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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Technical Questions....

    As a newbie, having to wait for my post to be read and OK'd is very much a turn off, and is making me feel quite unwelcome. Why does this board practice this?
  2. When Your Posts Are Answered

    LOL That works only when you can actually CLICK on anything in the drop down menu. I have been trying for about 30 mins and it FINALLY let me. Every time I try to access the drop down menu it flicks away and sends me to my profile.
  3. What Is Up With Signing In?

    *sigh* Finally figured it out....or at least got it changed. Don't know why I can't access the drop down menu by my name. took me a long time and many tries. Hope it gets better.
  4. What Is Up With Signing In?

    GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I have been fighting w/ this site and am about to lose my temper! I tried logging in w/ the addy and pw I selected when I joined, it wouldn't accept. So I clicked forgot pw and got a new one, got in but now I can't change my pw. I can't click on the drop down menu option by my name. Getting pretty frustrated and am wondering if it is worth the hassle. I have never had this much trouble logging onto a site! How do I change my PW???????????????????????????????????????????
  5. Newbie

    Nice to meet ya Hope! I agree, I am new to this site too and I love it.
  6. This is so cool! I love to ccok, but since I discovered I have Celiac, I haven't been able to enjoy food. Because of hubby's job we are on the road all the time. so space is at a priemium esp when we are in small motel rroms and I am limited to a microwave(ugh) a georgeforeman grill, and a crock pot, and an electric skillet. At least I know that when we do get to finally settle, I can come here to get help w/ recipies. Bless you all!
  7. Very Angry W/ Husband

    I sure can understand why you'd be upset. It's hard when your best cheerleader fails you. Hope you get the air cleared up soon, cuz you both need each other to be happy, and to maintain peace of mind and a happy home. Just throwing this out there cuz I just discovered it myself, UNO's Pizza has a wonderful gluten-free menu, and makes a delish pizza too. If ya have one near you, I urge you to try them, cuz then you don't have to go pizza free.
  8. TY for the welcome Lisa & Jestgar! I'll just use this as my 'jumping-off' place then! My name is Tira (rhyms w/ Vera) and I ended up having to self diagnose my celiac. The fun started a few years ago when I began noticing a dull ache in my mid-section. It was constant and steadily growing worse to the point where I knew something was really wrong when blood started to make an appearance in places that it shouldn't, and was accompanied by nausea. Finally I had hubby take me to the ER in May of 2010 where I was promptly admitted and had a CT done followed 4 days later by a colonoscopy(OMG!!!) Now at this point I need to interject a bit more info. There is myself, my younger bother(47) and my younger sister(45)we are blood sibs who were adopted into the same family(lucky I know)So we have no family medical history available to us.(sucks) Now back in 2005 my sister was experiencing issues, which was blamed on gallstones, which she had removed in Sept of '05. After which she still said she was experiencing issues, but no one really listened. Being a busy mom of 5 whose ages ran from the teens to 2 years, she just bore the discomfort. Then in April of 2010 unable to deal with it anymore, she had some tests done, and sadly, she was diagnosed w/ a liver cancer called cholingiocarcinoma, and she passed away Nov 2010. So needless to say, each and every twinge of pain I feel has turned me into a hypochondriac in the worst way. We(hubby and I) are waiting for his benefits to go into affect in Dec(unless he gets laid off) He is a crane and large equiptment operator so we travel alot and change companies alot, and get laid off alot. In other words, no insurance. Lately I have been experiencing sudden and extreme pain in the upper right portion of my midsection, and sudden stabbing pains in my mid-back and under my right shoulderblade. Did some research and it sounds like gallstones, so I am an emotional wreck. Add all this to the rest of the list of ailments (ruptured achillies tendons on both feet, pinched nerve in my left rotator cuff, and weight issues) I am terrified of what they will find when I finally DO get to a Dr. Until then tho, I am determind to enjoy the times I am pain free, to learning how to extend those times, and to enjoying being 50, being loved and doted upon by such a loving and wonderful , patient husband. I'm looking forward to learning much from everyone here, and maybe even being able to help a few. *rereads* OMG, I have become long-winded!
  9. Left Side Pain

    Hi Kiki! I just thought I'd add my 2 cents real quick. If what you were drinking was beer, or whiskey, or bourbon, that will most definately trigger the pain. All those drinks contain wheat and or barley or rye. I've had to kiss my fav booze goodbye. Anything that is in the rum vodka or tequila familys, in moderation should be ok. Also I've noticed that early in my dealing w/ Celiac I am experiencing lactose intolerance as well, so anything w/ milk is not advised either, at least not much. Good luck!
  10. Hello, my name is Tira, and I've just found this site! Is there a particular thread where we should introduce ourselves?