a giant liver cyst that had to be surgically removed (it was fused to my gallbladder, so that had to go too). Dr. said he had no idea why I had so many cysts or how one got to be the size of a soccer ball. Maybe it's related to celiac, I wasn't diagnosed at the time. So many things are related to celiac that I wouldn't be at all surprised
  5. My Husband Doesn't Get It

    A lot of this just takes time. My boyfriend rolled his eyes at first, thinking I was just jumping on the "gluten free" bandwagon. Going to a restaurant became a source of stress when it used to be so enjoyable. He would roll his eyes when I asked if they had a gluten free menu. Now, three months later, he's the one that asks for a gluten free menu and talks to them about cross contamination. Slowly, my family members are coming around. I tell them that I wish I could eat what they're eating, but I feel so much better since I've given it up. I went to a super bowl party and told the hostess before I got there that I would be bringing gluten free food to share. I hated to bring it up at first, but now I don't have an issue and everyone I know knows about it and most are supportive (not at work though - for some reason it really bugs one guy I work with).
  6. Bloating was a big issue for me. Some of it was because I was still ingesting some gluten without realizing it, some of it is withdrawal symptoms. I was bloated, dizzy, crabby and shaky. It didn't last long. The 2nd week was the worst, then it eased up.
  7. Is It Real?

    Congratulations on feeling better already! It is an awesome feeling to finally figure out what helps. Be very careful eating "gluten free" processed foods at first. Sometimes it takes a while before your body is ready for anything processed. Try eating meat, vegetables and rice at first; foods that you prepare yourself. Try adding in new foods slowly - one at a time while checking for a reaction to each one. After a couple of months, it gets much easier and you start to feel like a "normal" person again. Keep on dancing!
  8. Anger

    I really didn't eat much gluten, but I still suffered through "withdrawals." I was shaky and dizzy and crabby. It didn't last long. I've been gluten free for two months now and it's gotten so much easier. You read a lot of labels at first, but now I know which brands to buy. Sure I wish I could go to a restaurant and order a big juicy burger and a beer, but I don't get mad about it now. I carry a packet of gluten-free salad dressing around in my purse and I know I can always order a salad. I feel so much better that it's been well worth the sacrifices.
  9. Awesome! I've had no-ass-at-all disease my whole life. I've been gluten free for two months, and I'm excited that there's hope for my butt! Also hope for the extremely thin eyelashes and eyebrows. There's so many symptoms that I didn't even realize were symptoms...I just accepted them as part of who I was. I am gonna flaunt that curvy butt when I get it ;-)
  10. I tried Redbridge beer last week for the first time and spent the evening doubled over in pain. Maybe it wasn't the beer, but I won't be drinking it again. It was my first attempt at a gluten free beer.
  11. Holiday Successes And Failures

    Christmas dinner was at my house. I'm the only one that needs to eat gluten free, but there were certainly no complaints about the food. Roast lamb with roasted potatoes, vegetables, salad and a homemade flourless chocolate cake. My family has been very supportive about that changes I've made in my diet, so I am really thankful for that.
  12. Blood Type

    O+ Scottish/Irish - red hair, green eyes
  13. I am a self-diagnosed celiac. I am self diagnosed because I'm uninsured. I've always known that should I get coverage, I won't mention celiac at all. I've been eating gluten-free and it's helped. It sounds to me that your problems only increase when doctors and insurance companies are involved. Since I'll get better on a gluten-free diet with or without them...let's just leave them out.
  14. Judy, In order to lose weight, you should probably be eating around 1400-1500 calories per day. Stop eating those baked goods and rely on lean meats, fruits and veggies and those stubborn pounds should come right off!
  15. That's great news! It's been about 4 weeks for me too, and it has been well worth the effort. I've been using almond milk and I don't have any issues with that. I started using that back in February though, so I'm used to it. I get the unsweetened one. Keep up the good work!